How to get Assassin’s Cowl and Hunter Arc 3.0 build in Destiny 2.

Assassin’s Cowl is a top-tier exotic helmet for Hunters in Destiny 2, which pairs very well with all subclasses. Today I am going to show you how to get it, plus put together an Arc 3.0 build with Assassin’s Cowl. Arc 3.0 has some great melee focused benefits, and this paired up with Swashbuckler weapons and Rat King, you’re going to be that invisible and electrifying assassin who can then heal on demand in tricky situations.

First up, let’s check out how to get Assassin’s Cowl in Destiny 2.

How to get Assassin’s Cowl

To get this Exotic Helmet for the Hunter, you need to complete the Shadowkeep campaign and then go and visit Ikora Rey in the Tower. You’ll get a standard 48 roll, which isn’t great, but once it’s in your loot pool, you’ll then be able to get other versions of the Assassin’s Cowl when you get Exotic engrams.

Assassin’s Cowl is great with most subclasses, although with Arc 3.0 it’s pretty special. Let’s have a look at the build.

Arc 3.0 Setup

Super: Gathering Storm
Class Ability: Gambler’s Dodge
Melee: Combination Blow
Grenade: Pulse Grenade


Lethal Current – After dodging, your next melee attack has increased lunge range, jolts the target, and creates a damaging aftershock. Damaging any jolted target with melee attacks also blinds them.

Flow State – Defeating a jolted target makes you amplified. While you are amplified, your dodge recharges more quickly, you are more resilient while dodging, and your reload speed is greatly increased.


Spark of Ions – Defeating a jolted target creates an Ionic Trace.
Spark of Recharge – While critically wounded, your melee and grenade energy regenerate more quickly.
Spark of Resistance – When surrounded by enemies, the player has increased damage resistance.
Spark of Magnitude – Your lingering arc grenades (pulse grenades) have an increased duration

Exotic Armor – Assassin’s Cowl

Assassin’s Cowl is an Exotic Hunter Helmet with the perk Vanishing Execution.

Vanishing Execution – Powered melee final blows grant invisibility and restore a portion of health and shields. Finishers and final blows against more powerful targets increase the duration of the invisibility and the amount of health and shields restored.


Kinetic – Rat King

Rat King is an exotic kinetic sidearm, comes with some excellent perks.

  • Rat Pack – This fully automatic weapon becomes stronger when nearby allies also have it equipped. Stacks up to 6 times.
  • Vermin – Reloading immediately after a kill grants a brief period of invisibility.

You can get this from the Monument to Lost Light Kiosk in the Tower.

Energy – Shadow Price

Shadow Price is a Legendary Energy Auto Rifle which has a Precision Frame meaning this weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical. I have a version with Swashbuckler. This weapon gains increased damage from melee kills and kills with this weapon. This is also good because it’s an arc weapon, plus it can deal with Anti Barrier Champions.

If you don’t have Shadow Price, then another energy weapon with Swashbuckler would be good. Bonus for it being able to take on Champions e.g. Scout, Pulse, Bow or Sniper this season.

Power – Planck’s Stride

This is an arc machine gun, which is great for the build, but I also have a roll of the weapon with Thresh. Killing combatants with this weapon generates a small amount of Super energy.


  • Melee Wellmaker – Powered melee combatant final blows spawn elemental wells matching your subclass energy type
  • Bountiful Wells – Elemental well mods that cause you to spawn elemental wells can now stack, spawning additional wells for each additional copy of the mod you have equipped.
  • Font of Might – Picking up an elemental well that matches your subclass energy type grants you a temporary bonus to weapon damage of the same element type.
  • Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle
  • Overload Machine Guns
  • Resilience Mods – try and get to 100 for 40% damage resistance


This build is all about going in and out of invisbility, striking opponents with your melee, and regenerating health on demand. Assassin’s Cowl is great with other subclasses, but Arc has great supporting aspects and fragments when it comes to melee abilities, so we’re going to build into that.

First of all we have the invisibility. Vanishing Execution is the perk on Assassin’s Cowl, and this is going to allow us to go invisible when we get powered melee final blows. We can charge up our melee abilities nice and quickly through our class ability Gambler’s Dodge. Dodging near enemies fully restores our melee.

There’s a good loop involving both aspects too with Lethal Current and Flow State. We can melee, and with Lethal Current that jolts the target. Then through Flow state, defeating a jolted target helps your class ability recharge faster. So we can melee, dodge, melee, dodge and get into a deadly flow. This isn’t the only way we can go invivible either, I am using using Rat King, which has the perk Vermin where reloading immediately after a kill grants a brief period of invisibility.

This build is great for Nightfalls and other endgame content, given we can regenerate our health on a powered melee kill too through Assassin’s Cowl. It restores health and also shields, which is going to help you get out of tight situations. You want to try and get as close to 100 resilience through mods to add 40% damage resistance against incoming damage. Spark of Recharge is also good, as while you are criticall wounded your melee and grenades recharge faster.

We’re also powering up our damage output through elemental wells and font of might. Melee wellmaker works great with the build, so everytime we defeat enemies with a powered melee final blow, we’re going to generate elemental wells. Pick them up and Font of Might adds 20% to damage output.

Another bonus here for the build are swashbuckler weapons. Swashbuckler says ‘this weapon gains increased damage from melee kills and kills with this weapon’. Given we’re going to be using our melee a lot, boosting the melee damage output isn’t going to hurt, it all works great with the build overall.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the build and let me know if you have any improvements.

That’s it for this guide for how to get assassin’s cowl in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.