How to get the Risen Title in Season of the Risen (All Triumphs Guide)

We’re well over the halfway mark into Season of the Risen, and if you’re running out of things to do then getting going on the Risen title would be a good idea. We all have ten triumphs to unlock and by the end, you’ll be able to wear the Risen title with pride. Today I’m going to dive into all the triumphs and give some hints and tips along the way so you can get hold of that Risen Title as quickly and easily as possible.

The good news for this title and seal is most of it can be done solo, plus it’s not as time-consuming as the Witch Queen Gumshoe title, which we spoke about on This Week In Video Games in the not too distant past. You will need a fireteam for Legend PsiOps Battleground and also the Master Vox Obscura activity completion. The deadline for the completion of this is 23rd May 2022, so there’s still plenty of time to get this done.

Let’s have a look at all the required triumphs for the Risen title.

Psionic Operator

This is the weekly mission for Season of the Risen. There are four steps in total and this is going to take you in and out of regular PsiOps Battleground activities on the EDZ, Cosmodrome and the Moon. If you have been keeping up every week then it’s likely you have completed this quest already, however, if you missed a week or need to do the whole thing entirely then head to the War Table at the H.E.L.M. and pick up the prompts. You’ll speak to Saladin, Capital and see a number of cutscenes, as well as take part in the activities. If you are a fan of the lore then this is a great story, with a fantastic ending… which has wide-reaching implications for the Vanguard and members of the Last City, plus maybe future Iron Banner too.

Applied Psychotronics

For this triumph, you have to get all ten upgrades from the War Table in the H.E.L.M. When you complete this you’ll be awarded the Sovereign Order Ship.

To be able to get all ten upgrades, you are going to need to complete all the Seasonal Challenges that have Insight as a reward. Insight is the currency needed to unlock each of the upgrades. You earn one Insight for completing the Operation Elbrus weekly challenges, once for each of the three Legendary PsiOps challenges and then three for the Lightclaimer challenges. They unlock every week, and you’ll be able to complete these at reset on April 12 2022.

Psychic Warrior

To complete this triumph you’ll need to reset your rank at the War Table. The best way to rank up at the war table is to complete the PsiOps Battleground activity and open runic chests. As you rank up, make sure to claim your upgrades as you go. I’ve seen a lot of comments for Guardians being stuck when all they had to do was claim their war table rewards.

This House Is Clean

In the PsiOps Battleground activity, you’ll need to defeat 100 Aspects of Savathun with the Synaptic Spear.

Legend Battlegrounds Completed

For this triumph, we have to complete all three Season of the Risen Legend Battlegrounds. You can select the Legend version of the PsiOps Battleground in the H.E.L.M. it’s just to the right of the regular version, above the war table. There are three to complete in total:

PsiOps Battleground: EDZ
PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome
PsiOps Battleground: Moon

Mind Reading

For this triumph, we have to complete the Acts of Mercy and Quintessence lore books. These can be collected by completing other triumphs, which include Psionic Operator, Active Listener, and Over Your Dead Body. There are 4 pages for the Acts of Mercy and 5 pages for Quintessence.

Tank Master

For this triumph complete the Exotic Quest Vox Obscura on Master Difficulty, which is found on the Throne World. For this, you will likely need a fireteam, and you can find one of those either on the Bungie companion app, or the Bungie website and look for the fireteams section. You could always try this solo, but it’s going to be one hell of a fight and much respect you if you can get that done.

Old Foes Rise Again

To complete this triumph you need to listen to four Psionic propaganda messages found in the control room of the Vox Obscura Exotic quest. To be able to hear the four different messages, you’ll need to complete this over 4 weeks. The triumph is per character, so use the same Guardian each week if you can to make things easier.

Peak Operator

For this triumph, you’ll need to defeat 1500 targets with Seasonal weapons. You’ll get bonus progress for defeating Guardians. This one is fairly straightforward, pick a seasonal weapon you like and start slaying. Piece of Minds is a popular choice this season, especially in the crucible… but you could always use PVE farming locations like Shuro Chi in the Last Wish Raid on the Dreaming City, The Grasp of Avarice Dungeon entrance on the Cosmodrome, Blind Well on the Dreaming City or even Altar of Sorrow on the Moon.

Reckless Shot

To complete the final triumph you have to earn Reckless Endangerment, the seasonal shotgun. To get this one you have to reach rank 16 on the playlist vendor of your choice. Each playlist vendor has rank up rewards, and getting to rank 16 will get you the Reckless Endangerment. You can choose your playlist to rank up in, and the choice is between Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit. To make faster progress with ranking up you want to keep an eye on your streaks, as the more you play the faster you will rank up. Try not to split your time between different playlists, if your objective is to get the Reckless Endangerment quickly, then pick a playlist and focus on that until you are done.

That’s it for the triumphs, once you have done this you’ll be able to wear the title and show off to everyone you mastered Season of the Risen.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the Season of the Risen Title, and let me know if you’re going for it, plus if you have any tips or shortcuts, share them with the community.

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