The Best Witch Queen Weapons To Get In Destiny 2 (Exotic and Legendary)

The Witch Queen was released with much fanfare, plus some great weapons which many have become regulars in my daily load-outs. Today I am going to check out some of the best weapons to release with the Witch Queen expansion, plus how to get them, and also the good rolls to look out for.

Let’s dive straight into the list.

Aisha’s Embrace

Aisha’s Embrace is a Legendary Energy Void Scout Rifle with a Rapid-Fire Frame meaning this one fires full auto with deeper ammo reserves. Faster reload when the weapon is empty.

This weapon, as with other Trials of Osiris weapons this season, comes with a couple of basic origin traits.

  • Alacrity – Gain increased reload, and stability, aim to assist and range when you are the last living member of your fireteam running solo.
  • One Quiet Moment – Grants increased reload speed when out of combat.

For PVE Arrowhead Brake, High Caliber Rounds, Triple Tap and Vorpal Weapon would be a decent roll. For PVP Corkscrew Rifling, Richochet Rounds, Compulsive Reloader, Multi kill Clip would be good.

To get this one you have to run Trials of Osiris, which is around most weekends, except for when Iron Banner is on. You can play Trials of Osiris matches and earn Trials Engrams, which can then be focused with Saint-14 to get Aisha’s Embrace. It can randomly drop from the end of matches too, but it’s likely you’ll have to win a few matches before you get to this point.


Krait is a Legendary Kinetic Auto Rifle with a Rapid-Fire Frame meaning it has deeper ammo reserves. Slightly faster reload when the magazine is empty. Krait is a stasis rapid-fire auto rifle, meaning it could be one of the best PVE auto rifles in the game right now. As well to the vast perk pool, it also comes with Veist Stinger origin trait, which allows the weapon to reload by simply doing damage.

For PVE Corkscrew Rifling, Appended Mag, Subsistence, and Headstone would be a great roll. For PVP Smallbore, High-Calibre Rounds, Overflow, and Moving Target would be a decent roll.

Krait is a world drop weapon, and part of the world loot pool, meaning there’s no 100% way to farm the weapon at the moment. You can get this from ranking up at Banshee-44, but also from completing world activities like Lost Sectors, Public Events, and opening loot chests.


Insidious is a Legendary Energy Pulse Rifle that is Aggressive Burst, meaning it’s a hard-hitting four-burst fire.

For PVE Arrowhead Brake, Accurized Rounds, Rapid Hit and Rampage would be good. For PVP Chambered Compensator, Tactical Mag, Rapid Hit and Vorpal Weapon would be good.

To get Insidious you’ll have to run the Witch Queen Raid called Vow of the Disciple. Insidious has the chance to drop from the 2nd and 4th encounters, that’s Caretaker and Rhulk. To run the raid you’ll need access to the Witch Queen expansion, and you’ll have to find 5 other Guardians.

Osteo Striga

Osteo Striga is an Exotic Kinetic Submachine Gun and it comes with some very interesting perks which include:

Screaming Swarm – Fires a stream of sentient, toxic projectiles that track the targeted enemy.
Toxic Overload – Landing a final blow or multiple-precision hits triggers a burst that poisons nearby targets.

To get this exotic submachine gun there are a couple of requirements.

  • Preorder the Deluxe version of The Witch Queen expansion
  • Finish the campaign
  • Complete the Weapon Crafting quest (in the campaign with the Glaive)

Once you finish up the campaign, you can go over to your Patterns, which can be found on your character screen and it’s under the Triumphs tab on the right-hand side. Navigate to Submachine Guns, and there you will see Osteo Striga. You can unlock this pattern, then it’s time to craft the weapon.

Make your way to the weapon crafting station on the Enclave, and then you want to approach the station and approach the relic. Then navigate to the submachine guns section and you’ll be able to select Osteo Striga. Once you have selected it, pick the perks and then craft the weapon by selecting the exotic icon on the right-hand side, the prompt is called finalize the shape.

That’s it, you’ll then have a brand new Osteo Striga Exotic Submachine Gun.


