How to get Fortnite Armor Ornaments in Destiny 2

We can now get Fortnite armour in Destiny, given Destiny 2 has launched on the Epic Game Store. As part of this collaboration Zavala, The Stranger and Ikora are in Fortnite, plus there are skins in Fall Guys, but today I am going to run through how to get the Fortnite armour in Destiny 2.

To get the Fortnite armour you have to purchase them as ornaments in Destiny 2 through the Eververse Store. There is an armour set per class; Titan, Hunter and Warlock. Each armour set is available in the store available to purchase, and all you need to do is go to the store with your Guardian, and you’ll see the Fortnite armour set there. You’ll need 1500 Silver for the whole set, and if you want to purchase them all it’s 1500 for each Guardian. Silver is the real-money currency in Destiny 2, and you can purchase Silver on the platform of your choice whether you play on PC, PlayStation or Xbox.

The armour is going to be available for Bright Dust, which is the non-money currency found in Destiny 2, and one armour piece will be available across 5 weeks on Week 4, Week 6, Week 8, Week 12 and Week 14. Each item is going to be 1600 Bright Dust, for a total of 8000 Bright Dust for the whole set. You can get Bright Dust on the season pass, also if you check the vendors in the Tower you get Bright Dust for completing eight bounties per vendor each week.

It’s also worth noting that as part of the celebration with Destiny 2 coming to the Epic Games Store, the 30th Anniversary pack is free for players who move over there. The 30th Anniversary pack includes The Grasp of Avarice Dungeon, the Exotic Rocket Launcher Gjallarhorn, cosmetics and classic weapons from Bungie’s history. The 30th Anniversary pack is free for all players on the Epic Games Store until 30th August.

The collab doesn’t stop with Destiny 2, there are also skins in Fortnite and Fall Guys. Zavala, Ikora Rey and The Stranger are available in Fortnite. Each skin comes with a sparrow, plus a pick axe including Crown Splitter and Black Talon, plus their own ghost. The Fortnite team have also recreated the Javelin-4 map inside Fortnite, so you can take the Light vs Darkness battle inside Fortnite. Destiny 2 skins are also coming to Fall Guys, so there is a huge collaboration going on between Bungie and Epic, and plenty to celebrate. I play Destiny a lot, but I also enjoy jumping into Fortnite every now and again with friends, and this is the perfect time to do so.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the Fortnite armour in Destiny 2, and what do you think of Destiny 2 launching on the Epic Games Store.

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