Destiny 2 News – Deep Stone Crypt weapons and Lightfall crafting improvements

Bungie was back this week with their This Week At Bungie update giving us some details on Deep Stone Crypt Weapon Crafting coming next season, we have more crafting improvements coming in Lightfall, plus we have some news for Destiny 2 players on Google Stadia and Bungie address some Festival of the Lost bugs.

Without further delay, let’s dive into the update.


Since the addition of weekly featured Raids and Dungeons for pinnacle drops, we’ve seen more players engaging with a variety of raid activities in Destiny 2. While an increase in Power is always exciting, or even the fabled chance at a raid Exotic, we’re taking an opportunity next Season to make your return trips to Beyond Light’s Deep Stone Crypt even more enticing. Starting next season, Legendary Deep Stone Crypt weapons can be crafted!

Each encounter has a chance to drop a Deepsight version of a raid weapon, and players may purchase one per week from the final chest after defeating Taniks. When Deep Stone Crypt is the featured raid of the week, encounter drops are uncapped! This means you can run a full raid and each encounter multiple times hunting for Deepsight drops.

When it comes to these weapons, there was quite a bit of excitement internally as the team started freshening up the perk pools. We asked one of our resident Sandbox experts, Senior Design Lead Chris Proctor, about their approach:

Proctor: When updating perk pools on older weapons, our goal is to keep the most beloved combinations and drop the rest to make room for new perks. With Deep Stone Crypt specifically, we looked for new perks that synergize well with the perks that originated with Deep Stone Crypt: Reconstruction, Recombination, and Redirection. (I.e., new perk combinations could look like: Reconstruction + Focused Fury, or Fourth Time’s the Charm + Redirection).

We also took the opportunity to add perks to weapons that have never had them before. We’ve created quite a few new perks since Beyond Light shipped, and we’re excited to see how players mix and match for their builds.

Here are some that I’m personally excited for:

  • Heritage (Slug Shotgun): Reconstruction + Focused Fury
  • Posterity (Hand Cannon): Voltshot + Rampage
  • Trustee (Scout Rifle): Rapid Hit + Incandescent

Oh, and we took this opportunity to create a new origin trait for the weapons: Bray Inheritance.

Wait, did Proctor just say that Reconstruction is going to be a crafted trait? Enhance! Owners of Beyond Light can start crafting these awesome raid weapons starting on December 6, 2022. We’ll see you in space next Season, Guardians.


With the excitement around upcoming Deep Stone crafting, we felt this would be a great opportunity to talk about some plans the team is eyeballing for the system overall. When crafting was introduced in The Witch Queen, we were very excited to see how players would engage with the feature. Having a direct path to acquiring a powerful perk or a “godroll” can be a bit risky in a game like Destiny, but we’re happy with how players are taking great advantage of what the system offers. That said, there are aspects that the team is looking to address, not only to help address player feedback, but to improve crafting overall.

First, let’s start with some of the pain points that we’d like to address:

  • Deepsight weapons are far too common, which leads to some confusion over their value and vault stress.
  • To a new player, it can be difficult to understand which weapons are actually craftable.
  • To an experienced player, Deepsight weapons commonly end up in the vault simply for future currency, bringing more stress to inventory management.
  • Deepsight weapons must be equipped for full currency extraction, causing friction with loadouts.
  • The goal of this was so that the player would try out weapons they normally wouldn’t and to make the currency feel earned.
  • It is also somewhat of a byproduct of our original multi-currency perk system.
  • While this is nice to have, we’d like for players to want to try new weapons for other reasons, not just to earn crafting currencies.
  • Farming an encounter like Shuro Chi is a very efficient method for leveling.
  • While this can be fun for some, it is tedious and provides no useful benefits to the player or encounter.
  • There are no methods for increasing a weapon’s level outside of equipping it.
  • As mentioned in our Sandbox Q&A, crafted base raid weapons outclass Adept raid weapons.
  • We want to maintain the value of Adept weapon reward drops from Master raid content.

