Rasputin and SIVA Dungeon for Season 17 in Destiny 2 (NEFELE STRONGHOLD predictions)

Season 17 is only a few days away, and we still know very little, however, there is some evidence related to the Dungeon coming next week. Rasputin has knowledge of somewhere called NEFELE STRONGHOLD, and this could be a new location we go to, informed by Rasputin himself, linking together the story, dungeon and uncovering the mysteries of Season 17. This also has the potential to involve SIVA, which could be why the Bungie Devs are so hyped for the new season. Today I’m going to present the evidence for a Rasputin themed Dungeon in NEFELE STRONGHOLD, and check out the Bungie Dev hype, as we’re only hours away from finding out about the new season.

Season of the [REDACTED] is shrouded in mystery at the moment. It looks like we’re going to get a trailer sometime on Tuesday, and my guess is either an hour or a few hours before reset. This is likely to give away a big story beat and will reveal the reason why Bungie has been keeping their cards so close to its chest.


We know we’re getting a Dungeon, but we don’t know much more than that. Bungie did lay out a little bit of info for us in their latest This Week At Bungie Update last week, and they said the following:

Next week, we are launching a brand-new dungeon on Friday, May 27 at 10 AM Pacific. The recommended power to enter for normal difficulty is going to be 1550. Master difficulty will be live day one as well, but we’ll leave those entry requirements for you to see in the game next week.

We’re going to let you discover where you will be going and what you will be doing for yourselves, but we wanted to give you a quick tease at what rewards you can expect to earn once inside.

Here is a high-level look at all of the rewards available from the dungeon next Friday:

1 Legendary Armor Set Per Class
Artifice Versions can also be acquired via Master Difficulty
4 Legendary New Weapons
2 Legendary Reprised Weapons
1 Exotic Weapon
1 Exotic Catalyst
1 Exotic Accessory (Ship or Sparrow)
2 Legendary Emblems

Assuming you plan to brave the challenges that await you, these are the treasures you can claim.

That all sounds good, but it doesn’t really give us any clues to the theme. I am thinking that perhaps the story beats and dungeon are going to be linked this season, given it appears as if the dungeon is going to be one of the main focuses. I would like to think we’re about to get a Rasputin themed Dungeon, which picks up from small breadcrumbs of the story beats from Season of the Risen. Here’s some lore at the end of the exotic glaive quest from this past season.

New intel awaits you on the Evidence Board. The report includes a note to Ikora:

“To IKO-006: Here’s the AI-COM/RSPN protocol transcript we picked up from the wounds. According to this, before initiating YUGA SUNDOWN, Rasputin killed all protective measures in place for Human colonies and settlements. There’s a big list of codenames for the Moon, Mars, Earth, the Exodus ships, etc. but Rasputin also refers to a place called NEFELE STRONGHOLD. No record of that in any of our databases. Forwarding to A.B. for a cross-ref.”

A follow-up message from Ana Bray brings up more questions than it answers:

“To CHA-319: No hit on ‘NEFELE STRONGHOLD’ in any of Rasputin’s records. Can’t even find the original transcript you’re quoting. If it’s real, someone removed all traces of it. And if they did, they did it so cleanly that I’d suspect Rasputin himself.”

No action items on this case; just an unsatisfying label of “UNSOLVED.”

The last time we heard about Rasputin was in Season of Arrivals when he was shut off by the arriving Pyramid ships. Ana did her best to save him, and put him into an engram for safekeeping, perhaps to transfer him into an Exo body at a later date. Let’s have a look at the lore entry Frayed, from Season of Arrivals:


She had tried everything. The great Bray. A lineage that promised to save them. For all her genius and moxie, this was beyond her.

Rasputin lay dying in a dozen empty screens splayed out around Ana’s command station. She could visualize the bleeding code running through her fingers. Zavala’s voice was in her ear, as ambient haze—relegated to the background of her mind like distant gunfire. The image of the Pyramid’s distortion wave was still raw. This wasn’t an attack. It was a command. A lazy dismissal of all their best-laid plans.

