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How to get Palmyra-B (Legendary Rocket Launcher) Plus God Roll Guide in Destiny 2

Palmyra-B is a devastating new Rocket Launcher added to Destiny 2 as part of the Witch Queen Expansion. This has quickly risen to the top of the weapon charts for PVE and PVP, given its sheer amount of damage output. Today I am going to run through the stats and perks, the god roll guides for PVE and PVP, plus how to get the Palmyra-B in Destiny 2.


Palmyra-B is a Legendary Stasis Power Rocket Launcher with a Precision Frame meaning this weapon fires a small auto-tracking missile. Missiles lock onto targets when aimed.
Looking at the stats Blast Radius 65, Velocity 54, Stability 50, Handling 49, Reload Speed 30, Rounds Per Minute 15, and Magazine 1.

This is a Hakke Weapon, so the basic origin trait is Hakke Breach Armaments. This weapon deals increased damage against vehicles, turrets, barricades, and stasis crystals.

Palmyra-B is a very decent power weapon, given the perks it can roll with, especially considering it’s a world pool weapon. Normally something this powerful might be reserved for the seasonal weapons or raid weapons, but this thing is potent.

Palmyra-B God Roll Guide

For PVE Volatile Launch, Impact Casing, Auto-Loading Holster, and Explosive Light or Chain Reaction. Volatile Launch is good for improving the blast radius, but slightly decreasing the projectile velocity and handling. Impact casing is good because it helps increase damage for direct hits against bosses and majors. Auto-Loading Holster is great for DPS once again, given you can swap quickly between the rockets and other weapons, allowing you to get off quick shots and apply more damage per second. You have a choice for the final perk really; Explosive Light and Chain Reaction. Explosive Light is good for single targets and Chain Reaction is great for groups of enemies.

For PVP Quick Launch, Black Powder, Impulse Amplifier, and Adrenaline Junkie would be a good roll. Quick Launch is great as it gives us an excellent boost to velocity and Black Powder increases blast radius. Impulse Amplifier further increases the projectile speed for the rockets, which is great in PVP as you want the fastest rockets possible. Adrenaline Junkie gives us a small increase in damage, which is always handing when you are facing other Guardians.

How to get Palmyra-B

Palmyra-B is in the world loot pool at the moment, so you can get this weapon from opening legendary engrams, as a reward from the end of activities, plus you can often buy this weapon from vendors like Xur or Banshee-44 in the Tower. At the time of making this Banshee-44 is selling a decent roll, Auto-Loading Holster and Adrenaline Junkie, so if you haven’t got a decent version of Palmyra-B then it would be worth checking out Banshee-44 before reset next Tuesday.

Palmyra-B is also a craftable weapon at the Relic on the Enclave. You’ll need to open up the crafting by finding the weapon pattern first, but once you do and you level up the weapon a few times then the weapon will be craftable. You can earn the Palmyra-B pattern by completing the Shaping Resonancy Alloys quest. This gives you the ability to find the best one that suits your playstyle, plus you can craft your very own god roll version of Palmyra-B.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Palmyra-B, and let me know your top rolls.

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