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Savathun’s Two Truths And Two Lies – Decoding The Future Of Destiny 2

The Altar of Reflection is an activity that appears on the Throne World after you complete the Witch Queen campaign, and Savathun’s Echo gives us four statements; two truths and two lies. It’s a classic Savathun game, but in there lay some truths, and they have interesting implications for the future of Destiny 2. Today I am going to dive into all the statements we have so far from Savathun, plus try to decide which ones are true, and which ones are false.

Savathun is the god of cunning and trickery, and this latest game is another great example of her still getting inside our heads. If you haven’t seen these Two Truths and Two Lies in the game, it’s well worth doing. Complete the campaign, then select the Altar of Reflection from the Thone World. You have to run through a puzzle, defeat some enemies and then you’ll get Savathun’s echo delivering the truths and lies. Let’s get stuck into statements from Savathun, and I’d love to hear from you as to what you think is the truth… let me know down in the comments. Also, this does contain spoilers for the Witch Queen campaign, so if you haven’t done the campaign yet, consider this your spoiler warning.

Altar of Reflection: Choice

“The Traveler will leave”

True. As sad as Zavala is going to be when this happens, I think this one is true. The Traveler has a history of leaving civilisations it’s visited, including The Eliksni. According to the lore The Traveler did try to flee Earth during the first collapse, however, Rasputin (the currently dormant AI Super Weapon) forced it to stay. I hope it doesn’t happen, but I think it might.

“The Traveler will fall”

True. The major thing I am concerned about here is the upcoming expansion Lightfall. The name of the expansion doesn’t bode well for the future of the Traveler. Given we have the final two expansions coming up; Lightfall and the Final Shape, it’s likely that both the Traveler and the Witness will be taken down, leaving us free to leave the Solar System and find some new adventures somewhere else. I am hoping we’ll finally find out what is inside the Traveler…

“The Traveler is not the only one of its kind”

Lie. I don’t think this is likely, it would feel a little weird if the Traveler were to run away or die, and then be immediately replaced.

“The Hive are not the last to be chosen by the Light”

Lie. I don’t think we’re going to see anymore lightbearers. In theory this could happen, but it feels like Bungie has played their hand in terms of other races getting the Light. I can’t see the Cabal getting the Light, or the Vex… The Vex feel like the one race we could never have an alliance with, as they are simply machines. I can see us having an alliance with Eliksni, Cabal and Hive to face The Pyramid Ships, The Scorn and maybe the Vex.

Altar of Reflection: Insight

“Mercury, Io, and Titan are in my care”

Lie. This planet and various moons dissappeared before Beyond Light, when the Darkness came along and made them dissappear, leaving vast anomalies in their place. I don’t think Savathun has them in her care… so we can discount this one fairly quickly.

“The Witness returned Mars to your solar system”

Lie. I don’t think The Witness did this, it seems more likely Savathun had something to do with it. Perhaps related to revealing the plans of Rhulk, the Pyramid Ships and The Witness. If Savathun knew she was going to die, then it stands to reason she’d want to unveil The Witness’ plan somehow.

“The power to move worlds will soon be yours”

True. Given we know The Darkness has been involved in moving worlds like Mercury, Titan, Io and Mars, then given we’ve been dabbling with Stasis in Beyond Light, we could get our hands on some new abilities that allow us to do the same. This could allow us to warp space and time itself, or allow us to travel very large distances in a short amount of time.

“The Taken King will rise again”

True. Oryx has been mentioned a few times in the campaign, which could be a build up to a returning King’s Fall raid later this year. Bungie have said a raid or Dungeon will be released with the coming seasons, and thematically King’s Fall works alongside The Witch Queen. Fans have been calling for Crota’s End and Wrath of the Machine, but I think the returning Legacy Raid this year is going to be King’s Fall.

Altar of Reflection: Catalyst

“The Pyramid blade is one key to defeating the Witness”

True. The Pyramid Blade, I am assuming they mean The Glaive here, was useful in terms of understanding Savathun’s plans and therefore discovering the Witness’ plans. It’s not a huge stretch of the imagination to think that this could be key to defeating the Witness, given it’s an ancient weapon. Hopefully Glaive’s get buffed again before Lightfall.

“The Witness seeks the final shape, and the final shape… is nothing”

True. The Witness revealed their hand at the end of the Witch Queen campaign by saying “No more death, no more life…”. The Witness seems hell bent on disrupting the balance of the known universe, and essentially erase everything to dust.

“The Last City is not the last city”

Lie. This one seems fairly straight forward. The Last City is the Last City on Earth. There may be other cities, but they aren’t on Earth… so it’s likely we’d have to travel to find these cities.

“The Witness will build its army on Mars”

Lie. Mars seems very specific. While we do have The Relic on Mars in the Enclave, there are also other Pyramid ships in other places too. We have one buried deep beneath the surface on the Moon, plus we have one on Europa. Then we have one on Savathun’s Throneworld, which is currently in close proximity to Mars. However, I think it’s more likely The Witness would build their army far away, and arrive by Pyramid Ship.

Altar of Reflection: Pact

“Osiris is dead”

Lie. Osiris was ‘taken over’ by Savathun shortly before Beyond Light came out, and over the course of the year Savathun sowed seeds of discontent in the Last City. Osiris was freed at the end of Season of the Lost, right before The Witch Queen DLC was released. He’s currently in a coma, which was confirmed in lore. He’s not completely alive and kicking as before, but I don’t think he’s dead.

“Savathun is dead”

True. Savathun died shortly after being released from the crystal by Mara Sov. She staggered towards the Travler outside the Last City, and died. She was then chosen by the Traveler and resurrected by her ghost, leading to her gathering her memories throughout the campaign and ultimately facing each other at the end of the campaign. Savathun was defeated, and her ghost was quickly taken away before it could be destroyed, so in theory she could come back at any time. Therefore, Savathun is dead right now, but given her ghost is still out there, she may come back in the future.

“The Witness birthed the Darkness”

Lie. It appears as if The Witness has some form of control, or is using the Darkness for their purposes. As far as I know from the lore the Light and Darkness have been at war for thousands of years, pre-dating The Witness. The Light and the Darkness are discussed in terms of creation and destruction… The Witness themselves specifically calling out the Traveler in the final cutscene post-campaign. I think this one is a lie, and the Darkness is more of a tool for the Witness rather than ‘birthed’.

“In the end, your destiny lies beyond this system”

True. This makes a lot of sense for the franchise. Destiny has existed since 2014 and we’re going into the two final expansions in the next couple of years called Lightfall and The Final Shape, where we’re going to conclude the Light and Darkness Saga. Bungie have said Destiny 2 will continue beyond that, and you could easily imagine us leaving the Solar System to find new adventures. Some think that the H.E.L.M. is a ship, and perhaps during Lightfall or The Final Shape, our Tower and The Last City will be destroyed and we’ll leave Earth in our H.E.L.M. ship. Personally, I’d love to see what is out there beyond the Solar System, as we’d hopefully get to fight new enemy types.

That’s it for the truths and lies.

Let me know in the comments what you think are the truths and the lies, plus let me know your best theories for the future related to these truths. Are we going to leave the Solar System, and how are we going to do that? Will we gain the power to move worlds? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

That’s it for this look at Savathun’s Two Truths and Two Lies in the Witch Queen DLC. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.