Season of the Plunder

Destiny 2 News – Bungie Rewards, Legendary Ornaments Plus Cheat Maker AimJunkies Hit Back

Bungie was back this week with some news, plus they’re back in the courts once again having a legal game of crucible with cheat maker AimJunkies, who are now suing Bungie. Today I’ll bring you all the latest from This Week At Bungie, plus all the other news too.

Let’s dive right into the news with Bungie, and check out the TWAB from 22nd September 2022.

This week at Bungie, we’ve got a light TWAB for you, but the teams are excited to share what they’ve been working on soon. Remember, TWABs are just one part of the conversation. A lighter TWAB is a good thing sometimes. It means heads are down and creativity is high! But before we dive into that, here’s what we’ve got for you this week.

For this week’s TWAB-time, we aren’t talking like pirates anymore (sad), but we do have a nifty way for you to continue living that pirate fantasy with the Season of Plunder soundtrack. We’ve also got a few new Bungie Rewards to earn for those swashbucklers looking to make their mark out in the non-digital world, more Legendary universal ornaments, and an update from our Player Support team on known issues and what’s coming down the immediate pipeline.

The Titan, the Warlock, and the Wardrobe (and Some Pirate Music)

What’s better than being a space pirate that teams up with an adorably nerdy Eliksni (I would die for Eido)? Listening to the sounds of adventuring as said space pirate that teams up with an adorably nerdy Elisksni. Duh.

For any Bungie Rewards members that have been kicking butt and taking enemy names in Season of Plunder, this Season’s soundtrack is available now through the Bungie Store for free. So, what do you need to do? Simply play through the Salvage and Salvation mission (located in the H.E.L.M.), have your account tied to your Bungie Store login, and you’re ready to jam! Or plunder. Or scallywag. I don’t know. I’m still a little rusty on pirate lingo. We all have our personality flaws.

We’ve got some other goodies, as well, including that cute stinkin’ little Lucent Moth that we showed off during our recent Destiny 2 Showcase!

Players who complete the Beacon’s Guidance quests by deciphering the locations of hidden treasures can purchase an exclusive Beacon’s Guidance hat, which is only available during Season of Plunder.

Players who have completed the Lepidopterist Triumph from The Witch Queen can purchase this exclusive collectible only from the Bungie Store, because anybody that tells you they don’t want a cute little Lucent Moth simply cannot be trusted.

Think Legendary but Make It Fashion

When Season of the Haunted first launched, the Season without pirates, players noticed a little something extra in the Eververse store: an accompanying Legendary piece of armor that pairs with a chosen Exotic piece for Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters. We’re stoked to add a few more options to the mix. More importantly, we were able to identify a bug that players reported where a different ornament on the accompanying Exotic canceled out the special FX meant for the Legendary ornament. This way, you can don a coordinated fashion look without having to sacrifice a favored Exotic ornament for the full effect to give the ol’ razzle dazzle. Nifty, right?

For Titans:
Doom Fang Plate

For Warlocks:
Robes of Nezarec

For Hunters:
Vest of Orpheus

One thing to note is that these are more than just ornaments. They add a special spark to any Dresstiny look. Special effects, shiny glow—it’s a little something extra. Basically: get out there and get pretty!

Player Support Report

Our Player Support team is incredible, as we say every week. They are the best of the best when it comes to getting down into the trenches and making magic happen. For this week, we’re previewing today’s hotfix that addresses things like the 120Hz deciding to go AWOL and PlayStation 4 startup issues. The team is back once more to break it all down for you. Here’s their report.


Today, Hotfix was released to the world. Below is a list of some of the issues that were resolved with this hotfix:

PlayStation 4s may crash at the title screen after pre-ordering Lightfall.
The 120Hz refresh rate option is missing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.
Seismic Strike moves the camera to first person view instead of third person view.


We are currently investigating an issue where players will mistakenly receive an early match quit pop-up when launching directly into another activity from the Crucible post-match screen. Players will not receive a penalty when this occurs. Pop-ups can be mitigated by returning to orbit prior to launching into a new activity.


The Queen’s Wrath perk on the Wish-Ender Exotic Bow works inconsistently on certain PvP maps.
The Nine Lives Ghost Shell is missing flavor text.
Duplicate shader rewards can drop from Bright Engrams.
Public event dialogue audio on Nessus does not properly trigger when participating in an event.
The turrets in the Ketchcrash activity are overly bright.
Players may be killed when activating the bells in Duality.

Destiny cheater seller countersues Bungie, claims Destiny maker hacked it

News by Tom Phillips, Eurogamer

A cheat seller being sued by Bungie has launched a remarkable countersuit which claims Bungie hacked it.

The claim follows months of legal back and forth between cheat seller AimJunkies and Destiny developer Bungie, which has seen the former accused of both trademark and copyright infringement.

AimJunkies has previously attempted to shrug off these claims, but has now gone one further. As reported by Torrentfreak, the cheat seller has now launched a countersuit which alleges Bungie accessed its computers for anti-cheat purposes via “clandestine surveillance” – effectively, that Bungie hacked it.

Specifically, the countsuit claims Bungie accessed data on the computer of cheat developer James May (not that one) and Phoenix Digital, the creators of the software AimJunkies then sold.

“Upon information and belief, Bungie, Inc., after fraudulently accessing Mr May’s personal computer, used the information obtained in order to conduct further surveillance on parties that include, but are not limited to, Phoenix Digital and its principals,” the countersuit claims.

Confidential information was accessed with intent to defraud, the suit continues.

Enforcement of this appears to hinge on the fact this activity is covered by more recent versions of Bungie’s Limited Software License Agreement – but not the older version which May had signed at the time.

Other claims include the allegations Bungie broke Phoenix Digital’s own terms of service by decompiling and reverse engineering the cheat group’s own software, created separately to Destiny.

The AimJunkies group is now unspecified seeking damages from Bungie.

Bungie has gone after several cheating groups this year – and elsewhere has had success. In June, cheat company Elite Boss Tech agreed to pay $13.5m in damages to Bungie after accepting its cheat software violated Destiny 2’s user agreement.