Season of the Seraph

How to get Judgment of Kelgorath (Legendary Glaive) Plus God Roll Guide in Destiny 2

Judgment of Kelgorath is the first aggressive glaive added to Destiny 2 in Season of the Seraph. Today I am going to check out the Judgment of Kelgorath in more detail, look at the stats, perks, god rolls to chase for PVP and PVE, plus look at how to get Judgment of Kelgorath in Destiny 2.

How to get Judgment of Kelgorath

To get this glaive you’ll need to access Season of Seraph activities, including Heist Battlegrounds. This weapon can randomly drop from the end of the activity from the chest to the right hand side. You can also purchase Judgment of Kelgorath from Clovis Bray in the H.E.L.M. and it’s available on the season pass as a reward on the paid track at rank 45.

Judgment of Kelgorath

Judgment of Kelgorath is a Legendary Energy Aggressive Glaive that’s hard-hitting, slow melee/ranged polearm with a frontal shield. Generates energy on dealing ranged damage. [Aim Down Sights] : Raise shield, depleting energy over time[Melee] : Kinetic melee combo. Looking at the stats we have Impact 95, Range 71, Shield Duration 25, Handling 28, Reload Speed 35, Airborne Effectiveness 13, Rounds Per Minute 45, Charge Time 25 and Magazine 3.

This one comes with the seasonal origin trait Ambush, Improves range, handling and damage against combatants during opening moments of an engagement.

Judgment of Kelgorath God Roll Guide

For PVE Supercooled Accelerator, Light Mag, Immovable Object and Close to Melee would be good.

  • Supercooled Accelerator – Increases range, Slightly decreases reload speed, Slightly decreases handling speed
  • Light Mag – Increases reload speed, Slightly increases range
  • Immovable Object – Dealing ranged damage grants increased weapon energy while you’re stationary with your shield raised.
  • Close to Melee – Glaive projectile final blows improve Glaive melee damage. Glaive projectile or melee damage extends the duration.

For PVP Tempered Truss Rod, Accurized Rounds, Overflow, and Impulse Amplifier would be good.

  • Tempered Truss Rod – Greatly increases handling speed, Slightly decreases reload speed, Slightly decreases range
  • Accurized Rounds – Increases range
  • Overflow – Picking up Special or Heavy ammo automatically loads this weapon beyond normal capacity.
  • Impulse Amplifier – Massively increases projectile velocity, increases reload speed.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Judgment of Kelgorath and let me know your top rolls.

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