How to get the Iron Lord Title (All Triumphs Guide) in Destiny 2

Iron Banner is back this week, which means another great opportunity to wrap up your Iron Lord Title this season. This is one of the most desirable titles to get in Destiny 2, I mean, who doesn’t want to be an Iron Lord? There are a number of triumphs needed to complete this one, and today I am going to run through each triumph providing some tips and tricks along the way to get this one done as quickly as possible, so you can stand alongside Saladin as an Iron Lord in Destiny 2.

Before we get into it today, let me know in the comments if you’re going after the Iron Lord title, plus if you already have it share your own tips with the community.

To check out the Iron Lord Title and the requirements you can pull up your character screen, navigate to the left and see the tasks at hand. There are seven triumphs in total to complete. A couple of the triumphs in there tracking wins, armor and weapons – they are all retroactive. So if you have been playing Iron Banner over the years then it’s highly likely you’ll have some progress against these triumphs already. If you are a new player, not to worry, Iron Banner is a great PVP game mode to get your teeth into, plus Bungie have been tweaking the game mode fairly continuously this year, meaning it’s much less of a grind now.

While some of the triumphs fill up retroactively, everything else is a fresh start on this title. A few general tips before you go into Iron Banner. You’ll want to equip multiple pieces of Iron Banner gear. The triumph Jorum’s Howl requires you to play Iron Banner matches with Iron Banner gear anyway, but if you wear multiple pieces this is going to give you a bonus to your XP gains.

Iron Banner transmog gear also works for this, so if you have a good set armor, and you only want to change the look and not the stats, then do that… it still counts. If you don’t have armor, use Iron Banner weapons. It’s all about improving the XP modifiers, so you can get through the number of matches as fast as possible.

Also, if you have an Iron Banner emblem, make sure you are wearing that too, and if you don’t have one try to get one. Bungie said they are putting an Iron Banner Emblem on the rewards track at Lord Saladin in the Tower, so get that Iron Banner emblem and wear it proudly during the event.

Jolder’s Victory

Win 100 matches in the Iron Banner playlist across all events and seasons. This one is fairly straight forward albeit time consuming. Win 100 matches in Iron Banner. You could do this in a single season, or more than likely this will be spread over mutliple seasons.

Gunnora’s Seal

Collect 15 pieces of Iron Banner armor. Each armor piece must be unique to count towards the total. Iron Banner armor can be obtained from Iron Banner matches and focused at Lord Saladin. 15 pieces of armor is going to mean 3 full armor sets. If you haven’t managed to collect different armor from other seasons, then you will have the chance to focus legacy Iron Banner gear from Lord Saladin in the not too distant future, which will allow you to get multiple armor sets.

Orimund’s Taste

Collect 15 Iron Banner weapons. Each weapon must be unique to count towards the total. Iron Banner weapons drop from the end of Iron Banner matches, plus you can focus Iron Banner Engrams at Lord Saladin in the Tower when Iron Banner is available. Lord Saladin is going to start focusing options in Lightfall, so if you’ve missed out on previous weapons, then you’ll be able to get plenty of weapons from Saladin through this method.

Orewing’s Spirit

Earn 300 points by completing objectives in Iron Banner playlist modes. Iron Banner has seen many objective based game modes this year including Rift and Fortress among others. If you are playing Rift then you want to dunk the spark, or protect your runner for points. If you are playing Fortress then it’s all about locking down the zones. Check out the screen after the Iron Banner match and that will give you some clues on how to get the points here. It’s situational and dependent on which game mode is active, but the final screen after a match where it shows all the performance of the players, that will give you the best idea of how to score the points. Bungie has been experimenting with Iron Banner game modes, but it’s highly likely these matches will always be PVP

Frostmire’s Will

Complete 12 Iron Banner challenges. Iron Banner challenges can be found by hovering over the Iron Banner Crucible node. Challenges are released daily, and once you complete them they go away until the following day. Recent examples of Iron Banner challenges include play matches with a Void or Stasis subclass. The UI for this is a little hidden, but if you hover over the Iron Banner node in PVP via the Director, you should be able to see your challenges.

Crimil’s Dedication

Reset your Iron Banner rank twice. To reset your rank you have to rank up to rank 16 and complete that, and then do it all over again. There is a decent incentive for this with a chain mail shader, which is one of the most desirable shader in the game right now. For this one you want to be wearing as much Iron Banner armor as possible, wear that emblem, and get as many Iron Banner XP multipliers going as possible. When you are loading into Iron Banner then you’ll see the number of XP multipliers available, and you want to max this out to make this as quick as possible. Ranking up to rank 16 and completing it is no joke, it’s going to take time. Personally, I don’t mind doing one reset rank per Iron Banner week, any more than that and I simply burn out.

Jorum’s Howl

Complete “160” Iron Banner matches while wearing at least one piece of Iron Banner armor. Earn additional progress for each piece of Iron Banner armor equipped.

Iron Banner Gear focusing

Iron Banner Weapons Available for Legacy Focusing:

  • Archon’s Thunder
  • Riiswalker
  • Occluded Finality
  • Forge’s Pledge
  • Peacebond
  • Frontier’s Cry

Iron Banner Armor Sets Available for Legacy Focusing:

  • Iron Forerunner
  • Iron Will
  • Iron Truage
  • Iron Fellowship
  • Iron Remembrance

Iron Banner Gear Focusing Cost:

If a player has NOT acquired a piece of Iron Banner gear previously:

  • 7 Iron Engrams
  • 100 Legendary Shards
  • 10,000 Glimmer

If a player has acquired a piece of Iron Banner gear previously:

  • 3 Iron Engrams
  • 25 Legendary Shards
  • 25,000 Glimmer

Iron Banner Improvements

When Iron Banner returns on January 31, we’re planning on increasing the amount of Iron Banner Rank you earn at the end of matches, doubling the multipliers you get from wearing Iron Banner gear, halving the multipliers you get for completing challenges, and significantly increasing the multiplier you get for wearing an Iron Banner emblem. We expect this to decrease the number of games needed to earn a Rank reset by around 40% and make it more worthwhile to play earlier in the week.

Additionally, starting next Season, Iron Banner will be available three times a Season, and an Iron Banner emblem will be available on the Rewards track during the first reset for those who don’t already have one. We’ll have more information about the modes and dates to expect in Season 20 as we get closer to launch.

In short:

  • An increase to base reputation earned per match.
  • An increased multiplier contribution from wearing Iron Banner armor.
  • An increased multiplier contribution from equipping an Iron Banner emblem.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the Iron Banner title grind, and let me know your Iron Banner stories.

That’s it for this guide on how to get the Iron Banner Title in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.