Season of the Seraph

How to get the Cloudstrike Catalyst (What it does and quick levelling tips) in Destiny 2

Cloudstrike was already deadly in the right hands, allowing Guardians to eliminate an entire team in PVP with a single shot. Cloudstrike has now been given a major upgrade thanks to it’s catalyst, which is now obtainable in-game in Season of the Seraph and beyond. Today I am going to take a closer look at Cloudstrike Catalyst, look at the additional perks, plus how to get it, and level it up nice and quickly, so you can start enjoying the benefits of the Cloudstrike Catalyst right away.

How to get the Cloudstrike Catalyst

To get the Cloudstrike Catalyst you’ll need to complete playlist activities like Vanguard Ops, Cruicble and Gambit matches. Mine dropped for me after a Gambit match in Season of the Seraph. You’ll need the weapon in your inventory, although that could mean it sitting in your vault, you don’t have to have it on your Guardian to get this one to drop for you. It’s random as to whether it will drop for you, so say a little prayer to the RNG gods, and grind out those playlist activities.

How to level up the Cloudstrike Catalyst quickly

Before you can equip the catalyst you’ll need to level it up, and you’ll need to get 400 kills with Cloudstrike.

The most efficient way to get this done is the Shruo Chi checkpoint in the Last Wish Raid, this is because tens of enemies spawn, and you can take them out nice and easily using cloudstrike, and many will die all at the same time due to the exotic perk, where a lightning storm rains down on your enemies with a precision kill. It’s best to stock up on raid banners, and you can get these from Hawthorn in the Tower. I’ll put the route to the Shuro Chi location in the Last Wish Raid at the end of this guide, simply follow that, input the code at the wishing wall and you’ll be teleported to the farming location.

Altars of Sorrow is another good location, you can find this on the moon. The start of the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon is another good place, plus you have plenty of Lost Sectors all over the planets and the moons. Blind Well is another good alternative, which can be found on the Dreaming City. Ideally you want to run activities solo, so you can maximize the amount of enemies you are killing. Givewn you have to kill 400, you don’t want to be sharing kills in Vanguard Ops or any other activity, as that’s going to slow down your progress. If you want to get this done fast, get in there with solo activities and get those 400 kills.

What the Cloudstrike Catalyst does

The Cloudstrike Catalyst has a couple of benefits including an increase to handling by 25, plus it’ll give you Triple Tap on the Sniper, therefore rtapidly landing precision kills return one round to the magazine. This works great with the exotic perk on the weapon, where precision kills bring down a powerful lightning strike. This now means it’s an excellent choice for boss DPS, if you can hit those precision shots. Now you can stand there, shooting a boss and rapid precision hits will return rounds to the mag, allowing you to apply more damage to the boss, killing them much faster.


Cloudstrike is an Exotic Energy Sniper Rifle and it comes with the perks

  • Mortal Polarity – Precision final blows generate a lightning bolt at the target’s location.
  • Stormbringer – Rapid precision hits create a lightning storm at the point of impact.

Looking at the stats we have Impact 55, Range 64, Stability 54, Handling 51, Reload Speed 46, Rounds Per Minute 140, with Magazine 7.

How to get Cloudstrike

This is an exotic from Beyond Light, so you’re going to need to own that expansion to get Cloudstrike. The first step, as always, is to complete the campaign and then you want to do the post-campaign missions from Variks. The objective here is to unlock the elected difficulty Empire Hunts and once you unlock a few nodes on Variks’ Sabotage tab.

Empire Hunts are a new weekly activity and we have 3 available at the start. Once you complete the main campaign, post-campaign and the Empire Hunts themselves you’ll get access to the repeatable Empire Hunts. These cost 40 Herealways pieces until you get the unlocks and upgrades on Variks’ Sabotage menu. There are a few keys unlocks you want to focus on to get more Herealways currency.

Cloudstrike is a random drop from the Weekly Empire Hunts activity, it’s a rare drop. You can easily speedrun the Weekly Empire Hunts, we were getting through runs in about 4-5mins. Getting a drop of Cloudstrike is a random drop, and to get mine I had to run about 15 Empire Hunts, so do be prepared for a bit of a grind for this one. I don’t know if more difficult activities mean a higher chance of getting it, but it’s worth testing.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Cloudstrike Catalyst.

That’s it for this guide for how to get the Cloudstrike Catalyst in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subcribe today.