How to get the Witch Queen Gumshoe Title (All Triumphs Guide) in Destiny 2

With the release of Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen, that means we have another title to go after, and this one is called Gumshoe. There’s a bunch of triumphs we need to complete work through the Witch Queen content, and today I am going to go through them all, so you can complete that title and proudly wear it as soon as possible.

You can find all of your titles on your triumphs tab, which can be accessed on the character screen. The Witch Queen, or Gumshoe Title, has eight triumphs in total and this is going to take you all over the Throne World, looking in every nook and cranny. Much of the content you’ll be able to complete solo, although there are a couple of master difficulty activities on here that you will most likely need a fireteam for.

Let’s have a look at the triumphs first of all, and then I’ll go through them each in some detail. I do also have guides on the channel for some of the specific triumphs, so if you are stuck on something specific search This Week In Video Games for the triumph name and you should find a guide going into much more detail on the steps.

  • Master of Truth – Complete any campaign mission on Master difficulty.
  • Buddy Up – Claim all 14 Rank rewards from Fynch.
  • Hardware of the Throne – Craft all nine Wellspring and Throne World weapons.
  • Report: REVERSE-LURE – Complete Report: REVERSE-LURE, the exotic glaive quest.
  • Of Queens and Worms – Complete the exotic quest Of Queens and Worms, the Parasite exotic quest.
  • Lepidopterist – Collect and mount all 10 unique Lucent Moths in the Throne World.
  • No Peeking – Close all 10 Darkness Rifts in the Throne World.
  • World Champions – Defeat 50 Champions in Throne World Lost Sectors on any difficulty.

Master of Truth

This one is pretty straightforward, complete any campaign mission on Master difficulty. You’ll be able to unlock variable difficulty weekly campaign missions by ranking up at Fynch, he’s the vendor on the Throneworld. Once you unlock this, then you’ll need to complete any mission, but be aware that it’s a 1580 activity.

Buddy Up

For this one, we have to rank up at Fynch and collect all the rewards. Ranking up at Fynch can be done on the Throne World through a combination of public events, bounties, patrols, and killing higher-tier yellow bar enemies. Previously Deepsight Tier 3 chests awarded a lot of XP, although Bungie recently disabled the Tier 3 chest farm, as many Guardians completely ranked up at Fynch in only a few hours after release. It’s not clear at the time of making the guide when or if the Tier 3 chests will be back, but I imagine Bungie will want to address the quick farming method. For the moment a combination of public events, patrols, and bounties all at the same time will rank you up quite quickly.

Hardware of the Throne

For this triumph, you’ll need to craft all Throne World and Wellspring Weapons. These include

Pointed Inquiry
Empirical Evidence
Forensic Nightmare
Likely Suspect
Red Herring

Come to Pass
Fel Taradiddle
Father’s Sins

The final four weapons here Come to Pass, Fel Taradiddle, Father’s Sins, and Tarnation come from the Wellspring activity, and they are pretty rare drops at the moment. That is being fixed next week, so hopefully, we’ll get more versions with Deepsight Resonance when that fix is in place.

The first five weapons can drop from most activities on the Throne World, including rank-up packages at Fynch, so crafting these shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Once you have the patterns, head to the Enclave on the Throne World, and get crafting.


This is the Exotic Glaive mission. It’s going to be made available in the game after the Vow of the Disciple Raid is released. To be able to complete this one, you first have to complete the other missions on the Evidence Board at the Enclave. These missions are fairly straightforward, pick up the bounties or mini-missions from the board, complete them and then take on Report: REVERSE-LURE. I’ll have a specific guide on the channel for this one when it’s released.

Of Queens and Worms

This is a mission for the Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher. To access this one you have to complete the campaign for the Witch Queen, and then have a chat with Mara Sov. It’s a multipart quest, and I do have a guide for this one on the channel. You’ll be running around the Throne World completing various activities which culminate in some very good lore involving Mara Sov, plus you get the Hive Worm Grenade Launcher at the end, which has some insane DPS potential. Check out the guide for the Parasite on This Week In Video Games.


