Season of the Risen

How to get Razor’s Edge (Legendary Sword) Plus God Roll Guide in Destiny 2

Razor’s Edge is a new Void Vortex frame sword, added to Destiny 2 as part of Iron Banner in Season of the Risen. Given Void is in right now due to the Void 3.0 rework, this sword is going to be incredible for void builds. Plus it looks like a Light Saber! Today I am going to check out the Razor’s Edge, the stats, the perks, the god rolls to chase for PVE and PVP plus how to get Razor’s Edge in Destiny 2.

Razor’s Edge

Razor’s Edge is a Legendary Power Sword that deals void damage. It’s a vortex frame sword, where you can launch a heavy spin attack and heavy attacks are stronger with full energy. Similar to Falling Guillotine, plus it looks like a Light Saber.

Similar to Falling Guillotine, which has been one of the most popular swords for a few years, you can launch a spin attack with Razor’s Edge. Given we have Void 3.0 and all the aspects and fragments, I would expect some awesome builds with Razor’s Edge in the power slot. I’ve not had the chance to play around with it enough yet, but expect some void builds for all classes very soon.

Razor’s Edge has the potential to be great for Crowd Control. Not only is it a void vortex frame sword, it also can roll with Chain Reaction. This isn’t going to be super useful in PVP, but in PVE, this is going to be a game changer. You’ll be able to create those void elemental damage explosions, plus if you have the right elemental well mods, you’re going to be creating wells all over the place, allowing you to regen grenades, get your super back fast and power up your melee abilities.

Razor’s Edge God Roll Guide

For PVE Relentless Strikes and Chain Reaction would be a good roll. Relentless Strikes mean landing three light attacks grant sword ammo, then you have Chain Reaction where final blows create elemental damage explosions, and given this is a void weapon, this could be very potent this season.

For PVP Duelist’s Trance and Assassin’s Blade is the play. Duelist’s Trance is where sword final blows grant increased charge rate, efficiency and defence until the weapon is stowed and Assassin’s Blade is where sword kills boosts movement and damage.

Iron Banner weapons this seaosn also have a new Origin Trait called Skulking Wolf, and much like other origin traits this is a guaranteed perk. This is where during the hunt (when you have all zones captive in Iron Banner) final blows with the weapon grant enhanced radar and remove the player from the enemy radar.

How to get Razor’s Edge in Destiny 2

To get Razor’s Edge you can get it as a guaranteed drop as part of the Iron Banner introduction quest in Season of the Risen. You get this from completing step 3 of the quest part of the quest, from a step called ‘Lessons Well-Learned’.

In the future, after Season of the Risen and we don’t have this quest, you’ll be able to get it from Iron Banner. An Iron Banner rework is coming, and we’ll be able to focus our loot. In theory we’ll be able to focus our Iron Banner engrams, with materials and currency and exchange them for Iron Banner focused loot. The exact details of the rework hasn’t been released yet, but that’s what we expect to happen in Season 17.

You will also be able to get Iron Banner loot to drop from the end of Iron Banner matches.

Iron Banner is one of the endgame PVP gamemodes alongside Trials of Osiris. Iron Banner isn’t around all the time though, it’s only around for selected weeks throughout the season. You know when Iron Banner is on, as we have a specific Iron banner vendor at the Tower, plus you can see Iron Banner in the Crucible menu from the director.

Let me know what you think of the Razor’s Edge in the comments.

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