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Warlock Strand PVE Build with Quicksilver Storm in Destiny 2

Quicksilver Storm and the Warlock Broodweaver go hand-in-hand to create a devastating PVE build. This build will tear through enemies in Dungeons, Raids and Nightfalls, creating threadlings and tangles constantly. Today I’m going to walk through the build, look at the subclass, aspects, fragments, exotic armour, weapons and mods so you can piece together this Warlock Strand build in Destiny 2.

This build is all about suspending and unraveling enemies. Suspend is going to keep enemies locked in place, plus you can unravel enemies to create projectiles to throw, damaging and debuffing enemies, helping you control the battlefield.

Without further delay lets have a look at the build.


Super – Needlestorm
Class – Healing Rift
Melee – Arcane Needle
Grenade – Shackle Grenade


Weavers Call – Cast your Rift to weave three Threadlings and deploy any Threadlings you have perched. Your call weaves a path into existence. A chirp rings out, eager to answer.

Mindspun Invocation – Our grapple, Shackle Grenade, and Threadling Grenade have enhanced functionality. Hold to consume your Shackle Grenade and activate Weaver’s Trance. Final blows while Weaver’s Trance is active create a suspending detonation.


Thread of Continuity – Suspend, Unravel, and Sever effects applied to targets have increased duration
Thread of Mind – Defeating suspended targets grants class ability energy
Thread of Fury – Damaging targets with a Tangle grants melee energy
Thread of Generation – Dealing damage generates grenade energy

Exotic Armor

Necrotic Grip is Exotic Warlock Gauntlets that come with the perk Grasp of the Devourer.

Grasp of the Devourer – Damaging combatants envenoms them with poison that deals increasing damage over time. Defeating a poisoned combatant spreads the condition to nearby targets.

These are very powerful gloves for a Warlock, but even more powerful when combined with the ranged melee of a Broodweaver Warlock.


Quicksilver Storm – This exotic autorifle is very good for this build, especially once you have the catalyst as it converts the damage to Strand. Also, final blows with grenades from this weapon create Tangles.

Retraced Path – For the energy weapons it’s down to personal preference. I’m using Retraced Path, a Trace Rifle from Dares of Eternity because I have a roll with Incandescent. Here you can mix and match energy weapons to fit your activity, for example you may want to use something here to take this build into nightfalls like a pulse rifle or scout rifle.

Circular Logic – Circular Logic is a Legendary Power Machine Gun with an Adaptive Frame meaning it has a well-rounded grip, reliable and sturdy. This one comes with the origin trait Nanotech Tracer Rockets, where landing multiple hits turns your next shot into a homing micro-missle.

Artifact Mods

Untangler – Destroying a Tangle with a Strand weapon suspends targets damaged by the explosion.
Allied Unraveling – Rapid final blows with a Strand weapon grant your weapon Unraveling Rounds, with a longer duration near allies.
Counterweave – When you or a member of your fireteam stuns or defeats a Champion, you gain energy for your least-charged Strand ability.
Threaded Blast – Destroying a Tangle with a Strand weapon creates a larger and more damaging explosion.


  • Powerful Friends – Collecting an Orb of Power causes nearby allies to increase their current Armor Charge by 1.
  • Siphon – Solar and Strand
  • Impact Induction – Causing damage with a melee attack reduces your grenade cooldown.
  • Focusing Strike – Grants class ability energy when you cause damage with a melee attack.
  • Font of Vigor – You gain a bonus to strength while you have any Armor Charge. Your Armor Charge now decays over time.
  • Charged Up – Increases the maximum number of stacks of Armor Charge you can carry by 1.
  • Font of Endurance – You gain a bonus to resilience while you have any Armor Charge. Your Armor Charge now decays over time.
  • Innervation – Reduces a grenade cooldown when you pick up an orb of power
  • Strand Weapon Surge – Your Strand weapons gain a small bonus to damage while you have any Armor Charge. Your Armor Charge now decays over time.
  • Stacks on stacks – Grants 2 Stacks of Armor Charge on Orb of Power Pickups.
  • Outreach – Using your Class Ability grants Melee Energy.
  • Time Dilation – Your decaying Armor Charge has a longer duration.

The combination of class ability and melee ability is going to really help you out with this build. Consume your grenade, and that’s going to trigger Mindspun Invocation, allowing to activate Weaver’s Trance for 25 secs. Once you have this, final blow will create a suspending detonation around targets.

The combination of Strand aspects, fragments, Quicksilver Storm an Necrotic Grips are going to allow you to constantly damage enemies, suspend them in the air, plus these effects are going to be pass on to enemies that are in close proximity. Necrotic Grips are particularly good here, given you get a damage over time poison effect, which triggers on melee. Given you have Arcane Needle, then you’ll be able to fire this from a distance and be lethal from all ranges, not just when you are close to enemies.

There’s a couple of artifact mods in the build that will make this one work extra hard. Untangler, Allied Unraveling, Counterweave and Threaded Blast. The armor mods generally help regenerate abilities nice and quickly, given we want our class, grenade and melee abilities up as much as possible. Armor charges do drain over time, so keep an eye on the counter in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

All of this together creates a Strand Warlock that can help control the battlefield with suspend, clear entire rooms of smaller enemies, spread posion all around the battlefield, plus do somee major damage to bosses and mini-bosses.

Let me know in the comments what you think, or check out the DIM link for the full build.