Witch Queen Ending Explained and What’s Next for the Destiny 2

The Witch Queen campaign was hands down the best campaign Bungie has put together, but if you’re not clued into years of lore then the story may have gone over your head. Today I’m going to run through the story details of the Witch Queen Campaign, what happened, plus what it means for the future of Destiny 2 concerning Savathun, The Witness as we march towards the next big expansion… Lightfall.

This is going to be full of spoilers, so if you haven’t finished the Witch Queen campaign and you don’t want to be spoiled, then click away now. Consider this your spoiler warning, but if you did play and you want to join in the discussion for what’s next then stay with me.

The tagline for the expansion was Survive the Truth, and one interpretation of that is the truth is Savathun didn’t steal The Light at all, she was given it by The Traveller, just like us. The Traveller chose Savathun, and true believers like Zavala are having a hard time dealing with the truth.

The Witch Queen campaign is a bombastic adventure through Savathun’s Throne World, playing on the mystery of how did Savathun get the Light? We assume she must have stolen it, and with the help of Ikora Rey and the gang we set off to find out what happened. One aspect of the campaign is learning more about one of our most dangerous enemies of all time, Savathun.

Savathun came from a planet called Fundament. It was an unremarkable planet inhabited by a species called The Krill, which Savathun was a part of before a huge transformation brought on by The Darkness. Savathun didn’t always go by that name, previously in her fragile, Krill state she went by the name of Sathona and she had a sister and a brother. Her father was The Osmium King, and he was driven insane by prophecies of a coming apocalypse, fed to him by a worm. He was eventually assassinated, which led to Sathona and her siblings fleeing from danger, only to be led underground by the worm. Sathona made a pact with the worm to become The Hive, and they would be granted great power in exchange for infinite murder, death, and destruction.

However, the Worm lied to the Krill siblings, there wasn’t an oncoming disaster, in fact, The Traveller had arrived at their planet and they could have been taken in by The Light. But The Witness persuaded Sathona and her siblings to do the bidding of the darkness through the Worm, therefore tricking them into this miserable life.

At the end of Season of the Lost, Savathun broke out of her Crystalline Prison, encased thereby Mara Sov. We thought she had escaped, but actually, she was wounded and made her way towards The Traveller. Savathun died there speaking to the Traveller not far from the outskirts of the Last City, then a ghost called Immaru came down from The Traveller and resurrected Savathun as a Guardian, therefore choosing Savathun in the name of the Light. We were led to believe that all along Savathun had stolen the light, as how could the Traveller ‘choose’ Savathun and the Hive give their appetite for death and destruction. This is what Zavala cannot wrap his head around.

As Savathun was brought back as a Guardian, her memories were removed, much like happens to us when we’re brought back as Guardians. Savathun must have known she was going to die, as throughout the Witch Queen Campaign we’re traveling around the Throne World gathering and collecting relics and therefore Savathun’s memories, allowing Savathun to essentially restore her memories to her previous state. Savathun removed her Worm through Mara Sov, then was given the Light by The Traveller, and then restored her own memories by tricking us into doing her bidding. Pretty clever stuff.

Ultimately we kill Savathun in the final boss fight in the Witch Queen campaign, but before we can destroy her Ghost Immaru, The Traveler escapes, seemingly with Immaru, leaving the prospect of Savathun coming back at a later date.

After the final scenes with Savathun at the end of the campaign, we get a new cutscene, with who we can assume to be The Witness. This is a new, dangerous enemy, tall and sleek, with a different design to anything we’ve seen in the Destiny universe before. The Witness appears to be in control of the Pyramid Ships, what we’ve known as The Darkness until this moment in time.

During the campaign, we got the revelation that The Witness had fed lies to a young Sathona and tricked them into becoming the Hive. The Witness has been operating behind the scenes for thousands of years, and now appears fed up with the Traveler and the battle against The Light. They reveal a huge fleet of Pyramid Ships and are seemingly on their way to meet us in battle, which will most likely commence in Lightfall or perhaps The Final Shape, which is the next couple of Destiny expansions.

