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How to get Deterministic Chaos (Exotic Machine Gun) in Destiny 2

Deterministic Chaos is an Exotic Void Machine Gun added to Destiny 2 as part of the post-campaign in Lightfall. The exotic quest here takes you all around the Neon City of Neomuna, plus we get a take on an old raid. Today I’m going to walk through the quest steps in detail, plus give some tips and tricks along the way, so you can get Deterministic Chaos as quickly as possible.

How to start the Unfinished Business quest

To get Deterministic Chaos you’ll need to pick up a quest called Unfinished Business. Once you have finished the Lightfall campaign, you’ll be able to pick up this quest from Nimbus. After the Lightfall campaign you should be dropped in the right place, but if not check the director, select Neptune and then find Nimbus (our Neomuna NPC) and drop in via the landing zone next to them.

How to get Deterministic Chaos

This is a multi-part quest which is going to take you all over Neomuna, and takes roughly an hour or so.

Visit the Hall of Heros on Neomuna

First up you’ll want to visit the Hall of Heros on Neomuna, this is North of Nimbus. Once you visit you’ll see a cutscene, and once you have finished the cutscene, go back and speak to Nimbus once again to find out why everyone left Rohan’s ceremony early.

Collect cipher qubits and extract Rohan’s data from Cloud Accretions in Neomuna.

For the next part of the quest you’ll want to kill Vex. They will drop Cipher Quibits. Check out the map of Neomuna, and you should see something called a Vex Incursion zone, this is where there are concentrations of Vex. Make your way to that location, and there should be plenty of Vex to kill. Cloud Accretions are the planetary material on Neomuna, and you’ll need to extract 5, using 8 quibits. Therefore, you are going to need to collect 40 quibits, and pick up 5 Cloud Accretions to complete this step of the quest.

Locate the final data packet in Maya’s Retreat.

Next up you want to make your way to Maya’s Retreat. We visited this location during the campaign, and here you need to battle back against The Vex and recover the data packet from the conflux. Keep killing Vex until you can access the conflux, and then it’s onto the next step of the quest.

Regroup with Nimbus and Osiris in Radiosonde

Once you have killed enough Vex and collected what you need to from the Conflux, then you want to go and meet Nimbus and Osiris in Radiosonde. Check out the map once again, and you should see a marker, so follow that. To make you life easier select the marker on the map screen, then if you get lost you can pull put your ghost and you’ll get a hint if you can’t find your way. Once you reach Nimbus and Osiris watch their conversation, and they reveal some interesting details about the Black Garden and the Vex, plus discuss Rohan’s Notes.

Retrieve a Vex compass from the Lost Sector in Liming Harbor

Next up we’re going to check out one of the new Lost Sectors on Neomuna in Liming Harbor, and this is a very cool location, styled after an old arcade. This is a 1780 activity, so be mindful of that when you go in, you may have to go and level up a little bit. Once you make your way through the Lost Sector, kill the boss at the end, open the chest and you’ll retrieve a Vex Compass.

Create chaos in Ahimsa Park

Now we have the Vex Compass, we want to create chaos in Ahimsa Park to help draw the Shadow Legion away from Calus’ Ship. They key here is to use abilities, as that is going to grant faster progress, so use some exotic armor that helps regenerate ability energy, or you can use mods. Look out for mods that give you ability energy back faster, plus there are plenty of exotic armor pieces that will help too.

Find a Seed of Silver Wings

After creating all that chaos in Ahima Park, next you’ll want to find a Seed of Silver Wings. This takes you though Calus’ ship, on a familiar path we’ve seen in the campaign. There’s a big circular room, and you have to activate two plates and defeat enemies, and once you have survived the waves of Shadow Cabal, then you’ll be awarded the Seed of Silver Wings.

Speak to Nimbus

Once you have everything you need, make your way back to Nimbus, and they will then direct you to the mission called ‘What Remains’.

Complete ‘What remains’ mission

This is the final part of the quest, and you’ll have to complete this activity going through the Garden of Salvation Raid backwards. There’s some decent mechanics here, which are ‘raid light’, involving reflecting beams off mirrors. It’s a classic video game mechanic, but fun all the same. If you know your way through the Garden of Salvation this is going to be nice and easy and a trip down memory lane, if you don’t know this raid, then you should try it out.

At the end of the mission you’ll be awarded Deterministic Chaos! Once you get the weapon you’ll

Deterministic Chaos

Deterministic Chaos is an Exotic Power Machine Gun and comes with the perks

  • Heavy Metal – While holding down the trigger, every fourth bullet becomes a heavy projectile that weakens targets on impact.
  • Vexadecimal – While holding down the trigger, every fourth Heavy Metal projectile also makes targets volatile on impact.

Looking at the stats we have Impact 70, Range 44, Stability 40, Handling 44, Reload Speed 38, Airborne Effectiveness 19, Rounds Per Minute 360, and Magazine 48.

Given the void output of the machine gun, this one is going to be very good with Void 3.0 builds. We have a couple of void keywords working here with weaken and volatile. Actium War Rig is great for Titans, and will be great with this machine gun and other void elements for a build. Let me know what you think for Hunters and Warlocks. Lunafaction Boots used to be good for reloading, but I haven’t tried them for some time and you may want a void focused exotic like Nezarec’s Sin or Secant Filaments.

Overall, this is a decent exotic weapon, however, it’s up against some good competition in the heavy machine gun department. The weaken and volatile effects are very good, but still I think it’ll be an aquired taste exotic weapon.

Let me know what you think of the weapon and the quest in the comments.