Zavala Confronts His Nightmare in Week 3 Season of the Haunted Destiny 2

This week in Destiny 2 we got some of the best character development we’ve seen for Zavala. In Season of the Haunted, we’re watching as Eris helps members of the Vanguard (plus Caital) deal with their Nightmares. We’ve helped Crow confront Nightmare Uldren Sov, and this week it was Zavala’s turn with his Wife. Today I am going to run through week three’s story content, plus check out some related lore from Season of the Splicer.

First of all, I’m going to let the story content play out. We have some heart-wrenching interactions with Zavala and the Nightmare version of his wife. Plus we get a cutscene detailing why Zavala is in so much pain, related to his son.

Let’s check out the story content, then I’m going to run through some related lore.

Well, that was hard-hitting. Zavala’s clearly in pain, although it sounds like he steeled himself when he was back in the Tower. Eris painted a picture of a broken man, but Zavala sounded slightly more upbeat when he was back in his normal place in the Tower.

In Season of the Haunted, we’re seeing lots of character development; Crow was up first, confronting what remains of Ulden Sov within him. Zavala is going to have to do the same. I don’t know if we’re going to focus on Zavala again next week, we worked with Crow for a couple of weeks, so we’ll have to see what happens next week. Zavala has never really had much character development. He’s always been the straight-laced, follow orders kind of guy. This week we heard a man who had given up hope, and the cracks started to appear. There was that one line “A hollow man leading others to die… for a silent god”. That one hit hard.

Related to the cutscene today, we did hear about Zavala’s wife back in Season of the Splicer in a lore entry for Forbidden Memory, which was an exotic ship. Let’s have a look at the lore entry now.

Forbidden Memory

Light a candle for those we’ve lost.

Commander Zavala whisked silently through the Tower, his path lit only by the pale glow of the Traveler. He had postponed this trip until the dead of night, when the only souls around would be as eager to avoid conversation as he was. Here in the darkness, his title dropped away and he was just Zavala.

He had spent his day both dreading and anticipating this journey. Of all his worries, this short walk had burdened him the most. His preoccupation ended with his arrival at the memorial. It was a hodgepodge of items, provided by both Humans and Eliksni. Zavala found their incongruity comforting.

Reaching out, he took a candle. He closed his eyes and cast his memory back to the day of her funeral. The smell of low tide and the rumble of thunderclouds on the horizon. He felt their static charge surge through the salt air and into his body.

He opened his eyes and the wick burst into flame. Zavala smiled. It was just the type of parlor trick she had always enjoyed.

Zavala placed the candle amongst its extinguished fellows, soothed by the tiny, flickering flame. He reached back, calling forth another memory:

Her lithe form, curled under the thin blankets in contented sleep. The predawn glow seeping into the room. Her dark curls splayed across the white pillow. Her musky, floral scent. Her clothes strewn across the furniture.

He yearned to reach out and awaken her—see her drowsy smile, hear her voice. But he knew that would transform the experience from memory to fantasy; he wanted to preserve her as she was: perfect and mortal.

Then the moment vanished; he was Commander Zavala once more.

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