We don’t know much about The Witness yet, but given the build-up to Savathun took at least 3 years I would imagine we’re going to learn a lot about them in the coming weeks and months. The Vow of the Disciple Raid this weekend is probably going to be our first clue, as the raid is set inside a Pyramid. Whether we get to see or fight against something similar to The Witness, I highly doubt it, given that would be a massive payoff fighting a new race of enemies in Destiny 2 for the first time in 8 years. Although they could in theory use the raid as a teaser… at this moment in time, I doubt that’s what they’ll do.

The Witness looks like they have a fleet of Pyramid Ships, plus they have been sending confusing messages. Salvation has always been the message they have sent to us. This was in the cut scene at the end of Shadowkeep, where we met a version of ourselves. Then again in Season of Arrivals we had some form of contact with The Darkness, although Savathun was trying to obscure the messages being sent and we worked with Eris Morn to try and decode the messages. In Beyond Light The Darkness gave us Stasis and also weapons. What they are playing at isn’t clear at this stage.

Post campaign we get more story information related to The Worm and The Witness manipulating Savathun. We have Savathun’s Worm and we go through the Parasite quest to get the new Exotic Grenade Launcher. Mara Sov wants to learn details from the Worm and the Vanguard are stunned with the knowledge Savathun was given the Light by the Traveler.

The directions are clear though. We must avoid another collapse, brought on by the Darkness. The next major story beat is going to be Lightfall, which sounds very ominous for Light Bearers like us, so I would expect plenty of story building to that moment. We don’t have a timeline for Lightfall just yet, but I would place bets on sometime in 2023. Bungie isn’t tied to a yearly release since they went solo from Activision, however, they have recently jumped back into a partnership with Sony, but given they want to retain their independence hopefully this means release timelines.

In terms of what’s next, I think this means a few things. We’re very likely to get a new enemy race to fight in Lightfall, perhaps the same race as The Witness. These tall, thin beings look, unlike anything we’re seen in Destiny 2 before and it’s past time for us to get a new enemy race. The last time we had something close to this was The Scorn, although they feel like modified Fallen. We’ve had extensions to The Vex in Beyond Light with the additions of Wyverns, but it’d be very good to get a whole new race of enemies.

Also, I don’t think Savathun is dead. She’s dead at the moment, but given her ghost still exists, then as long as her body is around, which The Vanguard now has, then she could come back. I believe we’re on a journey of making a grand alliance to face off against The Witness and their armies of Darkness. We’re already in a pact with the Cabal, and we’re recent friends with The Fallen. I can’t imagine teaming with The Vex, given they are time-traveling death machines. The Scorn appears to be aligned with The Darkness given we’re fighting against them this season.

That appears to be the build-up for the next few months and maybe years as we head into Lightfall and The Final Shape. This is the battle with The Light VS The Darkness, and I am 100% here for it.

Interestingly, post-campaign we have Savathun appearing in front of us in The Altar of Reflection activity. This is a puzzle-like encounter where we have to solve a riddle, then fight a little bit and finally Savathun communicates with us via a vision. This happens week over week, and Savathun gives us two lies and two truths.

They include

“Mercury, Io and Titan are in my care.”

“The Witness returned Mars to your solar system.”

“The power to move worlds will soon be yours.”

“The Taken King will rise again.”

It appears as if we have new messages each week, and this week included the message

“Your Destiny lies beyond The Solar System”

This means ultimately leaving our local system, one that we’ve been inhabiting since Destiny’s launch back in 2014. Bungie has said that Lightfall and The Final Shape would be the conclusion of the current saga in Destiny 2, but I don’t think that’s the end of the Destiny 22 story… I think we’re about to venture out across the stars.

Let me know in the comments what you think.