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How to get Forensic Nightmare (Legendary Submachine Gun) Plus The Gift of Appreciation Quest Guide in Destiny 2

Forensic Nightmare is a new SMG added to Destiny 2 as part of the Throne World set of weapons. This is a devastating new SMG, which comes with some great perks, plus the weapon is craftable if you can find the Pattern. Today I am going to dive into the stats, the perks, and the god roll guide plus how to get Forensic Nightmare in Destiny 2.

Forensic Nightmare

Forensic Nightmare is a Legendary Kinetic Submachine Gun with a Precision Frame meaning this weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical. Looking at the stats we have Impact 25, Range 55, Stability 44, Handling 29, Reload Speed 25, Rounds Per Minute 600, Magazine 27. This is also a Stasis weapon, meaning you can get Headstone to roll on it, which is very useful in battle, potentially combining Light and Dark Powers at the same time.

This also comes with a new Origin Trait called Pyschohack. This is where sustained damage from this weapon lowers the target’s damage output for a short duration. Not only are you inflicting damage on an enemy with this gun, but you are also restricting their damage at the same time.

Forensic Nightmare God Roll Guide

For PVE Heating Up and Headstone would be a good roll. Heating Up is where final blows with this weapon increase accuracy and stability while improving vertical recoil. Headstone is where Precision final blows spawn a Stasis crystal at the victim’s location.

For PVP Under Pressure and Thresh would be a decent roll. Under Pressure is where you get improved accuracy and stability as the magazine gets lower. Thresh gives you a small amount of Super Energy on kills. Another good combo for PVP is perpetual motion and kill clip.

How to get Forensic Nightmare

The easiest way to get Forensic Nightmare is to complete the quest from Fynch on the Throne World called The Gift of Appreciation. You’ll get this quest after completing another quest from Fynch called Trust Goes Both Ways after you finish the Wicth Queen campaign.

The Gift of Appreciation Quest Guide

Here’s how to complete The Gift of Appreciation and get the Forensic Nightmare Submachine Gun.

Step 1 – Defeat Scorn in the Miasma to obtain 10 Umbral Helmets

For the first step of the quest go to the Miasma area on the Throne World and kill Scorn. They will drop something called Umbral Helmets and you’ll need to collect ten of them to progress. They won’t drop on every Scorn kill, but they will drop fairly regularly.

Step 2 – Locate all-region chests

During the quest Trust Goes Both Ways, you had to find three region chests. These are the gold chests, which are marked on your map. They tend to be hidden, out of the way either underground in a cave or up high, hidden behind the top of a building. Use your map and you can see the locations marked there. There are three chests in each region on the Throne World – three in Quagmire, three in Miasma, and three in Florescent Canal.

Step 3 – Defeat Lucent Brood and complete a public event in the Florescent Canal

For this step of the quest go to the Florescent Canal area and kill 100 Lucent Brood enemies. You can complete the public event while you are doing this to save you some time.

Step 4 – Within the Queen’s Bailey, place the Umbral Helmets and defeat the Hive Lightbearers, then crush their Ghosts

For the next step of the quest go to the Queen’s Bailey location. You should have a quest marker on-screen so follow that. Queen’s Bailey is located through the Florescent Canal area. Three Light-bearing Hive will spawn, and you’ll need to take them down to progress.

Step 5 – Return to Fynch

Now you’ve completed the quest, the final thing to do is go back to Fynch and collect your reward. He’ll give you the Forensic Nightmare Submachine Gun.

How to craft the Forensic Nightmare Submachine Gun

Once you have picked up the Forensic Nightmare, it’s possible to get one with Deepsight Resonance. This is indicated by the red border on the weapon when it drops, this means the weapon is craftable. Once you have completed the objective on the weapon, you’ll be able to unlock the pattern and then craft new versions at the Relic on Mars. At first, the perk pool will be limited, but keep using the weapon to level it up and more options will open up to you related to crafting more perks on there to suit your playstyle.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the Forensic Nightmare Submachine Gun.

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