How to get Psychogenic Intel in Destiny 2

Psychogenic Intel is the new currency introduced in Season of the Risen. However, it’s not available immediately and there are a few hoops to jump through. Today I’m going to run through what Psychogenic Intel is, what it’s used for and also how to get it.

How to unlock access to Psychogenic Intel

The first step to reaping the benefits from Psychogenic Intel is getting access to it. Here’s what you need to do to unlock Psychogenic Intel:

  • Make progress in the Witch Queen Campaign to the mission The Investigation
  • Completing that mission unlocks another mission called Rising Tensions, complete this quest
  • Completing Rising Tensions gives you access to Operation Elbrus, which is the week;y story quest in Season of the Risen
  • The first step of Operation Elbrus is to gather Intel, allowing you to pick up Psychogenic Intel

Make your way through the quests, and reach that point in Operation Elbrus where you get access to Psychogenic Intel.

How to get Psychogenic Intel in Destiny 2

Once you have unlocked Psychogenic Intel, you can do various activities to gather Psychogenic Intel and this includes:

  • Completing Witch Queen Campaign Missions on the Throne World
  • Complete Strikes, Crucible and Gambit matches
  • Opening chests at the end of PsiOps Battlegrounds
  • Enemies randomly drop the currency
  • Public events on the planets and the moons

The different activities give differing amounts of Psychogenic Intel. Chests at the end of PsiOps give around 20, Public Events are around 10 and enemy drops can be around 40.

Far and away the most efficient way to get Psychogenic Intel is to run playlist activities. Completing strikes for example gives over 250 Psychogenic Intel per completion. Campaign missions are good too, but strikes do tend to be quicker. Cruicble matches are also good for gathering Psychogenic Intel with approximately 200 per activity completion.

You can also get some good upgrades at the H.E.L.M. which means more Psychogenic Intel per activity completion. There is also armour to earn in Season of the Risen which had the perk Uniformed Officer, which once again means more Psychogenic Intel.

What to do with Psychogenic Intel?

One of the main objectives for Psychogenic Intel is to open the chest at the end of the PsiOps Battleground activity, this is the new Season of the Risen seasonal activity. This chest has weapons and armour from Season of the Risen. Decoding Runic Chests means more Umbral Energy, which Destiny 2 players can then use to focus Umbral Engrams into specific rolls.

There is a current cap of 2000 Psychogenic Intel in our inventories, so make sure you spend it to keep the ability to pick it up.

Let me know what you think of Psychogenic Intel, and share your best farms in the comments.

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