How to get The Immortal (Trials of Osiris Submachine Gun) plus god roll guide in Destiny 2

The Immortal is the submachine gun added to Destiny 2 as part of Season of Defiance in the Lightfall DLC. This has quickly become the best SMG in the game, it deals strand damage plus you can get an adept version of this weapon. Today I want to take a closer look at the stats, the perks, the god rolls to chase for PVP and PVE, plus how to get The Immortal in Destiny 2.

How to get The Immortal

To get this one you’ll have to play Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2. This is the weeekend only elimination PVP mode, which you can access by getting a Trials Passage Card from Saint-14 in the Tower, then launching Trials from the Cruicble screen on the Director. You’ll have to rank up to rank 10 with Saint-14 to get the first version of this to drop, or if the weapon is the featured Adept Weapon for the week, you can get it from a flawless run.

To rank up with Saint-14 you’ll want to win round and matches to earn XP. As you earn XP and rank up, with each rank you’ll earn Trials engrams. Get to rank 10, earn your first copy of The Immortal, then you can either focus Trials engrams for random rolls of The Immortal or you can simply open the Trials Engrams and hope for the weapon to drop for you. In summary, you want to play Trials, rank up to rank 10 and then either trade in your Trials engrams or focus them with Saint-14 for random rolled versions of The Immortal.

The Immortal

The Immortal is a Legendary Kinetic Strand Submachine Gun with an Aggressive Frame meaning it has high damage, high recoil. Looking at the stats we have Impact 23, Range 50, Stability 25, Handling 58, Reload Speed 30, Airborne Effectiveness 25, Rounds Per Minute 750, and Magazine 28.

We have three origin traits for this one

  • Alacrity – Gain increased reload, stability, aim assist, and range when you are the last living member of your fireteam or running solo.
  • One Quiet Moment – Grants increased reload speed when out of combat.
  • Field Tested – Defeating targets or dealing damage with this weapon gradually increases range, stability, handling, and reload speed.

The Immortal God Roll Guide

For PVP Hammer-Forged Rifling, Ricochet Rounds, Rangefinder and Kill Clip

  • Hammer-Forged Rifling – Increases range
  • Ricochet Rounds – Increases stability, Slightly increases range
  • Rangefinder – Aiming this weapon increases its effective range and zoom magnification.
  • Kill Clip – Reloading after a kill grants increased damage.

For PVE Corkscrew Rifling, Light Mag, Encore and Kill Clip or Target Lock

  • Corkscrew Rifling – Slightly increases range and stability, Slightly increases handling speed
  • Light Mag – Increases reload speed, Slightly increases range
  • Encore – Final blows grant a stacking stability, range, and accuracy bonus to this weapon. Precision final blows grant more stacks.
  • Kill Clip or
  • Target Lock – Damage increases the longer this weapon remains on a target.

Let me know in the comments what you think of The Immortal and let me know your top rolls.

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