Season of the Seraph

How to get Revision Zero’s Pressurized Refit Catalyst (Should You Choose To Accept It, Part 2 quest) in Destiny 2

Revision Zero’s second catalyst is available in Destiny 2, and it allows us to personalize and improve the Exotic Pulse Rifle. This is the second of 4 upgrades and today I am going to walk you through all the quest steps, then show off the new and improved Revision Zero with Pressurized Refit.

Without further delay, let’s dive into the quest.

How to get the Pressurized Refit Catalyst

First of all you’ll need to pick up the quest ‘Should You Choose To Accept It, Part 2’. You’ll be able to get this from the Exo Frame, in the H.E.L.M. once you have completed the story mission in week 5 of Season of the Seraph. Complete the weekly story, then have a chat with the Exo Frame to pick it up.

Step 1 – Return to the mission Operation: Diocles

For the first step in the quest, you’ll need to go back to the Operation: Diocles mission and download the cryptographic index. This can be found on the map of the H.E.L.M. and you have to navigate to the Warmind Launch Facility. Make your way through the mission as normal, beat the boss at the end and you’ll get the cryptographic index.

Step 2 – Visit the moon
Next up, you want to visit the moon. You can select any landing point, and as soon as you load in you’ll get a prompt for another step, where you have to decrypt the cipher.

Step 3 – Decrypt the cipher
For this step you’ll need to defeat combatants and complete patrols on the moon.

Step 4 – Locate the Dead Drop in K1 Logisitcs Lost Sector
Next up, make your way to K1 Logisitcs Lost Sector in Archer’s Line, work your way through to the end, and next to the chest you’ll find a Hakke terminal. Interact with it, then stand back.

Step 5 – Find Weapon Schematic in Operation Seraph Shield
Next up you have to launch Operation Seraph Shield on Legend difficulty. I’d recommend going in with friends, clanmates or LFG guardians. It’s possible to do this solo, however, it’ll take you more time and hopefully it shouldn’t take you too long to team up with others.

You are looking for a weapon schematic, which can be found in the form of a dead exo. You can find this one in the tunnel, just after you go through the first Operator section of Operation Seraph’s Shield.

Step 6 – Complete Operation Seraph Shield on Legend
Complete the mission and you’ll get a couple of drops from the final chest. You’ll get the Intrinsic trait Hunter’s Trace III plus Pressurized Refit Catalyst, which can both be used to make Revision Zero better through the reshaping process at the Enclave.

Step 7 – Reshape Revision Zero
Finally, you want to make your way to the Enclave near Savathun’s Throne World. Interact with the Relic and select Reshape, then select Revision Zero and you’ll be able to add Hunter’s Trace III plus the Pressurized Refit Catalyst. You can also select other perks like Vorpal Weapon and Perpetual Motion.

Revision Zero v3

Let’s have a look at Revision Zero since it’s upgrade.

For this second upgrade we get Pressurized Refit where we get improved stability and accuracy as the magazine gets lower. We also get a nice laser sight on the weapon, plus we get to upgrade more perks on the weapon. I chose Perpetual Motion, as this works well in both PVE and PVP.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Revision Zero’s second catalyst, and let me know what you think of Operation Seraph Shield on Legend.

That’s it for this guide for how to get Revision Zero’s Pressurized Refit Catalyst, plus how to complete Should You Choose To Accept It, Part 2 in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.