How to level up Throneworld reputation with Fynch quickly in Destiny 2 Witch Queen

The Throneworld is the new major destination in the Witch Queen and leveling up the vendor Fynch is the key to unlocking loot, rewards, and also more activities after the campaign including selectable difficulty Weekly Campaign Missions, Wellspring, and the chance to get more pinnacle rewards. Today I am going to run through how to rank up to level 30 very quickly, so you can jump into the array of endgame activities.

During the campaign, we meet Fynch, our friendly Hive ghost, and after we meet him we can then start to explore the Throneworld space. Much like many other vendors you can rank up your reputation with Fynch.

Ranking up at Fynch opens up the Throneworld to more activities, and gives us more pinnacle rewards per week. Therefore if you are looking to get as high a power level as possible for the Witch Queen raid on the 5th March, then you’ll want to do this as soon as possible.

Also, Fynch is the source of loads of Throneworld Weapons and the new armor set. There are some great weapons in here including the Likely Suspect Fusion Rifle, Forensic Nightmare Submachine Gun, and Pointed Inquiry Scout Rifle

There are two parts to ranking up at Fynch, the first part is levels 1-15 and that can be quite slow and painstaking, then you have levels 15-30 and you’ll be glad to hear that is much quicker.

How to rank up levels 1-15

In the first 15 levels you’re going to have to roll your sleeves up and do a combination of public events, patrols, open chests, pick up resources, and kill high-value targets. Before you do this put on the Wombo detector ghost mod, and that’s going to help you find resources while you are doing these other activities. Before you head out to the farm, make sure you pick up as many bounties from Fynch as possible, as you want to be completing a combination of activities all at the same time.

Ideally, you want to target a public event, and then while you are doing that go and find a Patrol. While you are doing the public event and the patrol, make sure you are checking for materials and high-value target world bosses. Complete as many activities as you possibly can at the same time, and also team up with other people really helps. It is possible to do this solo, however, it’ll probably take you a little bit longer. Once you get into the rhythm you should be able to knock out the first 15 ranks in a few hours.

Once you make it to rank 15, go back to Fynch and unlock the Deepsight Tier 3 ability. This is going to be key to ranking up very quickly for the remaining 15 ranks.

How to rank up levels 15-30

Now you have hit rank 15, the farming completely changes. We have access to Deepsight Tier 3, meaning we can use our Deepsight abilities to reveal chests, and they are going to reward 200 rep per chest, meaning we can get 400 rep per minute. You can find Deepsight Tier 3 nodes all over the Throneworld, however, there is a particularly good loop in Alluring Curtain. Massive shoutout to Bxck on D2 for this farming method, it’s insane, definitely check out their channel.

From the Quagmire, we want to hop on our Sparrow and make our way to Alluring Curtain. Crucially, we’re going to need to take our sparrow with us over some pretty tricky gaps. The reason for this is we want to use our sparrow to make farming more efficient.

When we get to Alluring Curtain, park your sparrow in the door, turning it the right way, so it’s quicker to get back to the previous zone to reload the chests.

Make your way forward and then activate the Deepsight node. Some platforms will appear in front of you, simply jump up and grab the chest from above. You can also grab a second chest. For this, I’m a Solar Warlock using Heat Rises, an Eager Edge Sword plus the Icarus Dash at the end. You can use a combination of these tools to jump over to find the second chest.

Once you have got the second chest, jump back over and glide onto your sparrow, and then drive around the corner to the quagmire, wait until you see the text at the bottom left side of the screen, turn around and go back to Alluring Curtain to repeat the process.

I don’t know if it’s possible to make this jump if you are a Hunter or a Titan, but it’s worth having a go. If you can’t make the second chest, then you can always repeat the first chest over and over, that’s still going to be 200 rep per minute.

This method got me from Rank 15 to Rank 30 in under an hour. It takes a little practice to get it, but once you get into a rhythm you’ll be rocketing through those Throneworld ranks in no time at all.

Once you hit rank 30, by now you will have a LOT of Throneworld loot, a load of weapons, and armor from the Deepsight Tier 3 chests, plus you’ll have all the rewards from Fynch too. You will have a full set of Throneworld armor, which was used in all of the Witch Queen trailers, plus you’ll have a nice shader. There is also a Triumph related to getting all rewards from Fynch for the Witch Queen seal.

The loot is great of course, but the best thing about this is the activities opening up. We have new difficulty modes for the Weekly Mission, plus we have higher difficulty Wellspring activity. This is going to provide us with more pinnacles, so you’ll be able to level up faster.

Let me know in the comments what you think, and let me know if you got any good loot along the way.

That’s it for this guide for how to level up your Throneworld reputation with Fynch quickly in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.

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