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How to get Basso Ostinato (Legendary Shotgun) plus god roll guide in Destiny 2

Basso Ostinato is a legendary shotgun added to Destiny 2 as part of the Lightfall DLC. This one is a deadly new rapid-fire frame shotgun. Today I want to take a closer look at the weapon, check out the stats and perks, the god rolls for PVE and PVP, plus look at how to get Basso Ostinato in Destiny 2.

How to get Basso Ostinato

To get Basso Ostinato you’ll need to compete the Terminal Overload activity on Neptune when the activity is located in Ahimsa Park, and open up the chest with a Terminal Overload Key. This chest can be found on the right hand side after you beat the final boss.

To get access to Terminal Overload and the keys you need you’ll have to complete the Lightfall Campaign, and then complete the ‘Welcome to the Hall of Heroes quest’. Once you have done that, complete the ‘Stargazer’ quest, plus you’ll need to level up to at least 1750. You can get Terminal Overload keys from Public events and opening up chests on Neomuna near the Vex Incursion location, which can be found on Neptune. Once you have done this Terminal Overload will become a selectable activity on Neptune. Basso Ostinato is a specific reward from Terminal Overload found in Ahimsa Park. Do be aware the location for Terminal Overload rotates each day.

Basso Ostinato

Basso Ostinato is a Legendary Energy Shotgun with a Rapid-Fire Frame meaning it fires full auto with deeper ammo reserves. Faster reload when weapon is empty. Looking at the stats we have Impact 65, Range 26, Stability 27, Handling 40, Reload Speed 63, Aim Assistance 67, Airborne Effectiveness 3, Rounds Per Minute 140, Magazine 7.

This one comes with the origin trait Nanotech Tracer Rockets, where landing multiple hits turns your next shot into a homing micro-missle.

Basso Ostinato God Roll Guide

For PVE Rifled Barrel, Appended Mag, Envious Assassin, and Destabilizing Rounds would be a good roll.

  • Rifled Barrel – Increases range, Greatly decreases handling speed
  • Appended Mag – Increases magazine size
  • Envious Assassin – Rapidly defeating targets with other weapons before drawing this one transfers ammo to the magazine from reserves. This effect can overflow the magazine based on the number of targets defeated.
  • Destabilizing Rounds – Destabilizing Rounds

For PVP Rifled Barrel, Accurized Rounds, Grave Robber, Opening Shot would be good.

  • Rifled Barrel – Increases range, Greatly decreases handling speed
  • Accurized Rounds – Increases range
  • Grave Robber – Melee final blows reload this weapon’s magazine from reserves.
  • Opening Shot – Improved accuracy and range on the opening shot of attack.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Basso Ostinato and let me know your top rolls.

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