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New Subclass Details Leak Including Green Design and New Super Icon in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Some new details have emerged related to the new Darkness Subclass coming to Destiny 2, likely to land with Lightfall, the next major expansion for Destiny 2. This new info looks official, however, I don’t think it was supposed to go out to the public this early, given we only have a few weeks to wait for the major showcase where Bungie will unveil more details about the next steps in the Light VS Darkness Saga.

The video itself isn’t very long. It was posted to ArtStation by a developer, and then swiftly taken down, but not before the internet managed to get hold of the assets and now it’s everywhere.

While the video is short, it does reveal some interesting details. At first, when you see the clip you see the Scythe Finisher animation. However, this finisher animation distracts the eye away from the most interesting details, that are found in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Here we have a couple of details we haven’t seen before.

First, the colour of the icons for grenade, melee and class ability here is green. Arc, Solar, Void and Stasis aren’t green, so this points to a potential new green-themed subclass. While the colour doesn’t give us any details about what it’s called or what the subclass does, it is different, which is interesting in itself. Many fans have been speculating for a while we’re going to be getting a poison subclass in Lightfall, to compliment the Necrotic Grip style toxic poison. No doubt this colour palette is going to send poison subclass theories once against into the stratosphere.

Second, under the melee icon, we have three charges. We have had a full charge, and then two more charges banked underneath. I don’t think we’ve had the ability to have three melee charges before, although I could be wrong.

Finally, we have what looks to be a new Super icon. This looks like a disk with a couple of lines through it, and it’s a new super icon we haven’t seen before, which could indicate a new super that goes with our new green darkness subclass.

It could very well be possible that these are placeholder icons and colours, however, this all adds up with the Lightfall reveal only days away on the 23rd of August 2022. Are we looking at a new Darkness Subclass here, with a green motif and a new super? I’d love to hear what you think, and also what you think we’re going to get at the Lightfall reveal later this August.

The main theories we have at the moment are around Egregore related to the experiments The Drifter and Eris are performing at the Pyramid. I have a video on the channel going over that specifically, looking at the clues to the new darkness subclass coming, given we have the evidence in the game. With the Destiny 2 showcase coming in a couple of weeks, it’s likely other details are going to come out, so keep it locked to the channel and I’ll keep you updated.

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