Palmyra-B is a Legendary Stasis Power Rocket Launcher with a Precision Frame meaning this weapon fires a small auto-tracking missile. Missiles lock onto targets when aimed. This is a Hakke Weapon, so the basic origin trait is Hakke Breach Armaments. This weapon deals increased damage against vehicles, turrets, barricades, and stasis crystals.

For PVE Volatile Launch, Impact Casing, Auto-Loading Holster, and Explosive Light or Chain Reaction. Volatile Launch is good for improving the blast radius, but slightly decreasing the projectile velocity and handling. Impact casing is good because it helps increase damage for direct hits against bosses and majors. Auto-Loading Holster is great for DPS once again, given you can swap quickly between the rockets and other weapons, allowing you to get off quick shots and apply more damage per second. You have a choice for the final perk really; Explosive Light and Chain Reaction. Explosive Light is good for single targets and Chain Reaction is great for groups of enemies.

For PVP Quick Launch, Black Powder, Impulse Amplifier, and Adrenaline Junkie would be a good roll. Quick Launch is great as it gives us an excellent boost to velocity and Black Powder increases blast radius. Impulse Amplifier further increases the projectile speed for the rockets, which is great in PVP as you want the fastest rockets possible. Adrenaline Junkie gives us a small increase in damage, which is always handing when you are facing other Guardians.

Palmyra-B is in the world loot pool at the moment, so you can get this weapon by opening legendary engrams, as a reward from the end of activities, plus you can often buy this weapon from vendors like Xur or Banshee-44 in the Tower.


Submission is a Legendary Kinetic Submachine Gun with a Lightweight Frame meaning the weapon has Superb handling. Move faster with this weapon equipped.

For PVP Corkscrew Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Overflow and Frenzy would be good. For PVE Arrowhead Brake, Tactical Mag, Subsistence and Swashbuckler would be good.

The Vow of the Disciple raid weapons also come with the origin trait Souldrinker. This is where you gain health based on the number of hits before reloading.

To get Submission you’ll have to run the Witch Queen Raid called Vow of the Disciple. The submission has the chance to drop from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd encounters, that’s Acquisition, Caretaker and Exhibition. To run the raid you’ll need access to the Witch Queen expansion, and you’ll have to find 5 other Guardians.

Collective Obligation

Collective Obligation is an Exotic Energy Pulse Rifle. Looking at the perks we have:

Void Leech – This weapon leeches Void debuffs when damaging targets that are suppressed, weakened, or volatile. Once charged, [Alternate Weapon Action] to swap firing modes. In this mode, damage from this weapon applies the same Void debuffs that were leeched.
Umbral Sustenance – This weapon’s magazine is automatically reloaded when you gain Devour, a Void over shield, or become invisible.

The Collective Obligation manages to create unique playstyles which allow you to build around the Void buffs and debuffs. With Collective Obligation you can essentially have many of the buffs and debuffs active at the same time, as long as you keep an eye on the timers and use Collective Obligation effectively.

Void Leech is the key here. This makes it one of the most unique, and also one of the most effective Exotic weapons out there. Here’s a quick reminder of some of the Void 3.0 keywords to take note of when using Collective Obligation.

To get this Exotic Pulse Rifle you have to run the Vow of the Disciple raid, and it’s a random drop from the final boss. This is the only place you can get it, and if it’s like other raids then you have an approx 5% chance of getting it. To maximise your chances, you can run three characters per week, that way you’ll have multiple chances per week to get it to drop for you.


Funnelweb is a Legendary Energy Submachine Gun with a Lightweight Frame meaning it has superb handling. Move faster with this weapon equipped.

For PVE Corkscrew Rifling, Tactical Mag, Subsistence, and Frenzy would be a good roll. For PVP Smallbore, Accurized Rounds, Killing Wind and Rangefinder would be good.

Funnelweb is a world drop weapon this season, meaning you can get it from many sources including opening legendary engrams, levelling up at the Gunsmith, public events, and Lost Sectors. I got mine from a public event as a random drop when I was running about on the Throneworld. There’s no 100% way to farm this weapon, so the best thing to do is complete activities that award world drop weapons and keep your fingers crossed.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the list, and give me your top 5 weapons from the Witch Queen expansion.

That’s it for this list of best weapons from the Witch Queen in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.