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How to get Insidious (Legendary Pulse Rifle) Plus God Roll Guide in Destiny 2

Insidious is a new Pulse Rifle added to Destiny 2 as part of the Vow of the Disciple raid in the Witch Queen DLC. This is hands down one of the best Pulse Rifles in the game. It’s fast firing, there are some great rolls and plus it’s decent in PVE and PVP. Today I am going to look at Insidious in a little more detail, check out the perks, the stats and the god rolls to chase, plus how to get Insidious in Destiny 2.


Insidious is a Legendary Energy Pulse Rifle that is Aggressive Burst, meaning it’s a hard-hitting four-burst fire. Looking at the stats we have Impact 35, Range 77, Stability 64, Handling 34, Reload Speed 41, Rounds Per Minute 450 and Magazine 40.

Insidious is fairly unique among Pulse Rifles given it’s an aggressive frame with a four-round burst rather than three. Plus this one is an Arc damage pulse, and it comes with some very good roll combinations, making this one of the most sought after pulse rifles in the game. I imagine this pulse rifle alone will attract players to try out the raid.

Insidious God Roll Guide

For PVE Arrowhead Brake, Accurized Rounds, Rapid Hit and Rampage would be good.

  • Arrowhead Brake – Greatly controls recoil, increases handling speed
  • Accurized Rounds – Increases range
  • Rapid Hit – Rapid hit is where rapid precision hits temporarily increase stability and reload speed
  • Rampage – Kills with this weapon temporarily grant increased damage. Stacks 3x.

For PVP Chambered Compensator, Tactical Mag, Rapid Hit and Vorpal Weapon would be good.

  • Chambered Compensator – Increases stability, Moderately controls recoil, Slightly decreases handling speed
  • Tactical Mag – Increases reload speed, slightly increases stability and magazine size
  • Rapid Hit – Rapid hit is where rapid precision hits temporarily increase stability and reload speed
  • Vorpal Weapon – Increased damage against bosses, vehicles, and Guardians with their Super active.

The Vow of the Disciple raid weapons also come with the origin trait Souldrinker. This is where you gain health based on the number of hits before reloading.

How to get Insidious

To get Insidious you’ll have to run the Witch Queen Raid called Vow of the Disciple. Insidious has the chance to drop from the 2nd and 4th encounters, that’s Caretaker and Rhulk. To run the raid you’ll need access to the Witch Queen expansion, and you’ll have to find 5 other Guardians. You can either get some friends together, run with some clanmates, or you can find other Guardians via LFG apps or forums. I recommend using the Bungie app, that’s available for iOS, Android or via

There’s also a chance at the end of the raid to trade in your spoils of conquest for weapons that have already dropped. You’ll collect spoils of conquest throughout the raid as they drop from encounters and secret chests. So if you want another roll of your Insidious, then check out the vendor at the end of the raid.

Finally, Insidious is craftable at the Relic near the Enclave. You’ll need to collect 5 red-bordered versions of the weapon, which means they have Deepsight Resonance. Once you have collected these, you’ll then need to level them all up to unlock the Pattern for Insidious. Once you have the Pattern, you’ll be able to craft your very own version of Insidious. You can get a red weapon in the raid each week if you successfully complete the raid puzzle.

The Vow of the Disciple raid was released into Destiny 2 Witch Queen shortly after the expansion was released, and early reviews of the raid are very positive. It can be a little intimidating to jump into the raid, but I’d say go for it as the raids are some of the best content found inside Destiny 2, and you’ll have a great time. There are great encounters, amazing environments and also excellent lore… all of which make the Destiny 2 experience even better.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Insidious, and let me know your top rolls.

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