The next triumph is all about hunting for Lucent Moths around the Throne World. These are being released week after week. This involves going to various locations in the Throne World and either killing a specific enemy or using Deepsight to solve a rune puzzle.

I have been tracking down all the locations, and have them in separate guides for you, simply search ‘Lucent Moths’ on This Week In Video Games and you will find those guides. I’ll also put a link to them all in the description of this guide.

No Peeking

This is another fetch quest. There are ten Darkness Rifts on the Throne World in various locations. You’ll need the Parasite Grenade Launcher to damage them, as you shoot near the floor and use the buff applied by the worm splash. Find the ten locations, shoot the Darkness Rifts and the triumph is complete. Again, check out a specific guide for that on This Week In Video Games by searching Darkness Rifts, or by checking down below in the description.

World Champions

For this triumph, you have to defeat 50 champions in Throne World Lost Sectors. We have three Lost Sectors on the Throne World and the selected Lost Sector rotates each day. The daily Lost Sector rotates around all the planets and moons, and to access this you have to clear out all Lost Sectors on regular difficulty. Once you have done this the Legend or Master Lost Sector will show up with a blue shield icon, indicating it’s much harder than a regular Lost Sector.

For the triumph, check out what champions are going to be in that Lost Sector, by hovering over the blue icon. Then match your mods and weapons to the champion types, go in there and kill 50. You’ll need to repeat a few Lost Sectors to kill 50 in total, but you have the benefit of being able to get Exotics too if you complete the Lost Sectors solo.

Witch Queen Badge Requirements

The final step is to collect 21 items related to The Witch Queen content.

This includes the following:

  • Parasite Grenade Launcher – Complete the Of Queens and Worms exotic quest.
  • Exotic Glaive – Complete the Report: REVERSE-LURE exotic quest.
  • Witch Queen Throne World Armor – Found by exploring the Throne World (Veritas Helmet, Veritas Gloves, Veritas Chest, Veritas Boots, Veritas Class Item)
  • A Higher Truth Emblem – Complete The Witch Queen‘s campaign.
  • Ruinous Clash Shader – Complete the All the Spring’s Riches Triumph. Earned by acquiring all four Wellspring weapons: Father’s Sins, Tarnation, Fel Taradiddle, and Come to Pass.
  • Queen’s Colors Shader – Found by exploring the Throne World.
  • Fundament Shell – Complete the Chief Investigator Triumph. Earned by reaching 350 Deduction Score from completing secret triumphs in the Throne World.
  • Star Jasmine Ship – Complete the Warden of the Spring Triumph. Earned by completing The Wellspring on Master difficulty while each of the four bosses is active.
  • Empirical Evidence – Complete The Witch Queen‘s campaign.
  • Forsensic Nightmare – Complete the Chief Investigator Triumph. Earned by acquiring all four Wellspring weapons: Father’s Sins, Tarnation, Fel Taradiddle, and Come to Pass.
  • Pointed Inquiry – Found by exploring the Throne World.
  • Likely Suspect – Found by exploring the Throne World.
  • Red Herring – Complete The Witch Queen‘s campaign.
  • Fel Taradiddle – Drops from Bor’gong, Warden of the Spring in the Wellspring activity.
  • Come to Pass – Drops from Golmag, Warden of the Spring in the Wellspring activity.
  • Father’s Sins – Drops from Zeerik, Lightflayer in the Wellspring activity.
  • Tarnation – Drops from Vezuul, Lightflayer in the Wellspring activity.

That’s it, once you have completed the Triumphs, then you’ll be able to equip the Gumshoe Title for The Witch Queen, and you’ll be able to show off that you know every square inch of the Throne World.

Once you do get this, head on over to the Bungie Rewards website. If you link your Bungie account with the Bungie Store, then you’ll be able to buy rewards, including a very nice real-life version of the seal.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the Witch Queen Gumshoe Title.

That’s it for this guide for how to get the Witch Queen Gumshoe Title. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.