To address these points, the team is actively working on some changes coming with Lightfall. While these changes are being developed, tested, and finalized, we wanted to share our list of goals and some strategies behind them.

Goal: Reduce Deepsight weapon hoarding.
Strategy: Introduce alternate ways to earn Deepsight currencies.

Goal: Reduce bad luck in weapon recipe unlocking.
Strategy: Provide opportunities within the crafting system to allow users to deterministically choose what weapon to target.

Goal: Reduce loadout stress.
Strategy: Reduce player incentives to equip a suboptimal Deepsight or crafted weapon.

Goal: Improve the value of weapons rewards from Master raid content.
Strategy: As mentioned in the Sandbox Q&A, give the new Lightfall raid Adept weapons access to enhanced perks. (
Note that this is not going to be full, freeform crafting).

In the near term, we do want to give players a heads up. Starting in Lightfall, weapons that cannot be crafted will no longer drop with Deepsight. This will help us achieve our goal of reducing Deepsight weapon hoarding and help alleviate some stress on your vaults. Players who currently have these weapons in their inventory should complete their Deepsight objectives and extract their Resonant Elements before February 28 to avoid the loss of Resonant Elements.

Expect more details around the changes before Lightfall launches in February.


With Google’s recent announcement that Stadia will be shutting down soon, we’ve been working diligently to figure out a solution for our players on that platform. While we don’t yet have a long-term plan, we do have a short one.

At this time, all players who have their main characters on Stadia should set up Cross Save with another platform so that they don’t lose access to their characters on January 18. Stadia players who enable Cross Save will be able to use their characters on linked platforms after Stadia shuts down.

If Stadia players don’t set up Cross Save by January 18, they will lose access to their characters, items, emblems, account, and Eververse purchases, such as access to Season Passes.

After January 18, players with Stadia as their active characters SHOULD NOT deactivate Cross Save for ANY REASON. Doing so will result in a complete loss of characters.

For information on how to set up Cross Save, please view our Stadia Cross Save Guide.


There have been some spooky bugs popping up with Festival of the Lost. Spectral Pages gone missing, deceased weapons rising from the grave, and more. Player Support has the latest on what’s been fixed and what we’re still trying to exorcise from the game.


Players still having issues converting their Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages should ensure that they:

  • Obtain the Gone but Not Forgotten quest from Eva Levante in the Tower.
  • Are wearing the Masquerader’s Helm with a Festival Mask.
  • Have at least three free spaces in their character’s inventory.
  • Have Spectral Pages in their inventory prior to entering the Haunted Sectors playlist.

If Spectral Pages aren’t converting into Manifested Pages after confirming the above, players may need to:

  • Clear their console or PC game cache.
  • Complete a strike.
  • Obtain more Spectral Pages.

Complete a Haunted Lost Sector (Note that not all Spectral Pages will convert into Manifested Pages).


Next Tuesday, November 1, Destiny 2 Hotfix will be released. View our Destiny Server and Update Status page for maintenance times, as well as the timeline below (all times are Pacific):

9 AM PDT: Destiny 2 maintenance begins.
9:45 AM: Destiny 2 is brought offline.
10 AM: Destiny 2 Hotfix will begin rolling out across all platforms and regions.
11 AM: Destiny 2 maintenance completes.


  • Certain shaders may apply textures incorrectly to pieces of the Festival of the Lost mech-themed armor sets. Once resolved these shaders may display differently on the armor sets.
  • The Sundered Flesh shader applies coloring inconsistently across gear.
  • A Season 16 emblem dropped from Week 10’s Intended Authority Seasonal Challenge.
  • The “All Pages Manifested” message appears for all players upon entering a Haunted Lost Sector. This message is not accurate and should only appear upon completion of a Haunted Lost Sector. Players are not losing any Pages when this message appears.
  • The source of the Retrograde Tourer Exotic ship is inaccurate.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the latest Destiny 2 news.