Season of the Seraph

How to get Liminal Vigil (Spire of the Watcher Sidearm) Plus God Roll Guide in Destiny 2

Liminal Vigil is a sidearm added to Destiny 2 as part of Season of the Seraph. This is a new Tex Mechanica weapon, which you can get from the Dungeon Spire of the Watcher, plus it can roll with Desperado, which we’ve only seen on Pulse Rifles before. Today I am going to check out the stats and perks, the god rolls to chase for PVP and PVE plus look at how to get Liminal Vigil in Destiny 2.

Before we get into the guide today, let me know what you think of the Liminal Vigil, plus let me know what you think of the Dungeon, Spire of the Watcher.

How to get Liminal Vigil

To get the Liminal Vigil you have to takar part in the Dungeon introduced as part of Season of the Serpah. You can get this Sidearm if you beat Persys, Primordial Ruin, the final boss, and you’ll have a chance for this to drop. Once you get the weapon you will also be able to get the sidearm from the secret chests in the Dungeon, given they always dish out repeat loot. This is the only place you can get the new Tex Mechanica weapons in the game, and the good news is the dungeon is fairly short plus you can easily do this one solo.

Liminal Vigil

Liminal Vigil is a Kinetic Stasis Sidearm, with an aggressive burst, meaning a hard-hitting two-burst fire. Looking at the stats we have Impact 56, Range 60, Stability 49, Airborne Effectiveness 32, 325 rounds per minute, 32 in the magazine.

The new Tex Mechanica weapons come with the Origin Trait Tex Balanced Stock. This is where damaging targets while firing from the hip increases handling, reload speed and movement speed while aiming down sights.

Liminal Vigil God Roll Guide

It’s still pretty early, here’s the perks on the weapon so far.

Perk 1: Puglist, Perpetual Motion, Tap The Trigger, Tunnel Vision, Threat Detector, Headstone
Perk 2: Rangefinder, Desperado, Swashbuckler, Surrounded, Kill Clip, Quickdraw

For PVE Headstone and Desperado would be a good roll.

  • Headstone – Precision final blows spawn a Stasis crystal at the victim’s location.
  • Desperado – Reloading after a precision final blow increases your rate of fire.

Other decent options include

Tap the Trigger and Kill Clip

  • Tap the Trigger – Grants a short period of increased stability and accuracy on initial trigger pull.
  • Kill Clip – Reloading after a kill grants increased damage.


  • Perpetual Motion – This weapon gains bonus stability, handling, and reload speed while the wielder is in motion.
  • Desperado – Reloading after a precision final blow increases your rate of fire.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Liminal Vigil, and let me know your top rolls.

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