Season of the Seraph

How to get Dark Decider (Legendary Auto Rifle) plus god roll guide in Destiny 2

Dark Decider is an Auto Rifle added to Destiny 2 via Iron Banner in Season of the Serpah. This is a rapid-fire auto rifle that sits in the enrgy slot. Today I am going to check out the stats, the perks, the god rolls to chase, plus how to get Dark Decider in Destiny 2.

How to get Dark Decider

To get Dark Decider you’ll want to play Iron Banner in Season of the Seraph. You’ll be able to add this to your loot pool by unlocking it at rank 4 at Lord Saladin, then once you do that you’ll be able to get random drops from Iron Banner matches, plus you can focus Iron Banner engrams at Lord Saladin.

Dark Decider

Dark Decider is a Legendary Energy Auto Rifle with a Rapid-Fire Frame meaning deeper ammo reserves. Slightly faster reload when magazine is empty. Looking at the stats we have Impact 18, Range 25, Stability 49, Handling 39, Reload Speed 46, Airborne Effectiveness 10, Rounds Per Minute 720, and Magazine 50.

This has the origin trait Skulking Wolf. While at low health, Guardian final blows with this weapon grant enhanced radar and remove you from opposing radar.

Dark Decider God Roll Guide

For PVE Arrowhead Brake, Appended Mag, Subsistence, and Voltshot would be good.

  • Arrowhead Brake – Greatly controls recoil, Increases handling speed
  • Appended Mag – Increases magazine size
  • Subsistence – Defeating targets partially reloads the magazine from reserves.
  • Voltshot – Reloading this weapon after defeating a target overcharges this weapon for a short period of time, causing it to jolt on its next hit.

For PVP Arrowhead Brake, Accurized Rounds, Dynamic Sway Reduction and Rangefinder would be good.

  • Arrowhead Brake – Greatly controls recoil, Increases handling speed
  • Accurized Rounds – Increases range
  • Dynamic Sway Reduction – Improves accuracy and stability while continuously holding down the trigger.
  • Rangefinder – Aiming this weapon increases its effective range and zoom magnification.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this weapon, plus let me know your tops rolls.

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