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How to get Osteo Striga (Exotic Submachine Gun) Plus Catalyst in Destiny 2

Osteo Striga is a new Exotic Submachine Gun added to Destiny 2 as part of the Witch Queen Expansion. Similar to Thorn, this is another Toxic weapon, meaning it’s extremely deadly and helps you tear through enemies whether you are playing PVE or PVP. Today I’m going to have a closer look at Osteo Striga, the stats and perks, how to get the weapon, how to get the catalyst, plus how it interacts with the Warlock Exotic Gloves – Necrotic Grip.

First of all, today let’s have a look at the weapon itself.

Osteo Striga is an Exotic Kinetic Submachine Gun and it comes with some very interesting perks which include:

  • Screaming Swarm – Fires a stream of sentient, toxic projectiles that track the targeted enemy.
  • Toxic Overload – Landing a final blow or multiple-precision hits triggers a burst that poisons nearby targets.

This is going to be a great weapon for clearing rooms of enemies, and this is the second toxic weapon we have in the game, alongside Thorn. It’s arguably better than Thorn due to the fast firing rate, plus it’s a pretty good-looking weapon which is very similar to the raid weapon designs from Taken King. Both perks working together here are going to make it very easy to clear rooms with ease, given the projectiles track targets, and then a final blow triggers that burst of poison.

How to get Osteo Striga

To get this exotic submachine gun there are a couple of requirements.

  • Preorder the Deluxe version of The Witch Queen expansion
  • Finish the campaign
  • Complete the Weapon Crafting quest (in the campaign with the Glaive)

Once you finish up the campaign, you can go over to your Patterns, which can be found on your character screen and it’s under the Triumphs tab on the right-hand side. Navigate to Submachine Guns, and there you will see Osteo Striga. You can unlock this pattern, then it’s time to craft the weapon.

Make your way to the weapon crafting station on the Enclave, and then you want to approach the station and approach the relic. Then navigate to the submachine guns section and you’ll be able to select Osteo Striga. Once you have selected it, pick the perks and then craft the weapon by selecting the exotic icon on the right-hand side, the prompt is called finalize the shape.

That’s it, you’ll then have a brand new Osteo Striga Exotic Submachine Gun.

How to get Osteo Striga Catalyst

Once you have Osteo Striga in your arsenal, then you’ll want to improve it by getting hold of the catalyst. After you beat the campaign you’ll craft Osteo Striga, and you’ll see that the catalyst section is locked. To unlock the catalyst you’ll need to get the weapon to level 10, which means getting kills with the weapon a whole bunch. Once you have Osteo Striga, keep using it in Strikes, or other playlist activities or when you are running around the Throneworld, this is going to help you get to level 10 quickly. Once you have reached level 10, go back to the Weapon Crafting station at the Enclave and add the catalyst to Osteo Striga.

The catalyst is good because it not only gives you the orb generation ability, but also it’ll give you +30 reload and +20 stability. One of the main drawbacks of Osteo Striga is the reload speed, so the catalyst is going to help you out a bunch here. It’s also going to give you a bonus when you get Poison final blows, it’ll return some ammo to the magazine, meaning you won’t need to reload as much. With the catalyst, this thing is going to be an absolute beast, so it’s worth getting started early.

If you want to level up the catalyst quickly then activities like Altars of Sorrow, Blind Well, or the Shuro Chi location in the Last Wish raid using Wish number 4. Alternatively, if you have access to the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon, that’s also a great place to level up catalysts.

Osteo Striga and Necrotic Grip

One of the first things I wanted to do was test Osteo Striga and Necrotic Grip. These are Warlock Gloves, and previously they have interacted well with another toxic weapon, namely Thorn. Thorn is great, one of the best hand cannons in the game, but Osteo Striga is much better at spreading the toxic effect due to the fast rate of fire. What seems to be happening is kills with Osteo Striga appear to be triggering the perk normally found on Necrotic Grip. This combination is excellent for clearing rooms of enemies, and it seems like it’s an indication we’re going to be getting more toxic damage types later on.

Both toxic weapons are in the Kinetic slot at the moment with Thorn and Osteo Striga‚Ķ plus this is where stasis weapons are too. It’s not too much a stretch of the imagination to imagine a toxic subclass coming in Lightfall, which should be with us sometime in 2023. For now, if you are a Warlock and have access to Necrotic Grips, then I’d recommend trying them out with Osteo Striga, it’s a crowd-clearing good time.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Osteo Striga.

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