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How to get Silver Leaves and Kindling for Solstice in Destiny 2

Solstice is here, which means it’s time to grab our new armour and upgrade it to make it glow, plus we have the new high-stat rolls to farm, which is going to be very useful for endgame content in Destiny 2. Bungie has introduced a couple of new currencies for this event; Silver Leaves, Silver Ash and Kindling. Today I am going to go through how to get these new currencies, so you have enough to level up your armour all the way, and be the best-looking Guardian in your fireteam.

Basic Solstice Gameplay Loop

Before you get started farming for these new currencies to upgrade your armour, you are going to want to kick off the event by speaking to Eva Levante in the Tower. She’s going to have a gift for you, that’s a full new set of armour for you to wear throughout the event. Pick up all the Solstice bounties from Eva, then put on the armour set. Next, have a chat with Eva and she’ll give you some Silver Leaves for free. Next, go into the Bonfire Bash activity, which can either be selected from the Tower menu or you can go to the podium next to Eva to kick off the event.

Bonfire Bash is a new twist on the previous EAZ activity, where you have to first kill a bunch of Taken, then kill the glowing enemies to reveal the glowing orb, pick up the orb and throw it towards the fire. The objective is to throw 20 glowing orbs into the Bonfire in the middle of the arena before the 8 mins run down. Therefore kill as many glowing yellow bar enemies as you can, and get those orbs into the Bonfire. Periodically, Taken will turn up in the corner of the map to try and stop you. Kill them to continue with Bonfire Bash. Once you have thrown 20 orbs into the fire, or the 8 mins runs down, then it’s time for the boss fight, where a big taken will appear in the middle. Kill him as quickly as possible, and go and collect your loot from the Bonfire.

Standing next to the fire will convert the Silver Leaves into Silver Ash, and then you’ll be directed back to the Tower to speak to Eva. Eva will tell you about the Event Card, where you can open that up on the same screen as Eva, or via your quests tab (it doesn’t matter) and there you are going to see your Event Challenges. Completing an Event Challenge will give you Kindling. Eva then runs you through the process of adding Kindling and Glowing Embers to your armor, which in turn upgrades the stats on your armour.

This is your gameplay loop for Solstice. Wear your armour, complete Event Challenges to get Kindling, complete activities to get Silver Leaves, convert Silver Leaves into Silver Ash by completing Bonfire Bash, and upgrade your armour with the Kindling and Silver Ash.

Now we’ve had a look at the gameplay loop for Solstice, let’s focus on the currencies and where to get them.

How to get Kindling

Kindling is the first currency you want to focus on, and this can only be acquired through Event Challenges, which can be found on your Event Card. You have to run through the introduction quest from Eva Levante, as we just walked through, and once you do this a number of Event Challenges will open up. The Event Card works as a good checklist for these activities, and you’re going to want to work through them one by one, or if you can double up then that’s also good. You will need to kill Ignition Carriers in Bonfire Bash, defeat Taken in Bonfire Bash, stoke the flames in Bonfire Bash, collect Silver leaves, defeat combatants with Solar abilities and many more.

The activities mainly focus on killing enemies either throughout the solar system or in Bonfire Bash with certain subclasses or weapons. You can check out the checklist for yourself in-game, you can access your event card from the quests tab, or by speaking to Eva Levante in the Tower. You are going to want to do pretty much all these challenges to get enough Kindling to fully upgrade your armour, plus if you want to do multiple characters, then you’ll have to do this 3 times given the challenges are per character, not per account.

That’s how to get Kindling, next let’s have a look at Silver Leaves.

How to get Silver Leaves

Silver Leaves are the currency you’re going to need going into Bonfire Bash to convert into Silver Ash. To get Silver Leaves you need to complete activities around the Solar System. For example, strikes, the crucible, gambit, campaign missions, raids, and public events. Whatever activity you like to do out there, you can do it and get rewarded with Silver Leaves. You get various amounts for activities; Crucible 4, Strikes 5, Gambit 4, Nightfall 10, Wellspring 8 and missions 14 or 15. This is designed so you can do the activity you like and get rewarded with Silver Leaves. You don’t have to wear a full set of Solstice armour, you can get away with only wearing a single piece, which can be useful when it comes to exotic armour. I’m running with a full set of armour just to get into the spirit of the event.

Next, let’s have a look at the most efficient farming methods whether you are in a team or solo.

How to farm Silver Leaves solo

If you are solo then you have a couple of options. You can run public events, probably on the EDZ as this has the most active public events running and complete them as fast as possible. You’ll get a few per public event, but given there are loads of public events then you’ll get plenty in no time at all.

Another good method is the Witch Queen Campaign missions, in particular The Investigation, which is the second mission. If you are speed running this mission, then it can be done somewhere between 5-10 mins. Ideally, you want to be aiming for about 6 mins runs, and you’ll be rewarded with 14 or 15 Silver Leaves per run.

How to farm Silver Leaves in a fireteam (fastest method)

If you are in a fire team, then things get interesting pretty quickly. This is by far the fastest method to farm Silver Leaves in the game, but this may be patched by Bungie fairly quickly because this method has spread like wildfire (thanks to the legendary CheeseForever for talking about this method, I’ll link his video in the description). For this method, you will need at least 2 guardians, with Solstice armour, and you’ll need a couple of fireteam members. These can either be friends, clanmates or someone you find on LFG (as I did).

What you want to do is run the Witch Queen campaign mission The Investigation until you get to the end where you kill the Light Bearing Wizard. Once you kill the Wiard you’ll be directed towards meeting up with Fynch. At this point, change characters to another Guardian with Solstice armour, leaving your fireteam members at the end of the mission. This is going to create a checkpoint for you and your team on your original guardian.

Change characters as quickly as possible, and then load them back into the fireteam. You fireteam members can then speak to Fynch, ending the mission and delivering the 14 or 15 Silver Leaves. Once you have done this quit the fireteam, load back into your original Guardian and start The Investigation Mission again. This is going to lead you back into the end of the mission after you killed the Lightbearing Wizard. Get your fireteam members to load back in with you, and then repeat the process. This is going to give you 14 or 15 per minute, and you’ll hit the cap of 100 Silver Leaves very quickly.

Once you have a stack of Silver Leaves, then just head into Bonfire Bash to convert them into Silver Ash and then combine that with the Kindling to upgrade your armour.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Solstice 2022, plus let me know if you have any better farming methods for Silver Leaves and Kindling, it’d be great to hear from you.

That’s it for this guide on how to get Silver Leaves and Kindling for Solstice in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.