Lightfall, Season of the Plunder, King’s Fall and Arc 3.0 shown at Destiny 2 Showcase

Today Bungie revealed what is coming next for Destiny 2 as part of their showcase. Bungie showed off Lightfall, new subclasses, Season 18, Arc 3.0, plus a few more exciting things too. Today I’m going to round up all the latest news from Bungie, Destiny 2, and highlight what is coming next.

The main feature of the showcase was Lightfall. This is the next major expansion from Bungie. Before diving into the details, let’s check out the trailer.


Lightfall is the next major expansion from Destiny 2, and we’re taking on The Witness and Calus on Neptune. This is different to what we’ve seen before, this isn’t a broken old city, this is neon, this is something like Cyberpunk.

Calus has a new Cabal army, so no new enemy race. They have suppression devices though which can take away our light and supress abilities. We have Tormentors, beings like Rhulk, almost unstoppable enemies, which are described as the embodiment of terror. It’s time for the last stand against Calus and The Witness, to avoid the collapse.

We’re also getting a new darkness subclass, called Strand.

Power from the darkness. Psychic energy. Pull at the threads in the psyche. Peeling back the curtain of relaity. Through movement or damage. Grappling hook. Grapple onto anything! Similar to Halo Infinite

Warlock – Telekentic, weaver of Strand
Titan – Wave claws super, spinning and slashing
Hunter – Rope Dart super

Lightfall is set to release on 28th February 2023.

Easier to understand and get together

5 million players have come in over the last 12 months, but bungie want to make it easier

Guardian Ranks

  • Expose players to all systems of Destiny
  • Get recognition for helping people understand and play the game.


  • Looking for group system coming into the game (FINALLY).


  • Rating other players, e.g. show appreciation for other players

Mod Manager

  • One screen for loadout.
  • Save loadouts and have different loadouts for activities

Season of Plunder

We’ve known a few details; we knew Arc 3.0 was coming, we knew a big raid was coming back from Destiny 1, plus we have a huge amount changing in the sandbox.

Another big feature of the showcase is Season of [redacted], formerly known as Season 18. Again, before we dive into the details, let’s check out the trailer. Mysteries and secrets. Learning a lot about Drifter. This season is going to be an adventure.

Eramis has broken free. Pirates. Spider is back! There’s a Blunderbuss. Working with Spider, Drifter and Mithrax. Multiple brand new activities.

Ketch Crash – FIghting on the deck of a ship, become the ammunition.

Expedition – Guiding a massive drill, looking for pirate treasure. Fending off the pirate hoards.

Pirate Hideouts – Find the relics of Dark power. Sound liek Lost Sectors.

Arc 3.0

Speed and agression.

Hunter – New Super, Gathering Storm. Throw a staff.
Warlock – Elemental Conduit
Titan – Unstoppable freight train, new movement called thruster. Thunderclap, new melee (furst charged melee)

Move fast, hit hard, stay alive.

This season has the sense of adventure, pirate fantasy, tracking down buried treasure.


King’s Fall. War Priest, Golgoroth, Oryx Return.

Other News

  • Destiny coming to the Epic Games Store (today).
  • 30th Anniversary pack for free on Epic Games Store
  • Destiny 2 skins coming to Fortnite
  • Destiny 2 skins coming to Fall Guys

No more expansion sunsetting. Destiny universe is set to grow.

All expansions are free to play for a week.

Preorder Lightfall and get Exotic Quicksilver Storm TODAY.

Let me know in the comments what you thought of the Destiny 2 showcase, and let me know what you’re looking forward to most.

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