Top Six Problems Bungie Needs To Solve With Destiny 2

It’s that time of year, we’re mid-expansion, and plenty of players are feeling the burnout. Rather than one huge problem, there are lots of little things building up and players are putting down Destiny and having a break. Today I want to have a look at the top problems in Destiny 2 right now, plus open it up to you in the community, as they say, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Before we get into the topic of today’s video, I’d love to hear how you are feeling about Destiny 2 right now. Are you feeling burnout? Do you mainly play PVE or PVP, and what would you do to improve things?

Without further delay, let’s dive into some of the main issues Destiny 2 faces at the moment.

Weapon Crafting

I didn’t really like Weapon Crafting from the beginning and it’s only gotten worse over time. It feels like it goes against the core principles of a looter shooter. It’s not as drastic as Destiny 2 year 1, when everything had the same roll, but it does take some of the fun out of the weapon chase for me.

Issues have surfaced this season with the difficulty in getting seasonal weapon red borders. The idea is you have to unlock the pattern of the weapon before you can craft it, meaning you have to collect 3-5 red borders of the weapon, level them up to extract the deep sight resonance out of them, get the pattern, and then craft the weapon. Once you have a crafted weapon, then you can level it up to unlock new and advanced perks. One of the big issues this season has been the inability to get red-bordered versions of the seasonal weapons. Bungie identified a bug and fixed it, but only 6 weeks into the season, which is about a third of the way through Season of Plunder.

Crafted Weapons also make Adept Raid weapons nearly redundant, given that crafted raid weapons with enhanced perks can outperform Adept Raid weapons, devaluing Master Raids and undermining Adept raid weapons.

I don’t know if tweaking or fixing the system is really going to ‘fix’ the problem for me. I’m under the impression Bungie implemented this feature as an alternative to the randomness of weapon drops. Perhaps I am just conditioned to appreciate the RNG nature of the loot grind, but personally, I wouldn’t be sad if Weapon Crafting quietly went away.

Seasonal Model Burnout

The Seasonal model grind is starting to feel like it’s getting old. I don’t really like the repetitive seasonal features. Here are a few of them:

  • The Vendor in the H.E.L.M. with the upgrade grid
  • The 3 or 6-player matchmade activity
  • The Artifact
  • Reprised Weapons (especially the Destiny 2 weapons)

The seasonal model is starting to creak, but this is most likely because we’ve been doing this since Shadowkeep and Season of Dawn. There are many things I like about seasons; the commitment to add a dungeon or raid per season, the weekly story drop and occasional cutscene and seasonal events have got better. I don’t have the answers as to what Bungie could do to fix this one, but the current pattern of the content we’re in could do with a shake-up.

SBMM in Control

The SBMM experiments in Control this season have had a negative effect on the top players in Crucible. Control, which is supposed to be a game mode where you can quickly jump in and get a few games of PVP in, has become one of the sweatiest PVP playlists in the game, more so than Trials, which doesn’t seem right.

PVP needs a lot of love, and it’s great that Bungie is experimenting, but this SBMM experiment in Control doesn’t appear to be going well. One of the major flaws is people quitting matches and then not being able to backfill quickly enough, leaving teams without players and then getting steamrolled. Back in 2020, we had a mass exodus from the game due to Stasis, and the hardcore PVP community are feeling battered and bruised once again.

Core Playlists

The core playlists in Destiny 2 need some love, and I am talking about Vanguard Ops (or Strikes), Cruicble and Gambit. While the seasonal model is getting stale, at least it’s varied, but more often than not you have to go into the core playlists to grind out currency. The core playlists for Destiny 2 have largely stayed the same, or content has been cut due to sunsetting with Beyond Light. Strikes, Cruicble Maps, Gambit maps all have been removed, leaving the core playlists pretty repetitive.

