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Orpheus Rig Hunter Void 3.0 Build in Destiny 2

Void 3.0 has changed the game for many Guardians, with the subclass rework breathing new life into classic builds. Today I am going to check out a Hunter Void 3.0 build with Orpheus Rig, an exotic that once dominated PVE builds, and check out the best combination of Aspects, Fragments, Weapons and Mods to create a devastating Hunter build which will help you through all levels of content in Destiny 2.

This build is all about the pairing of Void 3.0 Hunters and Orpheus Rig. These Hunter boots have been around for a long time in Destiny 2, and they have always been very good, but they have a new lease of life with the Witch Queen Expansion. Orpheus Rig has a couple of uses, you can pepper your enemies with the Deadfall Super, tethering everything in your sight to the ground and weakening them. Plus you also have the huge DPS that the Super can deliver, as well as getting back super energy in the process.

You also have the extra volley with Moebius Quiver. Given Orpheus Rig gives you that extra shot, you’ll be able to fire your super one more time, meaning more DPS, more tethering and you’ll be able to control the battlefield with ease. This combination, together with selected weapons and mods gives Hunters a viable end game PVE build with huge DPS and you’re going to be an asset to any fireteam.

Subclass – Void 3.0

Class ability: Gambler’s Doge
Grenade: Suppressor Grenade


  • Vanishing Step – Dodging makes you invisible.
  • Stylish Executioner – Defeating a weakened, suppressed, or volatile target grants Invisibility and Truesight. After performing a Stylish Execution, your next melee attack while invisible weakens targets.


  • Echo of Expulsion – Void ability final blows cause targets to explode.
  • Echo of Reprisal – Final blows when surrounded by combatants grant Super energy.
  • Echo of Undermining – Your Void grenades weaken targets.
  • Echo of Persistence – Void buffs applied to you (Invisibility, Overshield, and Devour) have increased duration.

This is going to create a nice combination, where you will be weakening your opponents with grenades and your super. Combined with our Exotic armour, Orpheus Rig, Echo of Reprisal is going to double up and help us have our Super up much more frequently, allowing us to shoot more Mobius Quiver shots and control enemy territory whether you are in a fireteam or you are playing solo. Then you have the fun of making your enemies explode too.

Exotic Armour

I am going to be using the Exotic leg armour for the Hunter called Orpheus Rig.

  • Uncanny Arrows – Provides ability energy for each enemy tethered by Deadfall anchors. Moebius Quiver has more shots.
  • Mobility Enhancement Mod – Increased mobility.

These are a random world drop exotic, so you can pick these up from Xur when he’s around or get them from a random world drop exotic. Let’s have a look at the perks of the armour first of all.


Kinetic – Submission

Submission is a Legendary Kinetic Submachine Gun with a Lightweight Frame meaning the weapon has Superb handling. Move faster with this weapon equipped. This is already a great gun, but I’ve got one with Demolitionist, Kills with this weapon generate grenade energy. Activating your grenade ability reloads this weapon from reserves. That’s going to work very well with the build, so check your vault for a kinetic weapon with Demolitionist and use it.

Energy – Le Monarque

I’m using Le Monarque because it’s a void weapon to go with my Void subclass and then the perk on my exotic armour is going to kick in and give me either a boost to super or a damage output increase.

Power – Threaded Needle

This is another void weapon, again, boost super or damage. I’m pairing this one up with Particle Deconstruction to make this extra effective against bosses.


The mods I am going to be using can be split into two parts, first of all, the mods that create elemental wells, the second the mods that cause effects from the elemental wells. First, let’s have a look at creating the wells.

  • Elemental Ordnance – Defeating a combatant with a grenade spawns an elemental well that matches your subclass energy type.
  • Explosive Wellmaker – Rapidly defeating combatants with explosive damage spawns a Solar elemental well.
  • Supreme Wellmaker – Casting your Super spawns three Stasis elemental wells near you. Does not apply to Crucible, Trials, or Iron Banner.

We’re going to be creating elemental wells by a few methods; when we get kills with grenades, when we use explosive damage (which is going to work well with the Echo of Expulsion). Also, when we cast our super we’ll be creating elemental wells too.

Next let’s have a look at the mods that are going to have effects related to picking up wells, or with grenades.

  • Ashes to Assets – Grenade kills grant super energy
  • Volatile Flow – Picking up a Void elemental well grants your Void weapons Volatile rounds.
  • Suppressive Darkness – Whenever you suppress a combatant, you also weaken them, causing them to take additional damage for a short time.
  • Font of Might – Picking up an elemental well that matches your subclass energy type grants a temporary bonus to weapon damage of that same elemental type.

Suppressive darkness is going to work well with our grenades, further allowing you to control the enemies. Volatile Flow is going to help you explode more enemies, and ashes to assets is going to contribute towards super regen, meaning more super more of the time. I’m using Font of Might to bolster the damage output on my weapons, however, you can also use Font of Wisdom for that increase in recharge rate of the super.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the build, and share any improvements with the community.

That’s it for this Hunter Void 3.0 Build with Orpheus Rig in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.