How to get Trials Loot Quickly (and solo) in Destiny 2

Trials of Osiris has some of the best weapons and best-looking armour in the game. However, if you are a solo player or don’t like PVP, then getting the Trials loot is going to feel very difficult. Either you don’t know anyone else who plays Trials, or you don’t like PVP that much. Today I am going to show you how you can get a complete set of all Trials armour and weapons in a very short amount of time, plus you can do this as a solo player.

Trials of Osiris is the weekly PVP endgame activity where power matters and the best players compete in 3v3 elimination to get to the Lighthouse, plus get some of the best loot in the game. To play Trials, you’ll want to speak to Saint-14 in the Tower, pick up a passage, which is your ticket into the Trials of Osiris, and then select it from the Crucible menu. Normally, you’ll have to matchmake with others, find 2 other Guardians to play with and try your luck against the best of the best.

Fast and Solo Trials of Osiris Loot

The key to getting Trials loot quickly and solo is looking out for 2 things; Trials Freelance and Trials Booster.

Normally when you play Trials of Osiris you have to matchmake into games, meaning you have to find two other Guardians to play with. If you have friends or clanmates who play the game, then this isn’t likely to be a problem. However, if you are a solo player, then playing Trials of Osiris regularly may be a little bit difficult as you’ll have to find other players via LFG. While this is doable, it’s very hit-and-miss in terms of teammates. In an ideal world, fire teams should communicate with each other and keep calm in a variety of situations.

Trials Freelance is a way for solo players to easily play Trials of Osiris. Trials Freelance isn’t every time Trials is available, it’s roughly once per month. Bungie normally talks about Trials Freelance in their This Week At Bungie Update (which is a weekly news drop that comes out every Thursday on their website, and via Twitter, plus you’ll see a bunch of content creators creating videos about it). Also, when you log in on Friday just after resetting, if Freelance is available, you’ll get an in-game pop-up saying Freelance is available. You’ll know Freelance is available when you go to Trials, you’ll see a smaller node to the top right of Trials in the crucible menu. Look closely at the description, and you’ll see they mention freelance.

The second part of this, which makes the whole process nice and fast is the Trials Booster. When the Trials Booster is active, you will earn bonus Trials Rank points. To get Trials Loot you have to rank up with Saint-14 in the Tower by winning Trials of Osiris rounds in the crucible. The more rounds you win, the more rank-up points you get. Therefore, when the booster is active, this will speed up the process by giving you more rank-up points. I don’t know if it’s double rank-up points, but it does feel VERY considerable.

Trials Freelance and Trials Booster normally arrive together. For example, at the time of making this guide, both are available and I went from not having any Trials Loot, to having a complete set of armour and the new weapons (that’s going from rank 0-16) in a couple of hours. Now, I am not very good at PVP at all, so if I can do it, you can easily do it, and most likely, you’ll do it much quicker than me!

As you play Trials, you’ll get Trials Engrams as you rank up. To get all the weapons you will need to rank up to at least rank 16. This season we have The Inquisitor at rank 10 and Whistler’s Whim at rank 16. Bungie followed this same pattern for Trials weapons either last season or when Witch Queen dropped, so I imagine they’re going to continue on this path. By the time you rank up to rank 16, you are going to have a whole load of Trials Engrams, plus when you go to Saint-14 you’ll have a bunch of Prime Engrams as rewards too. Trade in these engrams with The Cryptarch and you are very likely to get a full set of trials armour, and the new weapons, plus you’ll get a random selection of older Trials weapons. If you have hundreds of legendary shards, then by all means focus trials engrams with Saint 14 to get specific Trials loot. Personally, I think it’s very expensive and take my chances with Rahool, although I did focus a few to get some different rolls on the new weapons.

Why play Trials of Osiris?

You might be asking yourself, why play Trials? It’s all because of the loot. First of all, the armour is some of the best looking in the game. Trials of Osiris armour tend to have Egyptian themes. This season we have the Atavistic Armour, which looks pretty good on all classes. Also, we have some of the best weapons in the game right now.

Reed’s Regret is a Power Linear Fusion Rifle. Until recently this was probably the best Power Linear Fusion Rifle, which is great for boss DPS in raids and other endgame PVE content. The Taipan FR4 now competes with that for sure, however, Reeds Regret still is one of the best out there, especially with the origin traits.

Burden of Guilt is a kinetic fusion rifle that fires stasis damage, and it can roll with Chill Clip, meaning you can freeze enemies in their tracks. Similar to Riptide, this is one of the best fusion rifles out there.

Forgiveness is an Arc Energy Sidearm, great for Arc 3.0 builds.

Aisha’s Embrace is a Rapid-Fire Scout Rifle. This is one of the fastest firing scouts in the game, and scouts are in a pretty good place in the sandbox right now, and this can compete with many weapons in the game to be one of the best. Also good for endgame PVE content like nightfalls, given we currently have scout rifle champion mods on the seasonal artefact.

Whistler’s Whim is a new Lightweight Kinetic Bow that can roll with Kill Clip. Plus we have a new pinpoint slug shotgun with The Inquisitor.

This is an array of weaponry in Trials right now but that’s not to mention great past weapons like The Messenger, Eye of Sol, Shayura’s Wrath, The Summoner and Igneous Hammer. And don’t get me started on the old armour, probably the most asked question in my comments section is “When will the Exile Armor come back?”. The Exile Armor did look very look… so much so I got had some pixel art made of it, let me know what you think in the comments.

Let me know what you think down in the comments about getting Trials loot this season.

That’s it for this guide for how to get Trials Loot quickly and solo in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.