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How to get Strand Meditations to unlock all Strand Grenades, Aspects and Fragments fast in Destiny 2

Strand Meditations are a new currency in Destiny 2 Lightfall which you will need to unlock our new darkness subclass Strand, as well as access exotic quests in the game. Today I want to look at how to get Strand Meditations quickly, so you can unlock the full potential of strand as early as possible in Destiny 2.

Before we get into it, let me know in the comments what you think of Strand, and how do you think it compares to the other subclasses.

What are Strand Meditations?

Strand Meditations are a new currency in Destiny 2 Lightfall, used to unlock the grenades, aspects and fragments. Bungie took the feedback from Beyond Light and tried to make the unlocking of a subclass much better, and overall I think this is miuch better than Stasis – that drew out the experience over months, and was a pretty terrible gameplay experience. During the Lightfall campaigh you get to used a powered-up version of Strand, but in short bursts.

After the Lightfall campaign is where the fun begins and you can start adding different aspects and fragments together to make Strand builds, also when you combnine mods and strand weapons. Immediately after the lightfall campaign strand felt weak when compared to other subclasses, but that’s all down to the aspects and fragments. Now we have access to them all, by buying them with Strand Meditations, we can power up Strand and make great builds that will be able to compete with the other subclasses.

Strand Meditations are items that drop from enemies when you kill them. They look like little triangles, so you’ll want to make sure you pick them up when you kill enemies. As well as enemies dropping them, they can also be rewarded to you after activities.

How to get Strand Meditations

Strand Meditations drop from various activities on Neptune. Public events, patrols, killing Vex in the Vex Incursion location, plus the Terminal Overload activity. All of these are very good sources of Strand Meditations.

There’s a good weekly reputation bonus from Nimbus. If you level up with Nimbus, they will give you 200 Strand Meditations as part of the reward track. Also, if you do the campaign on Legendayr difficulty you’ll get a bonus reward of Strand Meditations.

You can get Strand Meditations by using your Strand subclass and getting ability kills with grenades and powered melees. Each kill has a chance at dropping a Strand Meditation.

How to get Strand Meditations FAST

The best way to get Strand Meditations quickly is to run the Terminal Overload activity on Neptune and open the chest at the end with a Terminal Overload Key. To get Terminal Overload keys you’ll need to run public events and patrols on Neptune, and they have a chance at dropping at the end. Once you have 4-5 keys, then I’d recommend running Terminal Overload again and again. While you are doing this activity, you’ll want to pick up Patrols and open chests, as well as pick up planetary materials. This is going to get you Strand Meditations, as well as rank up Nimbus, our vendor on Neptune. Ranking up with Nimbus grants various bonuses that help us get more Strand Meditations, plus bonus Neomuna weapons and upgrades.

What are Strand Meditations used for?

Once you have a bunch of Strand Meditations then you’ll want to visit the Pouka Pond on Neptune to unlock the Strand Apsects and Fragments. This is going to unlock the full potential of Strand, and offer up different benefits, and allow you to create Strand builds.

By combining Strand Aspects and Fragments, Exotic Armour, Exotic Weapons, Strand Legendary Weapons and mods, you can create powerful guardian builds, and it’s what Destiny is all about.

Let me know what you think of Strand so far, and share your method of getting Strand Meditations in the comments.