Season of the Plunder

Fast Captain’s Coins – How to get Captain’s Coins quickly and complete ‘A Rising Tide’ quest in Destiny 2

Captain’s Coins are the new currency to farm for the new Community Event just added to Destiny 2. Today I am going to show you how to farm Captain’s Coins quickly, so we can hit that community goal, and improve the Eliksni Quarter.

It’s the final few weeks of Season of Plunder, and Bungie have added a Community event to round off this season. We’ll need to go around the solar system and collect captain’s coins, and this is going to help improve the Eliksni Quarter. There are a few rewards tied to the event, including a very nice Exotic Ghost Shell.

How to get Captain’s Coins

You can get Captain’s Coins from various activities in the game including Lost Sectors, Public Events, Playlist activities (Vanguard Ops, Crucible, Gambit), Dares of Eternity, King’s Fall Raid plus Ketchcrash and Expeditions.

To start collecting Captain’s Coins you want to complete the introduction quest called ‘A Rising Tide’. You can find this in the Tower, by interacting with the chest at the courtyard. Spider will give you the quest called A Rising Tide, and then you’ll need to go and complete a public event, get 10 Captain’s Coins, and then go back to the Tower and deposit them in the chest.

Once you have done this you are then free to go and get your Captain’s Coins from activities of your choice. It’s worth noting that at the moment, playlist activities are bugged, but I imagine Bungie is working on a fix.

How to farm Captain’s Coins

The quickest way to get Captain’s Coins at the moment is from Lost Sectors, specifically in Trostland on the EDZ. Here you have a choice of Lost Sectors, all are very quick. Personally, I like to do Widow’s Walk Lost Sector here. Go in there with something that will clear a bunch of ads quickly like Gjallarhorn, or something similar, and runs of this Lost Sector will only take about 1 minute or so. Then simply run out of the Lost Sector, run back in again and you’ll be rich in Captain’s Coins very quickly. Each run will give you 14 Captain’s Coins.

You can do other activities.

Public Events – 10 Coins
Dares of Eternity – 35 Coins
Expeditions – 50 Coins
Ketchcrash – 50 Coins
Killing Oryx in King’s Fall – 100 Coins

That’s pretty much it. You can earn captain’s coins through a variety of ways. Lost Sectors appear to be the fastest and most efficient method at the moment, but this may change when playlist actvities are fixed.

Let me know in the comments your method of getting Captain’s Coins.

That’s it for this guide for how to get fast Captain’s Coins in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subcribe today.