How to get Cry Mutiny (Legendary) Plus Pirate Hunter Solar 3.0 build in Destiny 2

Cry Mutiny is a unique new grenade launcher that fires cannonballs at enemies and is one of the weapon highlights in Season of Plunder. It’s a fun weapon, plus with the right perk combinations, it can be pretty devastating. Today I’m going to walk through the steps for how to get Cry Mutiny, plus put together a Pirate Hunter Solar 3.0 build in Destiny 2, so you can swashbuckle and plunder on the seven seas.

How to get Cry Mutiny

This is the ritual weapon for Season of Plunder, therefore you have to get to rank 16 with playlist vendor of your choice. You can choose to level up on the track you want to, for example, Vanguard Ops (formerly Strikes), Cruicble or Gambit. If you want to do this quickly then watch out for the double rep weeks, this rotates between the different playlists each week. By doing Vanguard Ops and Nightfalls, you’ll rank up with Zavala. By doing PVP in crucible, you’ll rank up with Lord Shaxx, and Gambit is The Drifter.

Cry Mutiny

Cry Mutiny is a Legendary Power Grenade Launcher with an Adaptive Frame meaning it has a well-rounded grip, reliable and sturdy. Looking at the stats we have Blast Radius 50, Velocity 28, Stability 42, Handling 42, Reload Speed 45, Recoil 58, Rounds Per Minute 120, and Magazine 4. It also deals solar damage, so is great for solar builds.

Perk Combinations

  • Volatile Launch – This weapon is optimized for an especially explosive payload. Greatly increases blast radius, slightly decreases handling speed, slightly decreases projectile speed
  • Mini Frags – Grenades are smaller and more compact for easier reloading. Increases magazine size, Increases reload speed, Decreases blast radius
  • Incandescent – Defeating a target spreads scorch to those nearby. More powerful combatants and opposing Guardians cause scorch in a larger radius.
  • Demolitionist – Kills with this weapon generate grenade energy. Activating your grenade ability reloads this weapon from reserves.
  • Swashbuckler – This weapon gains increased damage from melee kills and kills with this weapon.
  • Vorpal Weapon – Increased damage against bosses, vehicles, and Guardians with their Super active.

Origin Traits

  • Vanguard’s Vindication – Final blows with this weapon grant a small amount of health.
  • One Quiet Moment – Grants increased reload speed when out of combat.
  • Gun and Run – Rapidly defeating targets with this weapon grants bonus sprint speed. Guardians, powerful combatants, and high-value targets grant this bonus quicker.

Personally, I like Incandescent, Swashbuckler and Vanguard’s Vindication.

Pirate Hunter Solar 3.0 Build with Star-Eater Scales

Without further delay let’s have a look at the build.

Solar 3.0 Setup

Super – Blade Barrage
Class ability – Gambler’s Dodge, dodging near enemies recharges the melee ability.
Melee – Knife Trick, throw a fan of flaming knives that scorch targets on hit.
Grenade – Fusion Grenade


Knock ‘Em Down – Blade Barrage launches more projectiles. While radiant, final blows with any equipped throwing knife fully refund melee energy.

On Your Mark – Precision final blows grant players and nearby allies increased weapon handling and reload speed for a short duration. Stacks three times. Activating the class ability immediately grants stacks of On Your Mark.


Ember of Beams – Your Solar Super projectiles have stronger target acquisition.
Ember of Torches – Powered melee attacks against combatants make players and nearby allies radiant.
Ember of Solace – Radiant and restoration effects applied to players have increased duration.
Ember of Eruption – Your Solar ignitions have increased the area of effect.
Ember of Searing – Defeating scorched targets grants melee energy.

Exotic Armour

Star-Eater Scales are Exotic Hunter Leg Armor introduced in Season of the Splicer. Let’s check out the main perk.

Feast of Light – You gain additional Super energy from Orbs of Power you pick up. While your Super energy is full, picking up an Orb of Power overcharges your Super, causing you to gain a burst of healing when cast and a bonus to your Super damage. At maximum overcharge, you also gain an over shield.

To get Star-Eater Scales you can get these from Legend and Master Lost Sectors on Leg Day when you run solo.


Kinetic – No Reprieve

Every Pirate build needs a Blunderbuss, and this is the closest thing we have in the game thst fits that description.

No Reprieve is a Legendary Kinetic Shotgun with a Pinpoint Slug Frame meaning it fires a single-slug round. This weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical. For PVE Corkscrew Rifling, Assault Mag, Outlaw and Swashbuckler.

Outlaw – Precision kills greatly decrease reload time.
Swashbuckler – This weapon gains increased damage from melee kills and kills with this weapon.

Energy – Ticcu’s Divination

Ticuu’s Divination is an Exotic Energy Combat Bow with some very interesting perks.

Sacred Flame – Hipfiring this weapon fires multiple tracking projectiles. Targets marked by these projectiles explode upon death, or when struck by another Sacred Flame’s explosion.

Causality Arrows – Arrows fired while aiming down sights cause Sacred Flames to instantly detonate. Precision hits with perfectly drawn arrows increase the power of this detonation.

This was the seasonal exotic from Season of the Chosen, but you can pick it up in the Tower in the Exotic Kiosk next to your vault.

Power – Cry Mutiny

This is our new solar canonball machine, which the build is focused around.


  • Melee Wellmaker (2) – Powered melee combatant final blows spawn elemental wells matching your subclass energy type.
  • Elemental Ordnance – Defeating a combatant with a grenade spawns an elemental well that matches your subclass energy type.
  • Bountiful Wells – Elemental well mods that cause you to spawn elemental wells can now stack, spawning additional wells for each additional copy of the mod you have equipped.
  • Font of Might – Picking up an elemental well that matches your subclass energy type grants a temporary bonus to weapon damage


This build is a little bit of fun, it’s not something serious you’ll be able to take into endgame content (unless you want to, of course). Given it’s Season of Plunder, we’re all running around acting like Pirates, I thought it would be fun to create a build around Cry Mutiny and cosplaying as a Pirate.

The focus of the build is Cry Mutiny, and I would run this with Incandescent and Swashbuckler. Incandescent is going to work well with the build and scorch enemies, so defeating a target spreads scorch to those nearby. More powerful combatants and opposing Guardians cause scorch in a larger radius. This works well with the Solar 3.0 setup like Ember of Searing for increased melee damage. Cry Mutiny fires cannon balls at enemies, so you can’t really get any more Pirate than that!

In the kinetic slot, I am using No Reprieve. This is hands down one of the best shotguns in the game right now. This one also rolls with Swashbuckler, so if you have a version with that perk, then great, that’s only going to support the build further. In the energy slot, I am using Ticcu’s Divination. This is an Exotic Solar Bow. This works well with the build, plus Pirates have Bows right? OK, so maybe I’m pushing it a little far here… Still, it’s a good weapon for the build.

I’m building into melee abilities with the Solar 3.0 set-up. Knock ’em down allows refunding melee knives if you get a final blow and you are radiant. Powered Melee attacks make you and your allies radiant. Gambler’s Dodge means you’ll recharge melee when you dodge near enemies, plus we’re creating solar elemental wells with our melee attacks, which means a 20% increase to damage output through font of might.

To finish up the build, you need the right outfit. The seasonal armour should do the trick, if you haven’t got that yet then work your way through the season pass this season. Or you can focus Umbral Engrams at the Star Chart in the H.E.L.M.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Cry Mutiny, plus what do you think of the Pirate build.

That’s it for this guide on how to get Cry Mutiny, plus how to put together a Pirate build in Destiny 2. For more content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.