Season of Defiance

How to get Winterbite (Exotic Glaive) in Destiny 2

Winterbite is a stasis power glaive, added to Destiny 2 as part of the Lightfall post campaign missions. You’ll have to complete a few quests to get this one, however, this is a powerful weapon that’s going to work really well with our stasis builds. Today I want to check out Winterbite in a little more detail, plus look at the all the quests steps plus give you some hints and tips along the way, so you can get this unique power glaive in Destiny 2.

Before we get into it today let me know what you think of Winterbite and how does it compare to other glaives in the game?

How to start the ‘Strider’ exotic quest

First of all, you’ll need to finish the Lightfall Campaign. Once you have done this, then you’ll unlock the Hall of Heroes, and then you’ll be able to have a chat with Quinn, the researcher on Neomuna. Quinn is going to have 4 different quests called ‘Stargazer’, ‘Maelstrom’, and ‘Bluejay’. Once you have done the first 3 then you’ll be able to unlock ‘Strider’, which has Winterbite as a reward.

How to complete the ‘Stargazer’ quest

Let’s get going on the quests. Pick up Stargazer from Quinn. You’ll want to take part in Terminal Overload, the public event activity on Neomuna, this can be found on the map. Once you beat the 3 waves of enemies, then beat the final boss, loot the chest. Next up, you want to defeat the Vex Hydra in the Esi Terminal to obtain the high-security passcode. Then you want to get a Terminal Override Key by completing public events, looting chests or completing patrols. Then hop back into Terminal Overload and open up Terminal Overload Key Chest. Go back to the Hall of Heroes and repair Stargazer’s Memorial, and finally have a chat with Quinn for the next steps.

How to complete the ‘Maelstrom’ quest

Now you have completed Stargazer, next pick up Maelstrom. Here you want to Bond with Strand sources and participate in patrols, public events and loot resources, within the Vex Incursion Zone. Next up complete the Lost Sector within the Vex Incursion Zone. Go back to the Hall of Heroes and repair Maelstrom’s memorial, and finally have a chat with Quinn.

How to complete the ‘Bluejay’ quest

For this quest you want to pick up the quest from Quinn, then go and have a chat with Nimbus. Then defeat combatant in the Vex Incursion Zone with a Strand subclass to get Shellcode Fragments, and open a Terminal Overload Key Chest to get a Polymorphic Engine. Next up you want to take part in the partition activity, which is indicated on the map. This is probably the hardest part of the quest, but you can do this as part of a team if you are struggling doing it solo. Once you have completed this, return to the Hall of Heroes and repair Bluejay’s Memorial. Finally, have a chat with Quinn.

How to complete the ‘Strider’ quest

Now you have completed ‘Stargazer’, ‘Maelstrom’, and ‘Bluejay’ you can pick up Strider. First step, you’ll need to loot all 3 chests in all Terminal Overload locations. This rotates each day, so you may have to wait to get this step done. Next, you have to defeat Shadow Legion in Neomuna, plus complete the Lost Sector in Ahimsa Park. You can see the Lost Sector on the map with the icon, however, this one is a little hidden and the way point is confusing. You want to make your way into Calus’ ship via the side entrance. Complete the Lost Sector, then it’s onto the next step. Next you want to destroy Hydras and shut down confluxes in Maya’s retreat. Put a way point on the quest and follow it to where it takes you and Vex will spawn in. Kill the Hydras, and interact with the confluxes as they spawn. You’ll have to repeat this a few times.

Once you have done this, that’s it! Make your way back to the Hall of Heroes and pick up Winterbite from Quinn.


This is an Exotic Power Glaive that comes with a couple of perks.

  • Big Frigid Glaive – Fires a large ball of energy that locks onto nearby targets and freezes them.
  • Tilting at Windmills – Blocking damage with your shield increases movement speed while shielding.

Looking at the stats we have Impact 95, Range 75, Shield Duration 39, Handling 5, Reload Speed 10, Airborne Effectiveness 10, Rounds Per Minute 45, Charge Time 39 and Magazine 3.

The damage on this heavy glaive is massive. So much so it’s been disabled for the upcoming Destiny 2 raid (although I’m sure that will get fixed quickly). What you want to do with this one is fire it into the air, and allow the projectile to freeze enemies, just shooting it into enemies will not give you the best results. This one is a lot of fun, plus the quest will take you round a guided tour of Neomuna.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the exotic glaive.