Has Bungie added a secret quest or a community event? Telesto may be the start… Destiny 2

Telesto is acting up. Not in its normal way of breaking the game, where it has to be disabled. It’s now smoking, and firing sparks, plus when you shoot it, the bolts that normally fire straight, are now floating up into the sky and forming patterns. Telesto has a new alternate firing mode, and many think it’s the start of a secret quest or a rumoured community event. Today I am going to have a look at the clues so far, and try to understand what Telesto is doing in Destiny 2.

Before we get into it today, let me know in the comments what you think about Telesto, what is it doing, what are these patterns, and what is this all going to lead to.

Yesterday, Bungie released Hotfix, which mainly focused on weapon balancing for Linear Fusion Rifles. Festival of the Lost was removed too, plus we’ve had one new and interesting addition to the game. Telesto is broken, and in new ways, than we’ve seen before.

Telesto has a reputation for breaking the game. It’s something to do with the bolts, but over time Telesto has broken the game multiple times and in multiple ways. Telesto has broken the game so much, there’s an entire website dedicated to how it’s broken the game, and it’s a LONG read. Even Banshee-44 started holding Telesto in the Tower and players would encounter the game crashing when they opened up his menu. It looks like now Bungie is leaning into Telesto bugs. This season we’ve had a Telesto-themed Ghost, Sparrow and also a Festival of the Lost mask dedicated to the Exotic Fusion Rifle.

Let’s have a closer look at Telesto’s behaviour and why it might be acting this way. Normally when you fire Telesto the bolts stick into the ground or enemies and then explode. They fire straight ahead, and Telesto acts like you would imagine an exotic Fusion Rifle would (minus all the bugs it’s caused). Now, Telesto is acting very differently. When you fire the bolts, they are floating up into the sky and form patterns. These patterns are different each time and it doesn’t appear as if there is a system to them, they appear to be random each time. You can turn Telesto back into its regular firing mode, by holding down a button or key. This is similar to other alternative firing mode weapons, like Vex Mythoclast and others.

This isn’t just Telesto being buggy, this is a deliberate feature change to Telesto. The weapon itself is smoking and sparks are flying off it, almost like it’s breaking. But it can’t simply break over time, that’s not something that happens in Destiny 2. This is a deliberate change to the design of Telesto and firing it and uncovering what these patterns are will likely be the first step in solving a grander puzzle. What that puzzle is, and what the outcome will be, there are some clues, but we don’t really know.

First of all, there is a rumoured end of Season event in the Destiny 2 API. This is supposed to be us rebuilding the Eliksni Quarter during an event. There is a Swashbuckler Shell in the API, which lists its source as ‘A Rising Tide’ mission. It looks like we have to go round the solar system and collect Captain’s Coins and then donate them to help rebuild the Eliksni Quarter. These coins are supposedly found in Ketchcrash, Expeditions, Lost Sectors, Public Events, Dares of Eternity and the King’s Fall Raid.

How and if Telesto relates to this is plain speculation at the moment. One theory is given Season of Plunder is all about pirates, and Telesto appears to be firing constellations, or arrangement of stars. Ships use constellations to guide them as a map in the sky. Perhaps this could be the beginning of understanding how we get to Neptune for Lightfall, although that is roughly 4 months away, so you would imagine it’s more closely related to the end of Season 18 going into Season 19.

Bungie has a history of adding secret quests into the game. We had an exotic quest appear one day with a portal on Io opening up, leading to a huge battle withe the Taken which we had to complete in 20mins. The Corridors of Time Community event was a massive puzzle, which led us to Bastion, the Exotic Fusion rifle. We also had the Zero Hour mission, which was very similar to the Whisper mission, and from that we got Outbreak Perfected. Normally there is an exotic weapon at the end of these quests, so the link between this and the community event, which appears to have a ghost shell at the end does seem a little strange.

This alternate firing mode on Telesto doesn’t really improve the weapon, arguably it makes it worse. This new alternate firing mode definitely is leading us to something, but what that something is, we don’t yet know. It could be time-gated, with Bungie adding in some clues this week, to reveal the next step at reset next week, or maybe we’ll get more info and developments this week too. I’ll keep you updated as we find out more.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Telesto and it’s alternate firing mode, and what you think these patterns mean.

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