How To Unlock All Void Grenades In Destiny 2 Witch Queen

When you start out in Destiny 2 Witch Queen you’ll get almost instant access to the new features of Void 3.0. However, you are missing some grenades. Luckily, it’s very easy and quick to unlock the rest of the grenades, so you can make enemies explode with ease and create awesome new void builds.

When you first boot up Destiny 2 Witch Queen you’re going to be able to access Void 3.0 whatever class you play. But there are some grenades missing. That’s no problem though, as all you have to do is go and speak to Ikora in the Tower to unlock them. I did this after the campaign, and I don’t know how early you can access the full array of grenades, but I’d be interested to know when you did it down in the comments.

How to unlock all Void grenades

To unlock your grenades, go and speak to Ikora Rey in the Tower. She can be found near the Annex. Have a chat with Ikora and she has a menu called Grow Your Light. Select this option and then select grenades. From there you can purchase each additional grenade type for glimmer. If you don’t have much glimmer, you can get this by completing pretty much any activity in the game, or you can trade for glimmer at Rahool in the Tower.


Once you have purchased the grenades you then need to complete a Meditation. There is a little kiosk next to Ikora Rey, and once you have finished chatting to her and purchased the grenades, then interact with the prompt at the Kiosk and you’ll have a full array of grenades at your disposal.

If you want to switch up your grenades, go to the character menu and select grenades, and you can switch them around and see which one suits your playstyle.

That’s it, it’s a quick and easy process.

Let me know in the comments what grenades you are using, and if you have any good grenade builds, share them in the comments with the community.

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