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How to get Marsilion-C (Legendary Grenade Launcher) plus god roll guide in Destiny 2

Marsilion-C is a decent rapid-fire heavy grenade launcher added to Destiny 2 in Lightfall. Today I want to check out the stats, the perks, the god rolls to chase for PVP and PVE, plus how to get Marsilion-C in Destiny 2.

How to get Marsilion-C

To get this one you have to look for world drop weapon sources. The Marsilion-C is a world drop weapon, meaning it can drop from any legendayr engram. Public events, lost sectors, rank up pacakages with vendors, Terminal Overload. Also, Banshee-44 and Xur have been know to sell this weapon, so keep an eye on their inventories on tuesday and friday and don’t miss it if they are selling it.


Marsilion-C is a Legendary Power Grenade Launcher with a rapid-fire frame meaning deeper ammo reserves. Slightly faster reload when magazine is empty. Looking at the stats we have Blast Radius 20, Velocity 52, Stability 20, Handling 21, Reload Speed 22, Airborne Effectiveness 11, Rounds Per Minute 150, Magazine 5.

The origin trait here is Hakke Breach Armaments. This weapon deals increased damage against vehicles, turrets, barricades, and Stasis crystals.

Marsilion-C god roll guide

For PVE Hard Launch, Spike Grenades, Field Prep and Explosive Light would be good.

  • Hard Launch – Greatly increases projectile speed, Decreases stability, Slightly decreases blast radius
  • Spike Grenades – Increases stability
  • Field Prep – Increased ammo reserves. Faster reload, stow, and ready when you’re crouching.
  • Explosive Light – Picking up an Orb of Power increases the next projectile’s blast radius and damage.

For PVP Quick Launch, High-Velocity Rounds, Shot Swap and Impulse Amplifier would be good.

  • Quick Launch – Greatly increases handling speed, Increases projectile speed
  • High-Velocity Rounds – Increases projectile speed, Increases reload speed
  • Shot Swap – Final blows build and store charges which allow you to swap and stow this weapon at a faster rate.
  • Impulse Amplifier – Massively increases projectile velocity, increases reload speed.

Let me know in the comments wha you think of Marsilion-C.