Season of the Haunted

How to get Riptide (Legendary Fusion Rifle) Plus God Roll Guide in Destiny 2

Riptide is a Stasis Fusion Rifle added to Destiny 2 as part of Season of the Haunted. Kinetic Fusion rifles are quite rare, and this one is a rapid-fire frame, meaning it has shot to the top of the charts this season as one of the most desirable legendary weapons we have in the game. Today I am going to check out the stats, the perks, the god rolls to chase for PVP and PVE plus look at how to get Riptide in Destiny 2.

Riptide is a Legendary Fusion Rifle dealing Stasis damage with a Rapid-Fire Frame meaning it has deeper ammo reserves. Slightly faster reload when the magazine is empty. Looking at the stats we have Impact 55, Range 21, Stability 31, Handling 50, Reload Speed 45, Charge Time 500 and Magazine 7.

We’ve seen a number of good weapons added since the Witch Queen expansion, but Riptide is up there with the best of them. If you love Fusion Rifles, then this is definitely one to seek out. This is especially true given it’s a kinetic stasis fusion rifle, which is going to go great in your stasis builds, but also given the fast charge time and high damage of this archetype of weapon. It’s also got a number of great perks, meaning it’s going to be a great addition to your arsenal, plus it’s not very difficult to get… but more on that in a minute.

Riptide God Roll Guide

For PVE Arrowhead Brake, Accelerated Coils, Auto-loading Holster, Chill Clip would be a decent roll.

  • Arrowhead Brake – Greatly controls recoil, increases handling speed
  • Accelerated Coils – Faster charge time
  • Auto-loading Holster – The holstered weapon is automatically reloaded after a short period of time.
  • Chill Clip – Direct hits with the top half of the magazine cause a detonation that slows nearby targets.

For PVP Chambered Compensator, Liquid Coils, Perpetual Motion and Successful Warm-up would be a good roll.

  • Chambered Compensator – Increases stability, Moderately controls recoil, Slightly decreases handling speed
  • Liquid Coils – Increases impact damage, slower charge time
  • Perpetual Motion – This weapon gains bonus stability, handling, and reload speed while the wielder is in motion.
  • Successful Warm-up – Each final blow increases charge/draw speed.

This one comes with the origin trait ‘One quiet moment’ which grants increased reload speed when out of combat.

How to get Riptide

To get Riptide you have to go into the Crucible. Riptide is a random reward from Crucible matches, and it will drop at the end. It is down to random chance as to whether this will drop for you, but this is the featured Crucible reward in Season of the Haunted, so if you play a few matches of Crucible, in no time at all you should have a few decent rolls.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Riptide, and let me know your top rolls.

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