There were no explosions. No blaring sirens or sparks of dramatic electricity. Nothing to combat or fix. Just a Guardian walled in silent black glass and disbelief.

She had been so sure.

Ana’s eyes tracked Jinju as the Ghost sped from console to console, attaching strings of Light to each. They slowed her as she went, buried under some load.

“Ana,” Jinju’s voice strained under crushing distortion. “I think I’ve got him. Most of him, but not for long.”

The words cut through the distant gunfire. “What?” Ana asked. Her voice came softly at first, unsure what form to take as the information processed. “What?!”

Jinju groaned and whispered an exasperated, “Pillory… Engram…”

“It’s not ready.”

“Ana, now!”

“He’ll go insane! I… can’t.”

The Light tethers attached to Jinju began to pop one by one. “It’s this or nothing!”

The prospect sent Ana tearing across the room. She belted a command into the air, and a floor safe opened in response. Ana snatched the dodecahedron enclosure from the safe and braced it in front of Jinju.

“Jinju, do it!”

The Ghost’s shell reformed to forge a directing structure before her core erupted with Light and data. A stream of pure information beamed into the Engram, filling it with spiraling wisps of Light.

“Did you…?”

“As much as I could.”

Outside the windows, bolts of atmospheric friction dragged flames through the sky as Warsats plummeted from low-orbit defensive positions. Their impacts were distant.

With Rasputin safely inside an engram and the knowledge that we have somewhere called NEFELES STRONGHOLD, these could be the clues to the new dungeon coming in season 17. Nefeles translated means Godess of Clouds, and Stronghold is a place that is fortified, to protect it from attack. That could be a dungeon in the sky, or in clouds somewhere.

Given Rasputin deleted all traces of NEFELES STRONGHOLD, it’s likely we’d have to consult with Ana Bray, and perhaps remove Rasputin from his engram, and put him into an Exo Body. It could be that Rasputin has some weapons there that would be useful for us in our fight against The Witness, perhaps SIVA nanotechnology. SIVA was used once before against The Iron Lords very successfully and could be a powerful weapon to use against the Pyramid Fleet.

Rasputin could then give us the coordinates for NEFELES STRONGHOLD, and the Dungeon would be us delving deep into NEFELES STRONGHOLD, perhaps battling against SIVA to get it under control. This could also bring in the Eliksni, Mithrax given The Fallen’s role in the Rise of Iron expansion back in 2016.

None of this is confirmed just yet, but I imagine we’re going to find out on Tuesday 24th May 2022.

Bungie Dev Hype

We’ve seen a fair amount of excitement from Bungie devs recently on Twitter getting hyped about the new season. You’d expect the community manager’s to hype it up, but we have narrative designers, sandbox designers… plus game directors too, all singing the praises of the upcoming season. Let’s have a look.

DMG Senior Community Manager

“Overwhelming majority of players are just straight up hyped for the season, and will lose their minds when all the goodies (paid season, free subclass update) are revealed.”

Hazel Monforton – Senior Narrative Designer at Bungie

Y’all… I cannot stress enough how good the next season on Destiny 2 is. It’s phenomenal. @Sphynxian and @THICCEST_YOSH (and me, a little bit) absolutely killed it. It’s fantastic. Y’all are gonna love it.

Kevin Yanes Sandbox Discipline Lead at Bungie.

“I’m confident it going to be FUCKING dope. Team knocked it out of the park. Only a few more sleeps.””

Joe Blackburn Game Director at Bungie

“Excited about the future of Destiny 2”

This doesn’t mean we’re getting a Rasputin themed Dungeon, but it does mean, whatever happens, they are very confident we’re going to love it.

Let me know what you think in the comments about the new Dungeon. Do you think we’re going to see Rasputin and find the location for NEFELE STRONGHOLD, or do you think it’s going to be something else completely?

That’s it for this look at NEFELE STRONGHOLD Dungeon in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on Youtube and subscribe today.