Who Is Nezarec? Plus what role will Nezarec play in Destiny 2

Last week we got a big reveal in the story this season, that the relics we’ve been collecting each week in Season of Plunder contain pieces of Nezarec, a powerful being we’ve only had clues about in the past. This reveals sent shockwaves through the Destiny Lore community and has massive story implications for not only Season of Plunder, but also the upcoming Lightfall expansion, and potentially our battle against The Witness. Today I’m going to review everything we know so far about Nezarec, and what role he could play in the battle of Light Vs Darkness.

Season of Plunder so far has seemed like a jolly old time, we’re acting like Pirates, plundering around on ships, digging up buried treasure and acting like Pirates. However, the light-hearted veneer has just been cracked with the revelation that the ‘darkness relics’ we’ve been collecting actually contain dead body parts of a very powerful being, one that has been hinted about in the past, and one that could provide the keys to our future survival, or annihilation, regarding the oncoming Witness and Darkness Fleet of Pyramid Ships.

This season our supporting cast includes The Drifter, Mithrax, Eramis, Eido and Spider. Eramis and Spider have been hinting all season long about Mithrax’s dark past, and even Mithrax himself has asked us to be patient and wait for him to find the right words. Well, last week Eramis spilt the truth of Mithrax’s dark and violent path, much to the disappointment of his daughter, the Eliksni Scribe, Eido.

As well as revealing Mithrax’s violent past, we also got the reveal of Nezarec. It turns of Nezarec was the Disciple of the Luna Pyramid, one that has been there for Eons. The Eliksni discovered the body inside the Pyramid, carved it up, put the pieces into relics and were granted great power, although great power that corrupted.

Who is Nezarec?

The first time we heard about Nezarec, was on the lore tab for Nezarec’s Sin. This is an exotic Warlock Helmet, introduced all the way back in season one of Destiny 2, and is still one of the most popular Warlock Exotics to this day. The lore tab reads as follows.

Nezarec’s Sin

“He is that which is an end. And he shall rise again.” — passage from Of Hated Nezarec, a pre-Golden Age text.

“He is that which is end. That which covets sin. The final god of pain — the purest light, the darkest hour. And He shall rise again. When the guiding shine fades and all seems lost He will call to you. Fear not. All He offers is not as dark as it may seem. For Nezarec is no demon, but a fiend, arch and vile in ways unknown. He is a path and a way, one of many. And his sin—so wicked, so divine—is that he will never cower when dusk does fall, but stand vigilant as old stars die and new Light blinks its first upon this fêted eternity.”

—Passage from Of Hated Nezarec

From this text, it appears as if Nezarec is a god-like being. I don’t think he is a Guardian, but he sounds like a powerful being all the same. Bearing in mind the context of Lightfall, with The Pyramid Fleet coming, it sounds like Nezarec could be about to come back. This line is very interesting “When the guiding shine fades and all seems lost He will call to you. Fear not. All He offers is not as dark as it may seem”. It’s hard to tell here is Nezarec is a friend or foe, but more than likely he’ll occupy that grey area, much like Savathun did in the build-up to (and campaign) for the Witch Queen.

That was the first time we heard about Nezarec. The Drifter has mentioned Nezarec is passing before, saying he’d been to one of the Tombs of Nezarec, implying there are many. We got some more details last season, and the introduction of Nezarec’s Whisper, the Legendary Glaive found on the Derelict Leviathan. That lore tab reads.

Nezarec’s Whisper

“Rise, Disciple, and bear this gift with pride.” —Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness

A chamber. It is cavernous, it is dark. Strange, bisected statues of stratified minerals line the cathedral-like walls and culminate at the far end before a yawning opening that empties into perpetual nothingness.

On the floor, a length of unidentifiable metal caked in centuries of dust catches her eye. A glaive. Eris lifts it into her hand. Striations of red illuminate on its surface and throb like a heartbeat. The glaive’s power feels faint—distant—and yet, an ember of something terrible still burns within.

“Where are you?” Eris whispers into the air.

There is no reply.

Here, it appears Eris is onboard the Luna Pyramid, and now we know it was Nezarec’s Pyramid. The Glaive was a gift from Rhulk, and it appears as it Rhulk was a mentor to Nezarec, in a similar role he held with Savathun. Eris is looking for Nezarec, but he’s nowhere to be found.

Why is Nezarec important?

Nezarec is important because of the potential relationship with The Witness. The lore tab for Delicate Tomb holds more clues related to Nezarec’s role.

Delicate Tomb

The danger within is repulsive to us. They mistake the vessel for its contents. They confuse the pieces with the whole. They see their imprisonment as empowerment. They are hostages of their flesh, unable to see without vision. Unable to hear without sound. Unable to slake their thirst for fear of drowning. Their ignorance is their saving grace. Yet one among them understands, in their limited fashion. They pour from one vessel to another. A welcome change. A new form. Another method of gifting death. I am made finite. Personal. Bright and delicate to hide my true form. An intimacy. They think me contained, but I am instead diffused, as vapor upon the wind. Once again, I am becoming.

By the sounds of it, this is Nezarec speaking. We can’t see this in-game at the moment, but found on Art Station is some concept art from a Bungie artist, and we can see similar moving parts like we see on the Vow of the Disciple Raid weapons. We see the moving parts under the barrel for the fusion rifle, plus the whisps, which we see when Rhulk dies. The artist also references ‘infusing it with a ton of story.

The Exotic perk holds more clues, which is called Traitor’s Vessel. The implications here are underneath the casing for the weapon, is another part of Nezarec in the weapon itself. Traitor’s Vessel is interesting, implying that Nezarec perhaps betrayed The Witness long ago, which may be why he was killed and entombed in the pyramid.

What’s next?

We know Nezarec was a powerful being, he was The Disciple in the Luna Pyramid, and his body parts have been scattered and have been used by The Eliksni to gain power, albeit power corrupts into violence and greed.

As for what is next, we have some clues from the Exotic mission, Vox Obscura, which can be found on Savathun’s Throne World. There are four endings to Vox Obscura, which rotates over various weeks and refer to four outcomes

  • The return of the Leviathan (Season of the Haunted)
  • The resurrection of the Ship Stealer, which is Eramis’ name (Season of Plunder)
  • A city under siege, which we believe to be Neomuna on Neptune (Lightfall)
  • The Traveller infected by Darkness

That last one there, The Traveller infected by Darkness. This hasn’t happened yet, but seeing as we’re collecting relics, containing the body parts of a Former Disciple of The Witness can’t be a good thing. We are collecting these relics and could be about to put them back together, and maybe we’re too close to The Traveller, and an accident is about to happen.

I don’t know if we’re going to resurrect Nezarec, or if we’re just going to use this storyline to get to using our new Darkness powers in Lightfall, but all the same, it’s a huge reveal and one that has exciting implications for the story this season, and next season, as we start to ramp up the narrative beats going into Lightfall, releasing on February 28th 2023.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the story related to Nezarec in Destiny 2.

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