Season 17 Story Predictions In Destiny 2

We’re still not any clearer on the story beats going into Season 17. I thought by now we would have gotten a trailer, but it appears as if Bungie is waiting until the 11th hour to get everyone hyped about what’s coming next in the world of Destiny 2. Today I’m going to have a look at the potential storylines for Season 17 and round up all the interesting story threads we have open at the moment.

Before we get started, it’d be great to hear from you. What do you want to see from the story next season? Do you want them to continue the storyline from Witch Queen and Season 16, or do you want Bungie to pick up another story beat they left behind in Beyond Light?

Let’s have a look at what Bungie could focus on.

Rasputin and SIVA

We’ve not heard too much since Rasputin was turned off by the arriving Pyramid Ships back in November 2020 when Beyond Light was released. Rasputin played a big part in Beyond Light, identifying The Pyramid Ships at the edge of space, and providing the in-game countdown timer to when they would arrive in Season of the Worthy. Later Rasputin would help us by shooting a Cabal Ship from the sky at an end of season live event.

Since the start of Beyond Light we’ve only really heard about Ana and Rasputin in the lore. Ana managed to escape with Rapsutin and she’s been working with the Splicers to build Rasputin an Exo body. Rasputin could be evolving from a huge supercomputer found in a vault on Mars, to an active NPS we can talk to. Bungie has created some concept art that depicts Rasputin as an Exo, but we haven’t seen that come into focus yet. The return of Rasputin could also see the return of SIVA, something fans have been wanting for a long time. There has been some lore in the Witch Queen detailing something called Nefele Stronghold, a location that Rasputin has been hiding for years. This could be a clue to Rapsutin’s location or another location of significance. Myelin Games has a great video explaining more about Rasputin, I’d link that video in the comments.

Lord Saladin and The Cabal

In Season 16 we’ve seen Lord Saladin join forces with the Cabal, led by Caital. Saladin hasn’t just joined the cabal, but he’s been promoted too. He was known as Bracus Forge, he’s now known as Valus Forge. Here’s an entry from Destinypedia about Saladin:

“Lord Saladin quickly got to work as a Bracus on the Empress’s War Council, discovering that the Cabal is more disorganized than originally believed. However, since becoming a Bracus, many of the Cabal would disagree with Saladin’s addition to the War Council, being challenged six times in a Rite of Proving. Saladin would win all the rites, including against a bodyguard to another member of the council, leading an impressed Empress Caiatl to promote Saladin as a Valus. In addition, to the Empress’s recommendation, Saladin organized a tournament similar to the Iron Banner for the Cabal, even calling the contestants his “Iron War Beasts”. However, despite proving himself and having the Empress’s support, many would still object to having the Iron Lord a member of Caiatl’s War Council, leading an entire Cruiser to defect from the Empress’s fleet.”

It sounds like Valus Forge is doing pretty well, but it begs the question of what is next. Are we going to see the Cabal’s influence on the Iron Banner next season? We know Saladin is coming back for the new and improved Iron Banner in Season 17, but what next for Caital? We’ll have to wait and find out.

The Nine

Back in Season 6, The Nine featured heavily alongside The Drifter. The Nine showed The Drifter visions of a future universe consumed by Darkness. What with The Witness coming for us in Lightfall, will The Nine have a part to play?

The last time we saw the Nine was in Season of Arrivals, just before Beyond Light. During Season of Arrivals, the Prophecy Dungeon was released. Here, Guardians accomplish various tasks given by the Nine in hopes of receiving an audience with them. In this audience, Guardians seek to understand the nature of the Darkness, to the best of the Nine’s ability in describing it. The answer to this question is given by the Emissary on behalf of the Nine.

The answer was interpreted by the Drifter as the Nine stating that the difference between the Light and Dark was ultimately meaningless. Along with their answer to the player’s question, they also foretold of the use and balance of Darkness in Stasis, the disappearance of Mars, Mercury, Io, and Titan, the Guardian’s inevitable clash with Eramis, Kell of Darkness, and a at the time Unknown Cabal Threat.


Clues about Calus’ whereabouts, plus his alignment have been all over Season 16. There are clues in the Vox Obscura mission on the Throne World, and before Witch Queen too with the Exotic mission on the Tangled Shore on the Glykon. It appears as if Calus is out there, and there’s going to be a reckoning with Caital at some stage. Calus has spoken to the Darkness and appears to be an active disciple, much like Rhulk. I don’t know if this means Calus is going to show up in a Pyramid Ship, but it’s possible as the Disciples are supposed to captain these ships. Some of Caital’s Cabal have been defecting to Calus’ brood, with the rogue Psions attempt on Zavala’s life in Beyond Light.

Mithrax and The Eliksni

We last saw Mithrax in Season of the Splicer, and mainly we’ve become pretty good friends with the Eliksni these days. They hang out in the Tower, and we don’t actively seek them out to fight them in story terms. However, at the end of Beyond Light, one Eliksni was left frozen at the end of the story by an all-consuming Stasis. Perhaps Eramis returns, thaws out and aligns with the Darkness? We recently saw a screenshot from Bungie’s Iron Banner preview, although that screenshot was altered with the Guardians removed. That appeared to show Iron Banner armour and weapons with Fallen symbols on them. Exactly how and why we’d be fighting against the Eliksni once again is a little bit of a head-scratcher, but we don’t have long to wait to find out.


Finally, we have the ‘death’ of Savathun at the end of the Witch Queen Campaign. Given her Ghost Immaru got away at the end there, in theory, Savathun could come back. Apparently, Savathun’s body is being guarded somewhere safe, so if her ghost does come back then it’s going to be hard to resurrect her. Savathun does seem a likely candidate to return, especially with the Witness coming our way with a huge fleet of Pyramid Ships. I think we’re going to need all the help we can get, and unconventional allies may be the order of the day. Given the Traveller willingly gave The Hive the Light, then that could mean an active truce with The Cabal, Hive and Eliksni.

Let me know in the comments what you want to see from next season regarding the story. Do you want to see any of the story threads here, or have I missed something? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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