How to get the Seraph Title (All Triumphs Guide) in Destiny 2

The Seraph Title is available for us to earn in Season of the Seraph, and it’s a great opportunity to show off your dedication and Seraph skills as we move towards Lightfall. Today I’m going to walk through all the triumphs we need to complete for the Seraph title, plus offer some tips and tricks to get them done quickly, so you can get hold of that Seraph Title and proudly show off to Rasputin.

The Seraph Title does have the benefit of being a relatively easy title to get, but we don’t have too much time to complete the triumphs. One good reason to get the title before Lightfall is you can pick up the physical seal from the Bungie store, personally, as a collector I love these.

In order to get the Seraph title, you’ll have to complete nine triumphs and you can find these triumphs under the Seraph Seal, which you can find by navigation to the left from your character screen, and hovering over the Seraph title at the bottom. Given it’s a seasonal title you will need to own Season of the Seraph.

Let’s dive into the Triumphs you’ll need to complete for the Seraph title.

Rebuilding Rasputin

To complete this one you’ll need to complete the More Than A Weapon quest, which is the main storyline for Season of the Seraph. This one isn’t too difficult, and is now available to complete as the week just past was the conclusion of the story. To complete this triumph head to the H.E.L.M. and speak to the Exo Frame. They will direct you through a series of missions including Heist Battlegrounds and Operation Seraph Shield.

Gadgets Galore

To complete this triumph you have to unlock various upgrades at the Exo Frame in the H.E.L.M. To get currency for the upgrades, you’ll need to complete seasonal challenges, which can be found in your quests tab. At the top of the quests tab you’ll see seasonal challenges and in there you have 10 weeks of challenges. You are looking for the challenges with the upgrade material, which is indicated with a blue icon. When you have completed the challenges head back to the H.E.L.M. chat with the Exo and select the upgrades of your choice. You’ll need 14 upgrades to complete the triumph.

Authorized Users

For this next one you’ll need to get kills with either Season of the Seraph Weapons (for example Disparity or Retrofit Escapade) or Ikelos Weapons, for example, the Ikelos SMG, Sniper, Hand Cannon or Shotgun. You will need 1,000 kills in total. Ideally you want to be running through activities solo, then you don’t have to share the kills with other guardians. The best place to go is the Shuro Chi checkpoint in the Last Wish Raid, where you’ll have access to hundreds of respawning enemies. The start of Grasp of Avarice on the Cosmodrome is also very good, as are Lost Sectors and also Altars of Sorrow on the Moon, or even public events around the various planets and moons. Kill 1,000 enemies and get this one done nice and quickly.

Silence the Alarm

Next up you have to kill Deathtongue Choristers before they begin their Battlesong in the Heist Battlegrounds playlist. Deathtongue Choristers are Acolyte yellow-bar mini-bosses and they run towards the Annihilator Totem to attempt to start a Battlesong. To complete the triumph you have to kill 15 of them. They do have a fair amount of health, so they can be fairly slow to kill so try and get them with a sword or rockets, or another heavy weapon or your super.

Solid Seraph

To complete this triumph you’ll need to complete Operation: Seraph’s Shield Exotic mission, which you can find in the H.E.L.M. This is a fantastic Exotic Mission, plus you’ll get the Revision Zero at the end, and if you complete the follow up quests from the Exo Frame you’ll get access to the catalyst quests, which make Revision Zero much better.

Nodes Found

For the next triumph you’ll need to find all the Warmind Nodes on the Moon, Europa, and the Seraph Station. You will get a map to all the warmind nodes by following some steps including

  • Pick up your Resonance Amp
  • Collect Seraph Key Codes from activities (like Vanguard Ops, Story missions, Crucible and Gambit)
  • Run the new Season of the Seraph activity Heist Battlegrounds – launching from the H.E.L.M.
  • Pick up the Resonate Stem from the chests at the end
  • Combine 4 Resonant Stems with the Resonance Amp to get your location.

Here’s all the locations. Check out the time stamps to skip through to the next triumph.

Drones Destroyed

There are 50 Secruity Drones on the Moon, Europa, Heist Battlegrounds and Operation Seraph Shield. You have to find them and destroy them all with Revision Zero, the Exotic Pulse Rifle introduced this season. Given there’s 50 I’ll link off to a separate guide for these ones.

Guardian’s Best Friend

Once you have destroyed all 50 drones, then you’ll have access to the Secret Door roughly two thirds of the way through Operation Seraph. We can find the door after we beat Haroktha, Scourge of the Helium Drinkers. This is a tanky Hive Knight and you’ll face off against him when you make your way through the spae walking section of Operation Seraph’s Shield. Once you have beaten this Knight, then you can inspect the door.

Once you open the door you will be met with lasers. To get through the lasers you’ll need a sword with the perk Eager Edge. When you switch to this weapon you get improved lunge speed for a short time, allowing you to get through the laser doors. Warlock can also Icarus Dash through the doors, but my preferred method is a sword with Eager Edge. If you don’t have one of these them farm Dares of Eternity, and you should be able to get one.

After the laser doors there are a series of jumping puzzles. Make a wrong turn and you’ll be teleported back to the start, so what I’ll do is play my route through the jumping puzzle, and then you’ll find the mechanical dog at the end.

Frame Reboot

For this triumph you’ll need to reset your rank with the Exo Frame. Go to the HELM, have a chat with the Exo Frame and you’ll see your rank in the top right hand corner. You can get various upgrades from the Exo Frame to help boost your rank. Complete bounties, plus if you wear seasonal armour you’ll get a maximum of 20% boost (if you wear 4 pieces).

Production Model

To get this one you’ll need to get to rank 16 on your seasonal vendor of choice, which includes Zavala for Vanguard Ops, Lord Shaxx for Crucible and Drifter for Gambit. You can find all these Vendors in the Tower, and each one has a reputation ranking system. Completing acitivies in their corresponding playlists will earn you XP and will allow you to level up and get hold of the Veles-X.

To get this done nice and quickly you want to keep an eye on the XP multiplier each week. Every week of the season we have XP boosts and that rotates between Vanguard Ops, Crucible and Gambit. For example, at the time of creating this guide we have double XP for Gambit. Another good way to get this done nice and quickly is to take advantage of streak bonuses. The longer you stay in a playlist, you’ll get streak bonuses, which are indicated when you load into the match. You can get up to 5 streak bonuses, which act as XP multipliers.

Probably the fastest way to get this done is waiting for a Vanguard Ops XP bonus week, and you can grind out Legend Nightfalls. These Nightfalls aren’t too difficult, and you can find a fireteam of Guardians fairly easily. Either contact some friends, clanmates or try using a LFG website like the Bungie app, find a fireteam of 3 and sit in the Vanguard Ops playlist completing Legend Nightfalls. You’ll get a good amount of XP for completing these activities, plus if you do it during a double XP week for Vanguard Ops you’ll get that too. Nightfalls are great because you’ll also get upgrade materials and exotic drops when completing Nightfalls. Plus you’ll earn Nightfall exclusive loot too.

Alternatively, stick in the playlist you enjoy most to complete it.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the Seraph title chase.