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Solstice Guide – Bonfire Bash, Fast Silver Leaves and High-stat Armor Rerolls in Destiny 2

Solstice is back for another year, so it’s time to get stuck into the Bonfire Bash, get some good-looking new armor and enjoy the summer. Today I’m going to go through all the essentials for Solstice including Bonfire Bash, how to increase your armor stats, how to farm for Silver Leaves and how to get your Flamekeeper Title in Destiny 2.

Lets start with the basics. Sosltice is our Summer Event in Destiny 2 and it runs from now until 9th August 2023. We all get a shiney new set of armor, plus there’s plenty of loot on offer including the Compass Rose Shotgun, Something New Hand Cannon and Crowning Duologue Strand Rocket Launcher. There’s the Bonfire Bash activity, plus a chance to get the Flamekeeper title, and gild it if you want to go the extra mile.

Celebrating Solstice guide

Before you get started you have to complete the Celebrating Solstice quest. First speak to Eva Levante in the Tower, and she’s front and center when you land at the courtyard. Chat with Eva and she’ll give you the Celebrating Solstice quest.

The quest is nice and simple but you’ll get introduced to the gameplay loop of the event:

  • Equip a full set of Solstice gear
  • You’ll receive a full set immediately upon speaking with Eva
  • Complete a Bonfire Bash activity. This will grant Silver Ash
  • Claim an Event Card challenge
  • Reroll one piece of Solstice armor

After your first chat with Eva, she’ll give you your new armor plus some Silver Leaves. Equip the armor through the character menu and then jump into the Confire Bash Activity. You can access this through director menu in the Tower, plus you can access rhe activity in the Tower itself, it’s right next to Eva Levante and Master Rahool.

In Bonfire Bash, kill the Ignition Carriers so they drop orbs, pick them up and throw them at the bonfire to stoke the flames. The hotter the bonfire, the better the rewards. You’ll want to zip around the map as fast as you can, kill enemies, kill taken if they appear, throw as many orbs into the fire, although you’ll be capped at 30. Then kill the taken boss at the end, and you’re done, go and pick up your loot from the fire.

Completing the activity will turn the Silver Leaves into Silver Ash, and you’ll need Silver Ash to reroll tyour armor stats. After your first Bonfire Bash you’ll get some weapon drops, then you want to go back to the Tower to speak to Eva and complete your first event challenge. This will reward you some Kindling, and now you have all the ingredients to upgrade your armor.

To reroll your armor stats you’ll need Kindling and Silver Ash, which you’ll have after the first run of Bonfire Bash. Inspect your armor and use Kindling on the 5th mod socket and then reroll the armor by selecting the 6th mod. That will complete the introduction quest, and thats the basic gameplay loop of the event. Collect Silver leaves by doing activities around the system, turn them into Silver Ash by completing Bonfire Bash, complete event challenges and collecting Kindling, then upgrade your armor.

Silver Leaves and Silver Ash

Silver Leaves are required to convert into Silver Ash through Bonfire Bash. You can get Silver leaves in many ways; Vanguard Ops, Cruicble, Gambit, Public events, campaign missions and more. Its well worth stocking up on Silver Leaves before entering Bonfire Bash. You can see the amount of Silver Leaves by going into your quests tab and inspecting it. Silver Leave and Ash can’t be found in your inventory, where you expect it might be found.

Fast Silver Leaves

There are a couple of ways to get fast silver leaves.

  • Solo – Farm public events for 4-5 silver leaves per completion
  • Fireteam – First contact mission in Lightfall, kill the tormentor and get in the drop pod and load in a new character (You need at least 2 people for this)

Public events

Public events are a decent source of Silver Leaves as you get 4-5 per run, and they are nice and fast. The EDZ is your best source of public events as they are numerous. This is a much faster method compares to vanguard ops, cruicble and gambit.

First Contact Mission

If you have some friends to farm with, or you find someone willing in LFG, then you can get 15 Silver Leaves every few mins, which is far and away the best method of getting Silver Leaves in the game right now. Open up the First Contact mission for Lightfall, which should be free for all players, and reach the first Tormentor Fight. One player needs to stay there after the fight, while the other player swaps character. Load into the checkpoint and finish the mission, and you’ll get 15 Silver Leaves every few minutes.

Rerolling Armor Stats

You need a few things for rerolling armor

  • Legendary Solstice Armor
  • Silver Ash
  • Kindling

Solstice Armor comes with six mod slots. The final two are used for stat rerolling. Hover over the 5th mod slot to add Kindling, you’ll start with one, then two and finally three. The more you add the better the stats. To get Kindling you’ll need to complete event challenges, which can be found in your quests tab.

Once you have added the Kindling, you then select the stat focus from the 6th mod slot and then reroll the armor. Doing this will cost you silver ash, which you get from coverting your silver leaves into silver ash by completing bonfire bash with a stash of silver leaves.

Once you have upgraded each piece of armor 3 times, you’ll get an armor glow. Also, all the armor that drops from Bonfire Bash will also be high stats, giving you plenty of options for high stat armor throughout the Solstice event.

Solstice Event Card Challenges

Bashing Success

Complete the Bonfire Bash activity.

Good Ignite

Defeat 15 Ignition Carriers in the Bonfire Bash.

Torch The Taken

Defeat 15 Prismatic Taken in the Bonfire Bash.

Fuel For The Fire

Stoke the flames 35 times in the Bonfire Bash.

Fuel For The Fire II

Stoke the flames 70 times in the Bonfire Bash.

Fuel For The Fire III

Stoke the flames 100 times in the Bonfire Bash.

Ash Tray

Collect 350 Silver Ash.

Like Wildfire

Defeat targets anywhere in the system. Guardians grant bonus progress.


Defeat targets with Super abilities.

Forged In Flame

Defeat 10 Guardians in any activity.

Hand Lighter

Defeat targets with Hand Cannons, Shotguns, and Rocket Launchers.

Burn Them Down

Defeat 40 bosses anywhere in the system.

Raking The Coals

Complete playlist activities.

Dare To Dream

Complete runs of Blind Well or Dares of Eternity.


Complete Vanguards Ops or Nightfalls.

Fires Of Competition

Complete 10 Crucible or Gambit matches.

A Spark In The Dark

Complete waves of Altars of Sorrow or Salvage.

In The Hot Seat

Complete activities on Neptune.

That is pretty much it for the Solstice event. Let me know in the comments what you think.