Season of the Plunder

How to get Delicate Tomb (Exotic Fusion Rifle) in Destiny 2

Delicate Tomb is an Exotic Arc Fusion Rifle added to Destiny 2 as part of Season of the Plunder. This works perfectly with Arc 3.0 builds, given you can Jolt targets on hit when the weapon is charged with Ionic Traces. Today I am going to look at Delicate Tomb, how to get the weapon plus also check out the catalyst too.

How to get Delicate Tomb

You can get Delicate Tomb from the Season Pass in Season of the Plunder. This is immediately available on the paid track, and also available on the free track at rank 35. So it’s available for all players, just if you play for free, then it’ll take a little longer to unlock.

Next, let’s have a look at the weapon in more detail.

Delicate Tomb

Delicate Tomb is an Exotic Energy Fusion Rifle dealing Arc damage. Looking at the perks you have

Traitor’s Vessel – Fires a wide horizontal spread when shot from the hip. Final blows with this weapon have a chance to generate Ionic Traces. Powerful foes and opposing Guardians always generate Ionic Traces.

Tempest Cascade – Collecting an Ionic Trace overcharges this weapon’s next shot, jolting targets on hit.

Delicate Tomb is perfect for Arc 3.0 builds given the unique perks on the weapon. This fusion rifle fires a horizontal blast of arc energy that destroys opponents, allows you to generate Ionic Traces. Ionic Traces used to be only available for Warlocks, however, they are now available for all Guardians no matter the class. Collecting Ionic Traces grants you energy for all abilities. Pick up enough Ionic Traces, then you’ll super chanrge Deliate Tomb, and the next time you shoot an enemy they will become Jolted. Jolt is one of the new Arc 3.0 keywords, which basically means it sends out Arc energy to other enemies on the battlefield.

Delicate Tomb Catalyst

Once you have picked up Delicate Tomb, head to Banshee-44 to pick up the quest for the catalyst. This is called Form of the Danger and here you are going to head out into activities and use Delicate Tomb a whole bunch. Catalysts are well worth completing as they add benefits to exotic weapons.

Step 1 – Defeat targets

Defeat 50 targets using Special ammo weapons
Defeat challenging combatants

For the challenging combatants part Nightfalls, Lost Sectors and Dares of Eternity are good places to find those. You can use Delicate Tomb for the Special Ammo weapon, but it’s not mandatory. I would, to get used to the weapon.

Step 2 – Playlists and Delicate Tomb defeats

Defeats with Delicate Tomb
Playlist activities completed

Higher level nightfalls are good for playlist activity completions, for example Nightfalls. Plus winning Crucible and Gambit matches.

Step 3 – Return to Banshee-44

Finally, head back to Banshee-44 to pick up the catalyst. Then you have to get 700 kills with the weapon.

Once completed, a new perk is added to the gun called Ionic Interment – Collecting an Ionic Trace partially reloads the magazine from reserves.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Delicate Tomb.

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