Some improvements have been made recently with streaks, and weapons getting more perks as you level up your vendor. However, we need more content in these playlists. Battlegrounds were added to Vanguard Ops, which was a good move, but we need more Strikes. We have a wealth of Destiny 1 strikes to call upon, but even better than that would be new strikes on Europa, Savathun’s Throne World and The Dreaming City. When we get a new expansion it’d be great to get more than 2 strikes (in Beyond Light we only got one). Strikes could also be harder, and have strike modifiers. Much like we had during Guardian Games, hopefully this gets rolled out in the future. The Legendary Campaign was a great success with Witch Queen, it’d be great to see all new strikes get a legendary mode to go with it.

Cruicble on the other hand needs a lot of work. New maps, new modes, just as a starting point. Experimenting in Trials of Osiris seemed fairly successful and the transparent data from that exercise was great, hopefully we can see more of that. Apparently there’s a competitive playlist rework coming in Season 19, but we haven’t heard any details of that yet.

Gambit feels like it’s already been set to one side. We have so few maps now, so returning our old maps would be a great start, but also the return of ideas from Gambit Prime. Honestly, it feels like Bungie have tried to breath new life into gambit so many times, perhaps it’s time to cut and run with this game mode.

Getting Stasis

The grind to get Stasis now feels more unneccessary than ever since the rest of the subclass 3.0 reworks. To get stasis you have to complete the camapign, which is fine I get that it’s tied to Beyond Light, but then you have to complete the Born into Darkness quests steps 1-4, which takes multiple hours. Thankfully aspects 3 and 4 don’t take very long, given they were seasonal additions, it’s a simple publiuc event style encounter and then a heroic simulation. The fragments are another story, where you can only hold two quests at the same time and grind them out in your plylist of choice. These again tae multiple hours. If you want to unlock Stasis across all three classes then it’s going to take tens of hours to do so. Bungie does appear to have learnt from this by simply giving you access to void, arc and solar in their 3.0 rework. Stasis is really good fun, but it’s locked behind hours and hours of grind. I’d like to see Bungie just unlock it all, and have it made available through purchases with either the Exo Stranger or Ikora Rey.

Lack of Communication

Until this week Bungie have been very quiet, almost too quiet. Recent This Week At Bungie Updates have been very light on detail, mainly focusing on their Player Support, Community Artwork, Prime Gaming updates. There is likely a good reason for this pull-back in communication, and that’s related to the behaviour of the Destiny Community. Bungie Staff members have received threats. Some of this was a result of their Heroes Welcome campaign, with Bungie staff receiving horrific death threats and threats of violence, with someone sending a pizza delivered to their home (in a not so subtle threat of ‘I know where you live’). Bungie Developers have also faced threats and insults, which let to the developer quitting Twitter because they insisted Titan’s would never get back Twilight Garrison, a popular Exotic Chest Armor that allowed quick in air movement.

I certainly don’t condone this type of behaviour, or language directed at Bungie staff. We should be thanking them for creating this world and this game we love and play so much, not threatning them. That all changed this week with a return-to-form TWAB, with a massive weapons breakdown and Q&A. It could be the last few weeks heads have just been down and Bungie have been in focus mode. However, I hope Bungie keeps the communicating open and flowing, and I hope the Destiny Community can be respectful when it’s providing feedback to Bungie. At the end of the day they are people trying to do the best they can, and insulting them isn’t going to help anyone.

I’ve been highlighting some problems Destiny 2 has today, but that’s not to say it’s terminal and the game is dying. Quite the opposite, it’s doing great, but there are a few things Bungie needs to address to make it even better. There are plenty of things in the game which feel great right now including story content, sandbox balancing, raid variety, perk design and the light subclass 3.0 reworks. All of these are great examples of Bungie doing their best work.

Let me know what you think of the state of Destiny 2 right now, and if you have any improvements, or want to highlight problems, let me know in the comments. It’s important to be respectful when highlighting feedback, that’s the way we can improve the game through constructive feedback (minus the insults and death threats).

That’s it for this look at the Top 6 Problems Bungie Needs To Solve With Destiny 2 right now. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe tdoay.