Season of the Risen

How to get Frontier’s Cry (Legendary Hand Cannon) Plus God Roll Guide in Destiny 2

Frontier’s Cry is a new Iron Banner Hand Cannon added into Destiny 2 as part of Season of the Risen. This is a new 180 Energy Hand Cannon. Today I am going to look at Frontier’s Cry a little closer, the stats and perks, the god rolls to chase for PVE and PVP, plus how to get Frontier’s Cry in Destiny 2.

Frontier’s Cry is a new Legendary Energy Hand Cannon with a precision frame, meaning the recoil pattern is more predictably vertical. This weapon fires quickly with high accuracy. This is a 180 hand cannon, so it’s going to do slightly less damage than 140 hand cannons, but you get to fire quickly. Looking at the stats we have Impact 78, Range 48, Stability 63, Handling 47, Reload Speed 52, Rounds Per Minute 180, Magazine 13.

Frontier’s Cry God Roll Guide

For PVE Rapid Hit and Kill Clip would be good. Rapid hit is where rapid precision hits temporarily increase stability and reload speed, then Kill Clip increases damage wehn reloading after a kill.

For PVP Steady Hands and Iron Reach would be good. Steady Hands is a new perk this season, this is where kills provide improved handling for all weapons for a short duration. Then Iron Reach massively improves weapon range at the cost of stability.

Iron Banner weapons this seaosn also have a new Origin Trait called Skulking Wolf, and much like other origin traits this is a guaranteed perk. This is where during the hunt (when you have all zones captive in Iron Banner) final blows with the weapon grant enhanced radar and remove the player from the enemy radar.

How to get Frontier’s Cry in Destiny 2

To get Frontier’s Cry you can get it as a guaranteed drop as part of the Iron Banner introduction quest in Season of the Risen. You can get this very early on in the quest too, you’ll get it as a drop when you complete the first step of the quest, which is called Flame in the Forest.

In the future, after Season of the Risen and we don’t have this quest, you’ll be able to get it from Iron Banner. An Iron Banner rework is coming, and we’ll be able to focus our loot. In theory we’ll be able to focus our Iron Banner engrams, with materials and currency and exchange them for Iron Banner focused loot. The exact details of the rework hasn’t been released yet, but that’s what we expect to happen in Season 17.

You will also be able to get Iron Banner loot to drop from the end of Iron Banner matches.

Iron Banner is one of the endgame PVP gamemodes alongside Trials of Osiris. Iron Banner isn’t around all the time though, it’s only around for selected weeks throughout the season. You know when Iron Banner is on, as we have a specific Iron banner vendor at the Tower, plus you can see Iron Banner in the Crucible menu from the director.

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