How to get Dead Messenger (Exotic Grenade Launcher) in Destiny 2

Dead Messenger is the new seasonal exotic weapon to arrive in Destiny 2 alongside Season of the Risen. This is a unique grenade launcher that allows you to change up the element at the flip of a switch, so it’s going to be useful when you have to take out different enemy shields. Today I am going to run through all the quest steps to get Dead Messenger, so you can get your hands on that Exotic Grenade Launcher as soon as possible.

There are a few steps to get the Dead Messenger, plus the level requirements for the final mission are 1550. It can be completed below that, but it’s worth taking this into consideration when you start out the quest. Also, you have to do a couple of quests to unlock the exotic quest, so there are a few hoops to jump through.

Here’s a brief rundown of what you need to do, and then I’ll get into detail on each one.

  • Play through The Witch Queen Campaign until you get The Investigation missions
  • Complete the Rising Tension quest
  • Complete up to step 7 of Operation Elbrus to unlock the Kill the Messenger quest
  • Complete the Vox Obscura mission

The Investigation misson

The first step is to complete The Investigation mission. You’ll get this in the Witch Queen campaign’s first few missions and it’s fairly straightforward, just follow along on-screen. You’ll meet Fynch and have to do a few tasks on the Throne World. Once you have finished up that quest you’ll get the next quest.

How to complete the Rising Tensions quest

Next up we have to pick up the Rising Tensions quest. You have to go to the Tower Hangar and you’ll witness a meeting of all the key players like Zavala, Caital, Lord Saladin and Crow. Caital needs your help to investigate the Lucent Hive.

Here you have to jump into the new Seasonal Activity called PsiOps Battleground on the EDZ. Check out the map of the EDZ from the Director and select the PsiOps Battleground. Here you’ll run through a series of battles with the Lucent Hive and you’ll be jumping through portals and chasing them. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in the MindScape, and you’ll have to take on a Lucent Hive. The first few encounters are straightforward, the only thing you need to pay attention to is using the Hive sword to be able to take down the Wizards. Savathun’s Echo will attack you during the final boss battle and you have to use the synaptic spear to damage Savathun. Once you have defeated the Echoes and the Lucent Hive some Cabal Psions will capture the Hive.

Once you’ve done this, go to the HELM and speak to Lord Saladin at the Wartable for an update. When Saladin is done, he’ll give you the next quest, which is the ongoing seasonal quest called Operation Elbrus.

How to complete Operation Elbrus

Operation Elbrus is our new seasonal quest and we’ll get a few steps each week. This time, we only need to complete steps one to seven to be able to continue getting Dead Messenger.

Once again we have to run PsiOps Battleground activities and collect a new currency called Psionic Intel and then open a Runic chest at the end of the activity. Inside the Runic chest, you’ll find Insight, which you then take to the Wartable in the HELM. This is what you need to be able to upgrade the Wartable and open up various seasonal bonuses.

After you’ve done that, speak to Lord Saladin again at the Wartable, and he’ll give you the Exotic quest we have been waiting for, it’s called Kill the Messenger.

How to complete Kill the Messenger and Vox Obscura

Kill the Messenger quest is fairly straightforward in terms of quest steps, you only have to complete one mission, and that’s called Vox Obscura. Once you have the quest, you’ll be able to select this node on the Throne World. However, this is a 1550 activity, so you want to be as close as possible in terms of power level to be able to damage the enemies and not die too much. It’s possible to go in under-leveled, also you can find a fireteam and go in as a team of three. I’d recommend doing this. It’s possible to do this solo, but it’s going to be much easier and quicker with a team of Guardians. There are also Unstoppable Champions in here, so make sure you come equipped with the appropriate mods.

This looks like the Mars we had in Destiny 1 which is a nice callback. For the first part of the quest, you have to make your way into a Hangar. Kill the enemies there and then the timer starts and you’ll notice a new objective.

Next up, you have to destroy the new objectives. Given you have a timer try and do this as quickly as possible. Also, there are vehicles, so make use of them because the Cabal won’t be pulling any punches. Clear the first area and then make your way down to the next zone. There are more Cabal ships and heavy weapons, so try and avoid those.

There are power supplies you will need to destroy, and you and your fire team can use the vehicles to help you get this done quicker. Keep an eye on the time all the while you are doing this.

Once you have destroyed the power supplies you’ll need to make your way inside the building. You can use a vehicle to ram the door and break a big hole in it, or you can shoot the door.

For the part of the quest, you want to make your way to a control room. There are markers on the map, and with each one, you’ll have a Psion encased in a bubble next to or near an immune Psion. To be able to damage and kill the yellow bar psion, you’ll need to kill the one in the bubble, which you can do simply by jumping in there and either shooting them or finishing them off with a melee attack. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to attack and kill the yellow bar Psions. Complete this three times, and then it’s onto the final boss room.

Qabix the Insurgent is waiting for you in the final room. This is a big psion, who is protected by a bunch of cabal and machine guns. The mechanics are similar to before, kill the Psions in the bubbles to allow you to damage the big Psion. Do this a couple of times and you’re done. Head upstairs, open up the chest and Dead Messenger is yours.

Dead Messenger

Dead Messenger is an Exotic Energy Grenade Launcher and it comes with the perks

  • Trinary Vision – One-shot handheld Grenade Launcher. Projectiles release a fan of three energy waves on contact with the ground.
  • The Fundamentals – Change this weapon’s damage type, cycling between Solar, Arc, and Void.

This is a great weapon for ad clear in Destiny 2. Simply shoot in their general direction and they will die. It’s great too with the element switching mechanic, meaning you can mix and match to different enemy shields.

Let me know in the comments what you think of The Dead Messenger.

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