Season of the Plunder

How Improving the Eliksni Quarter Community Event works plus how to get Captain’s Coins in Destiny 2

We have a new Community Event kicking off in Destiny 2 tomorrow, and this is all about rebuilding the Eliksni Quarter. We have to get around the Solar System and collect Captains Coins and deposit them in the Eliksni Quarter, and today I’m going to run through the basics of the event, plus how you can get inovolved and also the best ways to get hold of Captains Coins.

What is the Community Event?

Bungie say about the event:

Since Season of the Splicer, we’ve been finding our new Eliksni friends in some of the most unexpected places. Many corners of our Tower have become safe havens for them, even if they’re struggling with vending machines. A space in the Last City was also carved out to serve as a home for them.

However, we’ve been noticing that the Eliksni Quarter is a bit… cold. While Spider has set up a cozy little shop to house his business dealings, many are still taking up residence in places without walls, shelter, or warmth. Misraaks is calling upon us to aid in improving their living environment.

All Guardians will be asked to collect treasure in the form of Captain’s Coins from around the system to donate towards the Eliksni Quarter, helping Spider with improvements and upkeep while Misraaks and Eido devote their time to researching the Relics of Nezarec.

When does it start and end?

The event starts at reset time on 22nd November 2022, and runs until 6th December 2022 (end of Season of Plunder).

How can I contribute?

The objective of the event is to collect Captain’s Coins, and they can be found around various locations.

  • Captain’s Coins can be found in Destination chests, Lost Sectors, public events, and of course, Season of Plunder Ketchcrash and Expedition activities. You can also find Captain’s Coins in the King’s Fall raid, Dares of Eternity, strikes, Crucible, and Gambit.
  • Each Guardian will have their own personal donations reward track with an emblem, upgrade materials, and a new swashbuckling Ghost Shell.
  • The community as a whole will pool their treasure together to help Misraaks and Spider improve the Eliksni Quarter, receiving global community earned rewards and special Eliksni ‘thank you’ gifts along the way.

What are the rewards?

Deepsight weapons weapons are on offer, which are going to help with the Scallywag title, plus it’s always good to get craftable weapons, and some of these seasonal weapons are very good.

We also get an Exotic Shell. Plus I would image we’re going to get some good lore, given this event carries us into Season 19. Bungie mentioned this line in their description “helping Spider with improvements and upkeep while Misraaks and Eido devote their time to researching the Relics of Nezarec”, that makes me think we’re going to get a nice bit of story to finish up the season and set up season 19 nicely.

How to get Captain’s Coins quickly

There are various ways to get Captain’s Coins and that includes Destination chests, Lost Sectors, public events, and of course, Season of Plunder Ketchcrash and Expedition activities, King’s Fall raid, Dares of Eternity, strikes, Crucible, and Gambit.

There are a couple of ways I would try to get Captain’s Coins quickly. First of all Public events, for this you want to go to the EDZ and get stuck into the public events there. You can see public events on the director, and given the EDZ is so large, you always have a few going on at the same time. Ideally you want to trigger the heroic public event as quickly as possible, and then you can quickly jump on your sparrow, head out of the zone, then back in again quickly and double dip on the chest.

Another good way for fast captain’s coins are through the Lake of Shadows Strike. This can also be found on the EDZ. You should be able to finish this strike in roughly 4-5 mins if you get your runs down efficiently.

Lost sectors are another good way to get Captain’s Coins. The EDZ is another good option here, if you land at Trostland you can easily access three Lost Sectors and pick up some fast Captain’s Coins.

I am sure various methods will come up over the next few days, and I’ll be back with a video if a new method arises and is obviously the most efficient.

Scallywag Title Requirements Update

We also had some good changes to The Scallywag title, so if you want to get this title, now it’s much easier than before. RIP getting 50 ruffians.

Bungie say:

Next Tuesday (tomorrow), we’ll also have some changes coming to the Season of Plunder title. Specifically, we’ll be reducing some requirements to unlock Scallywag. We have some words from the development team to explain the changes:

Dev Team: We’ve looked at the data and the Season of Plunder Seal and title is harder to acquire than originally intended. To earn the Seal you will still need to complete the vast majority of Plunder content and show mastery over the Seasonal activities, Seals are meant to be an aspirational goal, but our data shows that certain triumphs were over-tuned. We’re taking the feedback around Destiny’s grind to heart which is why we made the decision to deploy the following changes before the Season concludes:

  • Drop Ruffian completion value to 10 (down from 50).
  • While we introduced a fix to prevent Ruffians from despawning in Expeditions, players can still progress through objectives a bit too fast for these Champions to spawn.
  • As such, we’re reducing the requirement to help players meet the requirements a bit faster.
  • Drop Vendor upgrades required (14 down from 23).
  • This would be the equivalent of completing the first 7 weeks of Seasonal Challenges that award Repute, the upgrade currency.
  • Change promote and summon First Mates to doing it 1 time each.
  • We realize that this step didn’t have a deep enough tutorial for some players to fully grasp, and requires a lengthy grind to unlock all three First Mates.
  • Change the Seal requirement to complete 8 out of 9 Triumphs.

This should allow some flexibility for players as they progress through Triumphs and Seasonal Challenges to unlock the Seasonal title.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the community event.

That’s it for this guide to Improving the Eliksni Quarter Community Event in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.